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Apolo Ohno:

I Can Basically

Leg Press a Ton

3/3/2010 5:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Apolo Ohno's lower body is so powerful -- dude claims he can leg press 1800 pounds of raw steel ... which is the Hollywood equivalent of 20 Nicole Richies.

Apolo Ohno: I Can Basically Leg Press a Ton

For the record, Ohno only weighs about 145 -- without his eight Olympic medals of course.

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Love me some Ohno!! LOVE, LOVE!

1694 days ago


Apolo should never of been DQed He didn't push him ,he fell on his own and oh yes apolo can press that much with his legs!Research it if you don't believe!

1694 days ago


@ Kate:

I respect Apolo's athletic accomplishments, but he should have known better than to publicly finger the judge after his disappointing result. Apolo deservedly caught some flak for his comments in the media. Apolo himself was a benefactor of some missteps in his earlier medal race, thanks to the Korean skaters. That's the nature of short track.

The Canadian judge is a seasoned veteran who would have known better than to show blatant bias. While figure skating has had its share of judging controversies, short-track speed skating is relatively clean, at least it was in this case. It's a judged sport, and so there will always be grey areas. I watched the race, and agreed that Apolo's disqualification was warranted. His contact with the Canadian skater seemed minor, but that's all it takes. Had the situation been reversed, I may not have liked the judge's decision, but I would still concede that the call was fair.

1694 days ago


I would not be surprised if Apolo could press 1800 lbs. The guy has muscle on those legs! And the DQ call was lame!

The camera loves Apolo's face, I see movies in his future.

1694 days ago


Leg press is easy, it's an elevated sled, most people can do several hundred pounds easy. Pat Robertson claims he can do 2000, and is seen on video doing 1000 with horrible, incomplete form. Ohno probably can bench press that much, but I'm willing to bet he's either done it since the Olypics ended or several years ago. That much weight is just too risky for olympians, who have absolutely no desire whatsoever to tear their muscles.

1694 days ago


Clearly, most of you have never seriously lifted weights. When I was 14 I could leg press 600 pounds and I'm a female. I was a competitive gymnast, I took dance lessons, ran track, and lifted regularly. My husband is fairly serious about weight lifting and can press 1500 pounds. However, he is not an Olympic athlete. I have no doubt Apolo can press a ton.

1694 days ago


Reading through most of these comments I'm not sure rather to laugh, or just be amazed at the stupidity of so many people. Not to mention the jealousy of an AMAZING athlete. Those saying he's lying about pressing 1800 lbs..I can see YOU now..sitting there at your computer with your belly hanging over onto the keyboard as you munch your tenth jelly donut of the day. And for those who think he should have been DQ'd for having his hand on the Canadian skater who fell..you obviously know little about the sport because it's quite common to put your hand out like that. It's not Apollo's fault that dude couldn't stay on his own two feet. Of course you get a Canadian judge IN Canada ruling on a Canadian skater who fell..what do you expect? Had that judge been from any other country there would have been no disqualification.

1694 days ago


Cry babies...Hamelin from Canada won the race, Apolo from America was trailing, even before he tripped up the other racers. Get your facts correct please. Gotta love Americans, as they eat to much apple pie!

1694 days ago

Jim Dunn    

You people cannot know much about weightlifting . If that little squirt tried to do 1800 on a leg press he would leave the gym about 3 feet tall . HAHAHA what a bunch of idiots .

1694 days ago


Apolo can leg press 1800 lbs. It doesn't surprise me that a lot of people don't have any idea how a leg press works. On top of that, he doesn't max out at 1800, he does 10 reps of 1800. It would be stupid to test your max before a competition. If you want to have fun, ask him how much he can bench press. Then you can feel like a champ yourself.

Yes, I do know Chubbs. I am Fatt.

1694 days ago


#4 - you dope, you don't know the difference between "their" and "there". It must be tough to bust on others when you are so stupid.

1694 days ago


Regardless of how passionate a plea one might make against Apolo's disqualification, the judge's decision was made, and it's the right one. Apparently because I agree with the judge's call, I don't understand short track (though I'm not sure I follow the logic of this argument). Calls like this are made regularly in the sport. Had Apolo accepted defeat graciously, or voiced his concerns privately, I'm guessing there would be decidedly less outrage from his supporters.

Suggesting that the Canadian judge disqualified Apolo to award a bronze medal to Canada is silly. The gold medal was already secured by the second Canadian skater in the race. Apolo was gunning for silver and he lost. Was the Canadian judge's decision questioned by the USOC? I'm thinking no. Case closed, except for the sour grapes.

1694 days ago

Doesn't matter    

"Often, the amount of weight that is used for a 'leg press' may seem to be artificially high. For example, television host Pat Robertson claims to have leg pressed 2,000 pounds (around 900 kg) and a later statement also claimed that his doctor was capable of a 3,500 pound (1588 kg) leg press. An AskMen.com article states that it is not uncommon for men to leg press over 500 pounds, with some men going over 1000 pounds using a limited-range of motion."*

As for Jo, I am not saying he is lying, I am saying that it is not impressive. It may sound like a lot to someone that does not go to the gym, but anyone that knows physics can find the real amount of weight acting perpendicular to surface of the press is far from what weight would be if just gravity was acting on it. If you’re going to brag, use a real lift like squat. And by the way, my belly is not hanging over the keyboard. I am actually a competitive bodybuilder as well as a national champion gymnast.

*"Leg Press -." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 03 Mar. 2010. .

1694 days ago



1694 days ago


Most of the idiots reacting negatively don't even know what a leg press is.

1694 days ago
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