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Kate Gosselin - 'Dancing in the Basement'

3/2/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin - 'Dancing in the Basement'Kate Gosselin will practice her dance moves for "Dancing with the Stars" one flight below her brood -- in the basement.

Kate says she'll be practicing her moves in a newly-converted dance studio in the basement of her home -- so she can be close to her kids. And a source tells us "Dancing with the Stars" is footing the bill for the makeshift studio.

Kate's dancing partner, Tony Dovolani, will go to Kate's home for practice.

Kate, we're told, will only be in L.A. two days a week, for the taping. When she's in La La Land, her kids will stay in PA with a nanny.

Our source says Kate told the "Dancing" folks, she's doing the show "because she's a single mom trying to make money."


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former Carlton cards rep    

Give me a break, Kate!!

1698 days ago


ABC is S T U P I D!!!! BOO HOO, if TLC won't let Jon work, how can they let Kate??????? I will NOT be placing A N Y votes for Kate and I may not EVEN watch the show in it's history. I have always watched it, NOT this year, the stars are not that good and you had a hope of me watching UNTIL you put Kate on and then Jake added fuel to the fire....

1698 days ago


I'm certainly not a fan of this woman, but I kind of repsect her for doing this. She is opening herself up to buckets of criticism, including I'm sure, her douchey ex. However, she's putting herself out there to support her family.

1698 days ago


I thought we were through with Kate! It is so obvious she's a camera whore! She should be focusing on being a "single mom" rather than try and show off her tired self on tv. Is "Dancing..." desperate or what?! I know Jon did some dumb stuff while they were still married but I was always team Jon. I saw the way she treated him from the very first ever taping. By the second to last season I was over it. Why can't they just go away, leave the spotlight and try and salvage what sanity their poor children have left! They're already so scarred as it is!

1698 days ago


What's this I hear about Jon having a tiny winky??

1698 days ago

Miss Mary    

YUCK YUCK YUCK! I am so sick of seeing this woman's face. Hopefully she will be booted off the show very quickly. Go Buzz!

1698 days ago


Its real sad that this woman dosent spend anytime with her children . I really have to say enjoy the money for its the only thing u care about. Soon your kids will have there own show called my parents cared more about the money than takeing care of us and being there for us , Sorry i wont be watching the show this season ,

1698 days ago


@XCM: kudos! Why the hell SHOULD SHE be allowed to do outside work and make outside money if HE can't! Totally bogus and unfair TLC! I used to watch TLC so much for it's education. TLC has gone to CRAP! They have so many shows on there that deserve lawsuits it's ridiculous! TLC either needs to be taken off the air or needs a major revamp of it's lineup. They need REAL educational programing. Sure ppl wanna see how all these "different" family live their lives day in and day out, but how about shows instead that help us LEARN?! That was the main word in TLC until they dropped it and became solely TLC. Grrr, this is one of my soapbox issues!

1698 days ago


I've read periodically that TLC still plans to give her another show at some point. Therefore, they would want her to keep in the public eye and maybe even pick up some new fans on the dance show.

Here's hoping she falls on her face - literally. Can you imagine that poor male partner trying to teach her? She is very, very ungraceful.

1698 days ago


I can't for the life of me figure out where they get "star" from this women. I have watched this show since day 1 and boy are they scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one. Poor Tony, he will be bitched at, nagged at and belittled. He didn't look to excited when they were on GMA. God I hope this women gets the boot on the first cut. Oh and by the way Kate, get off your butt and go get a real job like the rest of us.

1698 days ago


Quote :"because she's a single mom trying to make money."

Yeah she is trying to make money. But not for the kids, she is tryin to make money to fattin up her own pockets.

1698 days ago


still using the bs line "im doing it for the kids"....

1698 days ago

maggie mae    

All they need is OCTOMOM and the lineup of losers (except Evan) will be complete. This show has become a bottom of the barrel piece of junk. I'm finished. Last season was bad but this one is worst. Time to say good bye

1698 days ago


when will her 15 minutes be over!!!

1698 days ago

Maniacal Zebra    

Well, she admits to doing it for money. It's not like that ex-slimeball of hers would go out and get a job.

1698 days ago
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