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Simon vs. Ellen - They Don't Idolize Each Other

2/25/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres flat out don't get along, and the tension is building ... this according to multiple "American Idol" sources.

Our insiders say Simon and Ellen aren't even trying to hide it. Ellen can't stand what she believes is Simon's cruelty toward contestants. And, we're told, Simon actually enjoys pissing Ellen off with his blistering critiques.

People working on the show last night tell TMZ ... it was apparent on and off camera ... Simon's tolerance level for the contestants was at an all-time low, and he knew it was making Ellen uncomfortable but clearly didn't care. As one insider put it, "He was intentionally pushing her buttons."

It all started badly when Simon showed up late for Ellen's first week of "A.I." taping and made her wait around. Producers separated the two -- who began the season sitting side-by-side -- but the tension has gotten worse.

But business is business. "A.I." is beating the Olympics, and ratings for Ellen's show skyrocketed last week. In Hollywood, contempt has its upside.

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Godblshu you're being judgemental all you're claims are lies and not true. Bible is wrong being gay is not a sin and you're casting stones which is wrong. American Idol is good I think Ellen is doing a good job and I will keep watching Idol when Simon leaves the show after this year.

1698 days ago


godblshu............let me know when you come down off that holy mountain you are on and are ready for a reality check

1698 days ago


Simon is the closest thing to the reality that is this business. If these contestants can't handle the honesty, and critique of Simon Cowell...they should find another career path. They will not be able to handle the real world of the entertainment industry...which apparently Ellen's handlers shield her from quite well.

1698 days ago

Uncle Tim    

I thought Simon was leaving? I wish he would hurry & do it. I don't see how someone can judge others talent when he has none himself.

1698 days ago


I know that Mr. Cowell is qualified to be a judge. Can someone tell me what Ms. Degeneres' qualifications are?

1698 days ago


I agree Ellen was a bad choice for AI. I love her as a host but not as a judge. The worst thing AI did was to add a 4th judge last year (Kara) and the worst thing this year was to get rid of Paula. There will never be the chemistry there was between the 3 original judges, and the lack of chemistry this year with Kara and Ellen is painful to watch. It wasn't btoke but they tried to fix it and it just isn't working. Last nights show was so boring I couldn't bare to watch. I used to be an avid watcher, but now I find myself fast forwarding to avoid the judges. I think it's the end for idol!

1698 days ago

Ted Newsom    

To the person who hypocritically calls themself "godblshu" without any apparent note of irony: Ellen DeGeneres was born to insurance salesman Elliot De Generes and his wife Elizabeth-- that's her given family name. It was the pompous, late & un-missed Jerry Falwell who continuously, "accidentally" kept referring to her as "Ellen Degenerates." The actress did not choose her name as a pun, or as some secret coded joke to make you angry.

If you think the Bible --specifically the loony bit in Leviticus-- forbids homosexuality, than I expect you also have no problem about selling your daughter into slavery (specifically mandated and detailed in Exodus), stoning people to death if they dare work on the Sabbath, condemning all football players to hell for touching the unclean skin of a pig, or eating lobster, crab and oysters ('that which swims but has no fins.") ... which, by the way, is classified equal an abomination as "a man lying with a man" or "a woman lying with a woman."

If you're going to hold up the Old Testament rules, you can't pick and choose your chapter and verses, pal. All or nothing. You wanna condemn something as an abomination? Fine. Then Lesbianism and eating lobster BOTH get you the wrath of God. And why do I just know in my heart you have abominated yourself more than once? Sorry-- looks like eternal hellfire and satanic torture for you, old buddy. Best of luck. Hope the lobster was worth it.

Or you can simply take the updated New Testament-- in which a fellow named Jesus said he was updating the rules-- and that the old rules which made no sense no longer applied.

And Jesus himself made no criticism of anyone's sexuality. So make your choice. Who are you going to throw in with? The vengeful Jevovah of the OT... or Jesus?

1698 days ago



1698 days ago

S.C. Kemiji    

Has this country gone homosexual? All Hellen has to do is to strap the male organds to her waist to complement her behavior, and her dress code. This woman is an embarassment and adding her to "A.I." is the biggest mistake the producers have done. When Simon departs, there will be no more "A.I.

1698 days ago


All of you that are bashing Godblusu are completely ignorant. The Bible which is the only true word, does tell repetedly how God hates homosexuality. It is condisedered an abomination actually and God has destroyed many great cities because of the sickness!!! People today are today scared to speak the truth. Homosexuality is nothing more than Satan's way of corrupting humankind because he hates us because God created us in His image. If we were meant to be homosexual then we would have been created to reproduce that way, but we aren't get a clue. It's not hate, I don't hate anyone, God loves us all, gay or not, but if you commit sin, including homosexuality, you won't be admitted into Heaven. Read Leviticus, and Kings, and will see for yourself. Simon is great, Ellen does not belong on the show. she doesn't have a clue what she is talking, or not she does not belong on the show.

1698 days ago


Ellen is a waste. She cannot complete a whole sentence. She has proven what I knew from beginning. She knows nothing about music. Her comments, when she can get them out, are ridiculous. This has absolutely nothing to do with her sexual orientation. She's a lesbian, so what, who cares. Enjoy your lovelife and go away. By the way, this is worst talent year ever. Not one contestant is worthy. Over 100,000 auditioned and this is the best they came up with?

1698 days ago



1698 days ago

Joseph Ebey    

godblshu - You are so right! - It is so nice to hear a voice of polite reason amid all the radical intolerent hateful liberal types who champion practicing homosexual exposure and behavior at every opportunity. AI is over as an entertainment program. It has become a just another homosexual laced program among the many. Next due to poor rating to come, they will be staging more and more outragious contestant behavior and girly-men.

1698 days ago


Well after watching the first two episodes so far I must say the talent levels have fallen off dramtically this season. Evidence in the look on Simon's face which said "Can I still get paid if I get up and walk out on this carp" I actually thought his comments were subdued compared to the horrid performances the past two nights. There does'nt seem to be a star among any of them. Although Simon will get the young brunette 17 yr old through to the finals because he can package her to make her "marketable" and make some buck off her.

It's also evident Ellen has no musical knowledge or background and cannot critic the contestants in any relevent way. If I hear her say "But I like you" one more time Geesh!!!

You can tell this show is on the way down and this will probably be the last season for it.

1698 days ago


I started watching American Idol for the first time this season, and it needs Simon Cowell. When he leaves, it will need someone else who will tell it exactly like it is. If you've been under a rock and don't know, Cowell is blunt, sometimes to the point of insulting. When a contestant did a lousy job, Cowell will say exactly that. "Nice", tactful judges are a dime a dozen. As for Ellen, I'm not a huge fan, but so what if she isn't in the music biz. She's intelligent and well-spoken, has personal taste and an opinion, and she knows about performing. Furthermore, this so-called "rivalry" only drives the ratings, because from where I sit, with only a couple of exceptions, this season's contestants sure don't.

1698 days ago
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