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Marie Osmond 'Devastated' Over Son's Suicide

2/27/2010 6:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Marie OsmondA rep for Marie Osmond just released this statement on Marie's behalf:

"My family and I are devastated and in deep shock by the tragic loss of our dear Michael and ask that everyone respect our privacy during this difficult time."

Marie's son, Michael Blosil, was found dead this morning after he jumped off his apartment building in downtown Los Angeles.


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Lynda Sahaf    

For those of you posting hateful things about Marie Osmond, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You also aren't too bright. She didn't so an interview the day after her son's death. She has a spokesperson. Furthermore, she didn't 'dish' about her son's problems. Would you like to be judged on your behavior during difficult times in your life? If you do not personally know Marie Osmond then your opinion holds no value.

1699 days ago


I can't believe the comments of heartless people I hope nothing drastic ever happens to you. as for # 14 Research suicide before you open your mouth. My son committed suicide and he wasn't a wimp. He was a very thoughtful person with a heart of gold. He had an illness that was not controlled. I have researched this disease since my son's death and there is so much people fail to open their minds to. I did try and get help for him on all levels and at the age of 20 it failed. I am just amazed at the lack of compassion so many people out there have. So sorry to Marie and her entire family. You are truly in my thoughts it is a hard journey to live with.

1699 days ago


Michael, Marie, and their family all deserve our compassion, not condemnation. Losing a child is soooooo painful, but losing a child to suicide is an unimaginable sorrow that only one who has experienced it can understand. I know, I too lost my beloved son to suicide. Walking in Marie Osmond's shoes, and reading some of the awful comments some people have made about her, confirms from my personal experiences how much ignorance and misunderstanding there is about suicide. Like heart disease and cancer, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc. are physical illnesses that affect one's brain, mind, thinking and behavior. A person who attempts or succeeds at completing a suicide is not in their right mind, and is likely to be suffering from a mental illness. It is every individual's responsiblity to educate themselves about suicide and its causes, and for doing whatever can be done to prevent it. Let's honor those who have died by suicide and the survivors of suicide they have left behind and not bash them in ignorance. Please check out these two organizations that will help you do this - and (The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention and The National Alliance For Mental Illness).

1699 days ago

Fran Ruh    

My heart goes out to Marie and her children. I was devastated when I read that Michael had committed suicide. Marie is a very caring and devoted mother. I know she spoke about her children, and had said recently that Michael was doing better. I truly believe that Marie did everything and anything to help Michael. I sincerely hope that Marie will not blame herself for her son's death. I hope with her faith that she will be able to work through this. I know she has a very large and supportive family, especially her loving brother, Donny. My condolences to Marie and her children.

1699 days ago

No Comment    

Dearest Marie & the Osmond family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you.

1699 days ago


See? its all about Marie on here,Poor Marie.What about the poor guy that felt he had no where else to run but to kill himself? thats the sad part.Not some ugly ass bitch.She is getting attention for this and shouldnt be.If she has been more involved in his life maybe he would have killed himself.Thats not to say about everyone but then again everyone else isnt always trying to get attention the way the Osmonds do.You people act like you know them and are personal friends with them.This is just proof that a good PR firm can make people believe anything.Look how everyone forgot about Michael Jackson fondling little boys and made him a hero when he overdosed.He is in hell now where he belongs.Marie sucks ass.Its NOT all about her

1699 days ago


Marie and family, I am so sorry for your loss, as a mother I know how I would feel, it is one of the hardest things to ever go through. I know that your faith in Jesus as your Lord will see you through all of this, and Michael isn't suffering anymore. One thing I wanted to tell you though is about an association that can give you so much support during this time. The name of the association is NAMI. It's the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. I had a family member attempt this, and that's how I found out about it. If I hadn't been aware of the signs and what to do I may have been in your shoes. I sincerely have so much compassion for all of you. I am sure there is a NAMI association in your area. Please get in touch with them, they can really help! I love you all, Cecelia Burger from North Carolina

1698 days ago


My heart goes out to the Osmond family. I lost a son 17 years ago and as devastating as it is you do get better but never forget. You live with the memories you have and keep going on. You remember and remember and try not to forget. Today is my son's birthday he would of been 38 today and he died when he was 21 and on his first Fathers Day. As you see you dont forget. My love to Marie and her family and I will pray for her and her family.

1698 days ago

Mark Barnack    

I'm not and have never been a huge fan of Marie Osmond, BUT I don't know her and neither do any of you who are putting her down and making these cruel comments. Maybe she wasn't a good mother, maybe her career means more to her than her children, maybe she is fake, but NONE of us know what is true and what isn't true so I think that all of us should give her a break right now. I'm familiar with depression, and I know that there is only so much a person can do for someone who is depressed. If somebody is determined to take his/her life, they will succeed - NO MATTER WHAT! Anyway, I'm typing this with the hopes that some of you who typed a nasty comment will think about it a little more and realize that we only know Marie from what we see on tv, and maybe there is more to her than what we see or know.

1698 days ago


I am so saddened by the pain for Michael and Marie and the Osmond family......and all of you negative people should be ashamed do you know she's fake? Are you jealous? How do know what's in her heart or what was in Michaels mind and heart...this is very disturbing news and apparently a lot of pain has been going on and is still.....prayers for all of you and especially for the Osmond family,,,,,I do not recall them ever hurting any one.....God Bless you all....and my thoughts are on all of you Nay-sayers...Peace...

1698 days ago

C. Peace    

I like the osmond family, and its sad that her son KILLED himself, what the family needs is to accept JESUS as their own personal SAVIOUR, turn away from the cult they are involved in, Sad to say, michael,s probably in hell for eternity,I never heard him say anything about being SAVED, and Marie has never said anything about her or her family being saved, So Sad God gave them so much talent, they decided to join a cult.

1698 days ago

michelle combahee    

Hi Marie.....I am so sorry about your son & I feel your pain. My Dad & best friend committed suicide almost 3 yrs. ago. The day my Dad took his own life, he took a huge part of my life & heart w/ him! It's the utmost hardest grieving you will EVER endure. I pray you will find your way through it w/ God as your guidence. My Dad didn't leave a note, unfortuneately.....but I knew his pain & sufforing. Please get ANY help you can to help you through this . You may not think you need it, but trust do! Good luck w/ all of your troubles, Michelle

1696 days ago


I go to FIDM where he did.
I can no longer look out onto the met building from the park without thinking of this. this is truly sad. I'm sorry for your loss.

1695 days ago


As a woman and mother, I am appalled at the lack of common civility and outright cruelty Roseanne Barr has extended to Marie Osmond just days after the loss of her son. Roseanne has despicably used another family’s tragedy as her stage to spew her insane trailer trash ramblings.

While Roseanne likes to believe that she is spiritual and a cut above the rest, she is nothing more than an undomesticated goat made of mutton and dung.

Even a goat knows when to shut up. Is there no end to your rabid bleatings, Roseanne BarN?

Roseanne BarN's idea of being domesticated is cooking a batch of burned gingerbread jews while wearing a swastika on her shoulder. Now WTF is that? Take a look around the net, you'll see.

She's a damned wanna be Hitler.

1692 days ago


It has saddened me to hear of Michael's suicide...and my heartfelt prayers are with his whole family at this time. But, I'm REALLY saddened by the public response, and negative opinions of Marie. NOBODY out there in the big wide world knows who this woman really is unless they know her personally. That's true of all celebrities. Unless you know them personally, how in HELL can you possibly know who they really are!?!? Please people...have some compassion for a woman and her family that are going through a very difficult time right now.

1691 days ago
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