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Andrew Koenig's Dad: He Took His Own Life

2/25/2010 9:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An emotional Walter Koenig -- father of "Growing Pains" actor Andrew Koenig -- just said his son, who had been missing since February 14, took his own life.

Andrew Koenig: Click to view
During Walter's brief statement, he had a message for those who may find themselves in the same emotional state as his son, saying, "What you can learn from this ... is that there are people out there who really, really care."

Walter continued, saying, "Before you make that final decision ... talk to somebody."

Once the Koenigs were finished speaking, a police spokesperson said Andrew's body was found today in Stanley Park in Vancouver. The spokesperson said they are not releasing Andrew's cause of death yet due to the sensitivity of situation.


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I have tried to respond,but my server is down-what went wrong-Grim reaper & those others-I realized life is too precious & checked myself into a hospital & had a LOT of friends & family that supported me!!LOTS OF PRAYERS TO ANDREWS FAMILY!!

1701 days ago


My thoughts and prayers go out to the Koenig family.

1701 days ago


That is sad. My heart goes out to the family.

1701 days ago


Really interesting remarks made by all the stone cold E-thugs out there. I would like anyone of you to stand in front of the Koenigs and make those statements. You're all tough on the internet. Move out of your parents basement and get a real life.

1701 days ago


All you who think suicide is this selfish way out-you MAY BE RIGHT -however someone suffering from mental illness is NOT THINKING ABOUT THAT!!My own children & fiancee have convinced me (along W/ meds and drs)that life is worth living!!Poor Andrews family!!They have a lot of healing ahead of them!! Alot of counseling! TO those suffering from depression,especially my son-WE LOVE YOU!!

1701 days ago


To the parents of Andrew, I cannot imagine the pain you feel. Know that Andrew was a good, kind,caring and loving person. He did alot of good things for the enviorment. If you can take that into your thoughts, you can see he was a good person. Unfortunatly he could not rise above. I know for a fact he is in a better place. I know he must miss you, but he is with our Lord now. I hope this gives you some kind of solace. Peace with Andrew and all his loved ones.

1701 days ago



1701 days ago


So Kirk Cameron is bad because he is a Christian and praying for his friend? People are sick!! The world must be coming to an end because people aren't supposed to be this sick. Making fun of dead people and Christians is pretty disgusting.

1701 days ago


OMG...I was so hoping they would find him holed up somewhere just taking a breather from the world. I am so, so sorry. My heart goes out to his parents. This is so sad.

1701 days ago


38. How unbelievably sad. Why? If I ever thought my son might be depressed enough to be suicidal I'd lock him up to save his life. If I had to tie
him to his bed till I could get him help I would.

People need to open their eyes and do anything...ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING they can to save their childrens lives. Our highschool has been plagued by suicide. The hopelessness in this society is most certainly a plague. God have mercy on the hopeless and lost....

Posted at 8:32PM on Feb 25th 2010 by Fara

Plaguing your high school? Mercy? Its that exact lack of understanding that drives many to suicide... In your mind you think people with depression are different, diseased, or lost. Many times actions betray thoughts. You coddle them and bend them to your will. You strike me as a mom that would force church. Maybe even a religious councilor? After having to deal with that (for years) the depressed person will start to withdraw from the world and hide because they know something is wrong with them. They think that they are a lost cause because everyone around them acts like they are about to break. They want to disappear and get away.
Understand that someone with depression can get better and live a "normal" life. They need to be reassured that they aren't crazy or different. A diabetic person needs insulin everyday to balance out their sugar levels... How are pills to balance brain chemical levels any different? Your brain is an organ and can malfunction just like any other organ in your body. So please, before you go on another religious tirade, remember to think before you write your words of concern. Educate yourself about depression before you lay down your almighty mercy and pity on our lost souls.

1701 days ago


While it's appalling how grossly insensitive some of the dumbarses are on this site, my heart goes out to Andrew's parents, at this tragic time.

May your hearts be soothed, and my he rest in peace...

1701 days ago


RIP Andrew. So Sad.
I must say, the one thing I HATE about TMZ is the DISGUSTING people who read it and take the time to comment evil mean things about people they do not know. I have never seen so many rude, bitter, evil people then some of the commentors on this site. Your actions will end up with you burning in hell and karma will show you the same consideration you have shown Andrew and others with your heartless, embarrassing comments.

