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Brittany Murphy's House Up for Sale

3/2/2010 2:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy's mom has just put her house up for sale -- the house where Brittany died ... TMZ has learned.

Simon Monjack tells us Sharon Murphy listed the house today for $7.25 million. The house, located in the Hollywood Hills, is 8,000 square feet on 1.29 acres.

Brittany bought the house for just under $4 million in 2003. She purchased the home from Britney Spears.

We're told the title to the house is held in a blind trust, and Sharon is the sole trustee.

As we first reported, Brittany has left all of her assets to Sharon.

Monjack tells TMZ when the house is sold and Brittany's estate is wrapped up, he and Sharon are moving to New York.


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They'll be moving to NY TOGETHER??? Ewwwwww!

Sharon! Take your moneu and get away from that creep!

1695 days ago


Something really weird and creepy is going on here. They are MOVING TO NEW YORK TOGETHER?????? WTF? Um police check it out closer please.

1695 days ago


WOW, I can't believe this! I completly understand the house on sale. My mom died and couldn't keep the house, too many memories! What I dont get is this so called husband "ASKED" to be left out of the will. He probably planned on divorcing her at some point and taking her for a chunk of money and it backfired on him because she died! Now this thing with the mother... I think hes going to milk her, maybe sue her at some point to get some money. He is a fat mooch. I never could understand what she was doing with him. She was very pretty and look at him ??? Im just saying..

1695 days ago


So are they getting a place in NY together? Hhhmmmm

1695 days ago


The house was previosly owned by Britney Spears? As we know Britney is lucky to be alive, and now Britney Murphy is dead. Either women named Britney should never live there or no one should. Sure I can't afford that house, but I would never buy it even if I could.

1695 days ago


Oh. so Simon's good either way, now he's with the Mom.

Smart dude.

I mean, c'mon, what good's the DAUGHTER to him now.

It's like Rocky Balboa said to that construction worker he was "collecting" from in the original ROCKY.

"Ya gots to think ahead."


1695 days ago


HE AND SHARON ARE MOVING TO NY? WTF??? Okay, that's just weird. Why are they still together after all of this time? Are they having an affair or something? Who moves to another state with their former mother-in-law? Makes no sense at all.

1695 days ago


Who cares Britney Spears used to live there wow

I would ge it to lick the floor she walked on :) so hot

whooooooooooooo we love Britney Spears

1695 days ago


WE are moving to NEW YORK? Is something going on between them?


1695 days ago


Is it just me or is it strange that a mother and son in law live together and are moving to N.Y. together. That is weird.

1695 days ago


Sick. Her mom and her husband are moving "together". Sick people. Makes me wonder why they didn't try harder to get her to a doctor. I hope investigators take note of this obviously strange behavior from the two people that were closest to her when she died. Of course Simon Monjack doesn't care he was left nothing. He's got Britney's mom and money.

1695 days ago

They were in it for the money    

I NEVER beLIEved anything the so called hubby and mom had to say-Too cozy on LKL, and now both moving to NY? Did they like help the situation along? Sellin the home sooo soon, hu?
Mom, you need to get yo head outta yo azz. Both mom and daughter are being taken to the pipe cleaners

1695 days ago



Maybe if you were not so ignorant you might grasp that you cannot force someone to go to a hospital and had they known she had pneumonia (which they didn't) I doubt they would have wasted a minute getting her to a many people race to the hospital when they feel like they have the flu, which is what Britney felt she had?? Not many. Its disgusting that her mother is being criticized when she is grieving the loss of her only child who she was extremely close to..and very insulting to her mother to imply that she did not do enough to get her daughter to a hospital. Shame on you

1695 days ago


I don't see why you all think it's weird for a widower to live with his deceased wife's mother. That certainly happens frequently outside of Hollywood. Especially this soon after the death - neither of them likely wants to be alone, and they've lived in the same house for quite a while. Ever think that they might actually be friends by this point? And that her mom asked him to stay? Or that Brittany had asked him to make sure her mom would be all right, or that he knows that this is what she always intended - to take care of her mom, not just financially but with emotional support? In-laws are family, too.

1695 days ago


I think there are two reasons why she's selling the house. 1-because her daughter died there and 2-because she probably couldn't keep up with the mortgage payment. Think about it, a house that size has a hefty price. Her Mom's not an actress so where is she going to get the monthly payment?
I do think, however, that the two of them moving to New York together is a little weird. I don't belive they had anything to do with Brittney's death, but it's weird. Hopefully the Mother realizes he's just mooching.

1695 days ago
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