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Miss Bangkok -- Lust in Translation

2/22/2010 2:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miss Bangkok will love you long time ... she just doesn't know what that means.

Miss Bangkok: Click to watch
A woman claiming to represent the Thailand province wasn't speaking English this weekend outside La Vida -- but thanks to her naughty publicist, she can now quote the hooker from "Full Metal Jacket" and say "Spongebob Squarepenis."

That's an education you won't get at ESL class.


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That was great!! That's all the english she needs. "Me love you long time".

1713 days ago

John Poole    

you are a piece of work Harvey. The stuff you promote here is trash, racists and childish. But worse you come off as some holier than though crusader about the most idiotic stuff such as an actor who makes theirs eyes longer pretending to be Asian (by the way moron, their eyes have a different shape, no Asian will deny this or be ashamed of it unless they have personal issues). But this clip is nothing but a way for you to get cheap laughs off a very negative stereotype from poor SE Asian girls being exploited by GIs back in the 60s and 70s.


1713 days ago


That is why the US sucks as much as it does. You laugh because she doesn't understand your words. You can't ask a decent question to anybody that isn't a born English speaker.

She could at least say more words than you will ever say in Thai - or any other language. You are simply pathetic. One thing is interviewing someone in a language they don't understand or control. Another thing is laughing because they haven't chosen to talk a language you were born talking and they weren't...

That's why people will hate the US... you don't really care about anybody else. You just want cheap beer, cheap women and cheap sex. Wherever you want. Your thai/vietnam/asian jokes are pathetic, because you are the cause of them. Without the US there wouldn't be such jokes.

Pathetic is another word for American. And that's sad.

1713 days ago


I'm an English girl, living in Thailand. I very much doubt she is Miss Bangkok and have my doubts as to whether she is actually a she. She knows exactly what she is saying, Thai girls would only say that to men as a joke. Anyone officially representing Thailand would be well educated, reserved and wouldn't dress like that.

Americans certainly didn't invent prostitution in SE Asia and probably not that saying, which I think is a translation of what they would say in their own language, to Asian men who have been exploiting them for hundreds of years.

TMZ didn't make either of them say that, blame the other girl if anyone.

1713 days ago


I wanna "B" my "L" on her "T"s!!!

1713 days ago


The only problem with this piece is that it was too short. Miss Bangkok or not - that smile and that dress are enough to press the reply button. As for stereo-typing, lighten up. It's a joke, for Pete's sake! And probably one that she understood. You want educated dialouge? Watch Charlie Rose. This is TMZ.


1707 days ago


I thought is was pretty funny. Keep em coming Harvey!

1705 days ago


This is a fun clip of Miss Bangkok. I had to go on line to see it again.

1705 days ago


She is most certainly NOT Miss Bangkok but rather Miss Bang-something-else. She and her "publicist", aka "Cassidy", are both strippers at the Van Nuys Spearmint Rhino on Oxnard street.

1713 days ago


What is so funny about?
Why is so funny to making fun of another people who doesn't born speaking English.
Is anyone born speaking English in this world?
This is racist and pathetic.

You are so retarded !

1601 days ago

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