1701 days ago


Thanks for putting that video up. It was good. He seemed like a nice guy.

1701 days ago


I can not believe some of the heartless comments about this poor man from those who are so ignorant of the subjects of depression and suicide. Shame on you and I hope that you are never faced with this kind of thing in your family. Perhaps you should educate yourself before posting.

Many families have been touched by this horrible tragedy and most of them went through years of torment trying to help those they love. Until you have been there and watched a loved one suffer and know what it is like for them to go through the pain, you really should not post such ignorant posts.

Please Don't Judge Me

"Don't judge me for how I left this world,
Remember the love I gave
A lot of grief will follow me
for the decision that I made
Changes appear in everyone's life
Some good, some bad
The one I chose for myself
made everyone very sad
But in time memories will heal the hurt of hearts
And my presence will be felt by all with an inner peace
Remember me when the sun is bright and laughter fills the air
And a moonlit night and a whisper of wind
Will tell you I am there
Don't look down on my family
Or fill their hearts with blame
For my leaving them without good-byes
They will never be the same
If I could go back in time
I'd say a last good-bye
I'd tell them to look to tomorrow
And for not cry..."

Author Unknown
He Gathers Broken Souls

In one moment in time, when all hope seemed far away
When despair weighed so heavily there seemed nothing left to say
When anger and pain were all that he could feel
He decided to leave all the lies he thought were real.

He forgot about the rainbows that follow skies of gray
He forgot about the kindness he witnessed everyday
He forgot about the future he once dreamed could be
He lost sight of all the truth and reality.

The fact that people loved him, the knowledge that they cared
The love they had to offer him the many things he shared
The pain that he would cause just never crossed his mind
He only pictured solitude and the peace that he would find.

Sometimes a gentle spirit in a world that's gone awry
Gets lost and cannot find it's way, can't bring itself to try
When God looks down from Heaven with tender loving eyes
He can see completely every facet of our lives.

It's up to God not man to judge the things that have been done
We are His Creation, in Love He Sent His Son
To walk this earth, to die, to rise and live again
To grant us all salvation, to save our souls from sin.

Each time a sparrow falls lifeless to the ground
Our Father up in Heaven hears that tiny sound
Would He be less vigilant when our lives quickly end
Regardless of the reason, on God you can depend.

For God in all His tenderness can see inside their mind
And when He searches carefully no evil does He find
Just discontent, confusion, pain, and fear, and sorrow
With no hope for today and no vision of tomorrow.

No malice little forethought, just decisions made in haste
God grieves up there in Heaven for this senseless needless waste
Yet even as the sheep are gathered safely to the fold
Our Lord is so magnificent He gathers broken souls.

He takes them home to be eternally with Him
To never know the torment they knew on earth again.
Peace and Hope and Happiness are instantly restored
When souls cross the threshold of Heavens golden door

All Rights Reserved by Cynthia J. Mackenzie
When Someone Takes His Own Life

by Norman Vincent Peale

In many ways,
this seems to be the most tragic form of death.
Often the stigma of suicide is what rests
most heavily on those left behind...

The Bible warns us not to judge,
if we ourselves hope to escape judgment.
And I believe that this is the one area that
Biblical command especially should be heeded.
For how do we know how many valiant battles such a
person may have fought and won before he
loses that one particular battle?
And is it fair that all the good acts and impulses of
such a person should be forgotten or blotted
out by his final tragic act?

I think our reaction should be one of love and pity,
not of condemnation.
Perhaps the person was not thinking clearly in his final
moments; perhaps he was so driven by emotional whirlwinds
that he was incapable of thinking at all.
This is terribly sad. But surely it is understandable.
All of us have moments when we lose control of ourselves,
flashes of temper, or irritation, or selfishness that we later regret.
Each one of us, probably, has a final breaking point - or
would have if our faith did not sustain us.
Life puts far more pressure on some of us than it does on others.
Some people have more stamina than others...

My heart goes out to those who are left behind,<

1701 days ago


I dont feel sorry for him. He commited a selfish act. My heart aches for his parents. Such gracious people.

1701 days ago
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