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'Miss Beverly Hills' Disowned by The City

2/24/2010 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The City of Beverly Hills is unleashing some high-class fury at the woman claiming to be "Miss Beverly Hills" in the wake of a homophobic controversy started by pageant-wannabe Lauren Ashley ... a woman allegedly from (gasp!) Pasadena!

Lauren Ashley: Click to watch
After Lauren started mouthing off about her Carrie Prejean-esque anti-gay marriage stance to the media recently (see the video), a rep from the city of Beverly Hills released a statement denouncing Ashley's opinions and making it clear that there is no "official" Miss Beverly Hills.

But the most personal attack was also the most subtle ... when the rep for the city made sure everyone knew, "Ms. Ashley resides in Pasadena ... She does not represent Beverly Hills in any capacity." Meeeeeeow.

We spoke to reps at the Miss California USA pageant, who tell us contestants are allowed to choose which area they represent -- and as long as they add the letters "USA" to the end of the title, it doesn't have to be approved by the city.


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Dear God, this bitch is hideous. No one cares about her opinion or beliefs. I wish I could meet her and let her know what a c-u-n-t she is.

1701 days ago



Just because you like to crush hairy ass, doesn't mean the rest of the country does. And judging from the number of times the American people have rejected your perversions, it would appear as though you are the "controversial" one.....

1700 days ago


Dames: Lol anger and misery? Me and my boyfriend are quite happy thank you =) You say my links aren't factual, then prove them wrong. It's funny, every anti-gay person that posts, can never refute my data, or provide good evidence. That's why your side will inevitably lose.

And as for the 31 states, what's your point? It was only 40 years ago when majority of the states also outlawed interracial marriage. In fact, it was worse, as much as 80% of the population were against interracial marriage. Look where we are at now. You also omit one really big fact. The fact that majority of 18-30 people support gay marriage by as high as 65%, and that number is even higher among teenagers polled (as high as 80% in some places) We just have to wait for all you backwards old-farts to die out.

And sorry :) My friends/family/and even church accept me, and i have a boyfriend.

1698 days ago


Why do you have to be homophobic to be anti-gay marriage? Maybe there are still ALOT of us in the world who believe in the Bible and in heterosexual marriage?! If you don't believe in Jesus Christ as Lord nor the Bible then I don't expect you to agree with me. But ALOT of people do............. Why are pro-homosexual marriage folks so afraid of people like me? I'm not afraid of you letting you speak your peace; I just hope you see the light before it's too late and believe me it will be.

1697 days ago


Dawn: Nobody is scared of you. But people are tired of people like yourself twisting God's words to deny civil rights. God never said homosexuality was a sin. Unless you twist passages out of context, there is nothing in the Bible that condemns homosexuality or homosexual sex. Leviticus, Corinthians, Romans, and Sodom which are the most commonly misinterpreted passages, involve sex acts done as an act to worship idols. Idolatry was the sin. Also involved was prostitution and rape. 2 loving consenting adults of the same-sex was not sinful.

1696 days ago


anti-Harvey marriage?

1701 days ago


Another nobody wants her 15 minutes...go away

1701 days ago


Well stop giving her press then she will slip away. Maybe maybe she will slip fall & die

1701 days ago


She looks like sleestack or a giant bug!!!

1701 days ago


I love this girl!

1701 days ago


Free speech for all, period. Not just if they agree with you.

1701 days ago



1701 days ago


Gay people just want the same rights as you that's all. Will someone please get this threw to all the Glen Becks of the world.

1701 days ago


Another airhead that will become "famous" because we collectively will make her famous by replying to these bonehead blogs.

It's like a formula for getting your picture taken.

Say something, anything as long as it's stupid or contreversial so people will react to it and voila you have your 15 minutes.

I sometimes wonder who has less brains. Us that eat this stuff right up or these bimbos.

1701 days ago


It realy gnaws at you all that there are people in this world who loves God and has the strength to tell you that like him, they believe that homosexuality (the act) is wrong. I think you all hate her because she has guts to stand out from the crowd and let her feeling be known.....damn the criticisms from you. This young lady speaks what she believes in and not what YOU want her to believe in. Because unlike you, she knows that when she dies there won't be a single Ellen, Rosie or John standing behind her singing her praises to God. She, unlike you, knows that she's going to be on her own. So if she has to be on her own then, well, she might as well be on her own now. You all will understand that when you die and start looking around for everyone who supports this behavior on earth.

1701 days ago
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