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Body Found -- May Be Andrew Koenig

2/25/2010 8:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: CNN is confirming the body is that of Andrew Koenig.

A body believed to be that of missing "Growing Pains" star Andrew Koenig was found by police in Vancouver.

According to police, the body was discovered in Stanley Park today at around noon.

Andrew has been missing since February 14.

A news conference is scheduled for 5:00 PM PT. Andrew's parents are supposed to attend.

Story developing...


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Brian Keith O'Hara    

I just read Kirk Cameron's press release and it reminded me of something. I remember when Jonathan Brandis died, Chuch Norris was all tears and sadness, telling everybody what great buddies they were. Well, Jonathan’s friends,supposedly, said that was a bunch of crap. Jonathan and Chuck got along great while filming the movie “Sidekicks”. Jonathan thought he and Chuck were friends and saw Chuck as a mentor and hero. Unfortunately, Jonathan never heard from Chuck again once the film was over. And it hurt him. I wonder how many times Kirk has called Andrew and asked how he was doing or just invited him out for a movie or a sandwich? Otherwise, I would tend to believe his anguish was merely a chance to promote himself and his causes. And that Andrew was merely a prop.
From what I’ve read, Andrew was a really nice guy and a good friend to all that knew him. And that is a far better measure of a man than what a press release says.
And that is the tragedy of it. The world has too few of them and can’t afford to lose any…
Remember Me
Remember me with smiles and laughter,
Because that is the way I will remember you.
If you can only remember me with tears,
Then don’t remember me at all
An Irish Poem of Remembrance

1678 days ago

a loved one    

This goes out to all the commentators, and readers. I rarely log on to tmz and go through the news. The times that I have, I read the comments that people leave about the sad stories I've encountered. What kind of sick world do we leave in. I lost Scott Ruffalo (Mark's Ruffalo brother). He was my best friend and the pain I felt was something I would not wish on my worst enemy. Im sure that some heartless person will comment back to me with something so cold about what i just said. The point is this, when you loose someone and someone comes back to you with "yawn" or who cares who was he. Thats someones morther, brother, sister bestfriend and so on. I might not make sense to some, but it physically hurts when you loose someone. I will leave everyone with this and never comment again. Im a women who loves our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will pray everyday for everyone to find our Savior and bring back compassion and love for the people we know and not know. I wish all you readers and commentators God Blessings.

Signing out forever

1664 days ago


Depression is vile.
I've been dealing with it my entire life, and still don't understand it. It takes an extreme toll on a person's body and mental state.
Rest in peace Andrew Koenig.

You were, and hopefully still are, brilliant.

1645 days ago



1679 days ago


gawd can the Boner search finally be over? well, at least for this boner.

1679 days ago


If this is true I hope people honor his memory by donating to organizations that support people with depression, animal rights causes and human rights organizations like Amnesty International. Andrew Koenig is more than just a tv sitcom character. He was a sensitive individual that cared about things that really matter.

1679 days ago


Aww this is very sad... I had a major crush on him when he was on growing pains!!! :)

1679 days ago


I bet this is the breaking news as to why tmz live was cancelled. Still not worth cancelling it for boner.

1679 days ago

dirty diana    

too bad man, depression sucks.

1679 days ago


I am really sorry that this young man had mental and emotional issues. However, I am also very tired of hearing him described as "sensitive." Many people are sensitive. They care about lots of things and people. However, only mentally disturbed people act as he seems to have acted.

It is not a matter of how sensitive and special he is. He seems to have been a very maladjusted person, reported to not get along with his mother at all and is estranged from her, and has a history of mental illness.

This is not SENSITIVE. It is ILLNESS.

1679 days ago


I pray that it isn't him.

1679 days ago


When TMZ said they had breaking news..I thought maybe his body was found. But if this is what they were working on, TMZ Live still could've been done. Other people could've filled in if Harvey was busy. You guys just don't want to do it anymore.
I'm sure it's his body. They said he loved going to Stanley Park. What a shame.

1679 days ago


Oh no!!! :'( !!! I really was hoping that he would be found alive and safe! How horrible! :'(

1679 days ago


His name is Andrew. Stop calling him Boner have some respect people.

1679 days ago


This is sad, I was really hoping and praying they would find him in time and get him some help.

So many talented actors/musicians/artist are creative but with that creativity is the depression they seem to suffer. Even the great people like Van Gogh, Michangelo...etc. For the people that are suffering, try hard to think beyond your pain and the feeling of unloved and deserted and reach out to be helped. Please.

To his family, my hugs to you and my prayers.


1679 days ago
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