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Conan O'Brien's Twitter -- A 15 Person Operation

3/3/2010 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

How many Conan O'Brien writers does it take to change a light bulb? We don't know ... but it takes 14 to help him write a single Tweet.

The Cone Zone posted the above photo on his Twitter page yesterday with the message, "This is how many people it took to write today's tweet: "Jumbo" shrimp? WTF!!"

... still funnier than Leno.


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Chuck D    

Leno is so much funnier than Conan. What TMZ's teenie bopper writer thinking, drinking or smoking?

1666 days ago


Oh dear, oh dear. Reality just is, I'll put it plain and simple; Conan O'Brien is loved furiously AROUND the GLOBE. There are countries that have been showing Late Night with Conan and then on Tonight with Conan as long as he hosted it, but aren't or haven't given the chin any airtime in any form ever. Like Finland, they are now left with an empty slot in programming where Conan used to be. It's never even been an option to put the chin show on. And this would be because; Nobody intelligent wants to see the chin. He appeals to No-one with a normally functioning brain. Have a look at the facts and take a good long peak into the present called the world wide web. You see, this is the place from where the generation aged 10-50yrs mostly handle their everyday lives, business, contacts, pleasure and, ready for the revelation: to watch tv programmes that are WORTH watching. Welcome to the future chin people. The chin is about to crash and burn and you'll all either have to accept the facts or go back to plug in your commodores and start trying to figure it out from scratch. There are millions of people in the Conan Community and Conan has come to the web BECAUSE this is WHERE we are. He can't be on tv--we pack our bags and move our livingrooms to the internet and continue the feed of Conan's STELLAR comedy. We also stand with him for what he is; A good hearted, genious, sincere man with integrity the chin in his self centered world would never, ever be able to even begin to comprehend. Go check out the chins 'fan'pages. Team Coco is closer to reach a million on one page than the chin has 'fans' put together. You find the chin funny, fine by me. You stand up to his 'values', fine by me. Only tells me the character definition of you is either along the same lines of the chin; greedy, ignorant, selfish, cold, back stabbing, lying, thieving, immoral excuse of a humanbeing, or; dumb enough not to see that. Either way, a perfect example of the basic chin fan. CHEERIO to ya all! Welcome to have a look around the future when the chin has crawled back to the cave from witch he sadly keeps emerging like a stubborn blood sucking leach. (sorry leaches) COCO IS SO MUCH LOVED IT'S INSANE, YET GOES TO SHOW THE VALUE OF GOODNESS, KINDNESS AND INTEGRITY STILL ALIVE IN THIS WORLD. (dictionaries out chin peeps) You think the chin wouldn't sell you out if need be? You might wanna think about that. The man has lost all scraps of respect he might have had by running to hide behind the corporation he whores for with dollar signs rolling in his eyeballs like a slot machine. And from that safe hideout glared at the man taking a stand, risking a chance of failure head held high in the name of what he believed in. The chin was lurking around like a teenager about to get out of the shop with pockets full of stolen goods. You could see the excitement and anticipation when he was nearing the goal with drool dripping from his mouth.(Coconuts might have to go poke out their minds eye for this image) He would have sold his own mother to get there. But he didn't have to. He sold Conan. And for that, myself, alongside of millions around the world, see the chin worth less than NOTHING. The karma WILL meet up with him. By the natural selection of the world. The COCO Revolution is the most beautiful revolution of our time, because it directly reflects the need to keep alive the value of empathy, love, respect for self and others, integrity, good will, humanity, trust, strength...the very core on which our existance should be based on. And this is why we stand with CONAN O'BRIEN. With growing numbers. We will support him in his future decisions and give back what he has given us; BELIEF that good will prevail. Over and out.

1666 days ago


If Leno gets his back the same number of people that watched him before, then it will prove that Conan sucks and it was his fault The Tonight Show bombed.
I like how Conan apologists make fun of Leno's age, when he's three years younger than Letterman, and Conan is pushing 50.
Again, Conan could have still been on NBC at 12:05, but he took the payday instead. I seriously doubt another network would take a proven flop Conan is, and probably only got decent ratings in the past because Leno was his lead-in.

1666 days ago


You call that funny, I call that pathetic. I write better jokes with my feet.

1666 days ago

Roger C    

Conan's tweets are awfully unfunny. For someone that went to Harvard, he sure doesn't get it. He will never get another show. The numbers don't work. His employees will buy his egotistical BS for now, but they are all applying hard to other shows. They will leave him if another opportunity comes up.

1666 days ago

Roger C    

You losers need to realize that Conan lost at 11:30 in the ratings game. He BOMBED. Don't they teach you hipsters that in school? Fail, and you often times, will get replaced?

Get a life.

1666 days ago


Merely an opinion that the stupidass redhead is funnier. I hate everything about the guy's act, and am thrilled he's finally off the air. And for you who grouse because Jay may not be pleasant in person: Who the f cares??? As long as he is personable as the latenight PRODUCT I consume .... People can be so damned shortsighted and stooopid.

1666 days ago


Sigh....another big sigh....I seem to recall the fact being that chins stupifyingly useless 10pm 'show' bommed completely. THIS was the show that needed and was to be canceled. Now the network was left a dry stail chin still on a contract and they have nowhere to put him. I mean what use could there possibly be for him? Chin wasn't budging or retiring gracefully as he should AND could have, but instead stuck around as an extremely expensive toxic waste that couldn't be dumped anywhere.

150mil to get rid of the chin----35mil to loose Conan.

You might be able to do the maths.

Fellow Coco Friends, there are too many trolls roaming around here.. What u say we CIRCLE them? (;

1666 days ago


I think the point was that it took all those writers to come up with something unoriginal and recognizable. Now that's funny!!!

1666 days ago


Thanks mcflint, for actually getting the joke!

Jeez, subtle is LOST on the NBC interns! George Carlin was a monkey fighting god!

And Leno and NBC are just monkey fighters....period.

1666 days ago


HAHA, none of you get the joke. It's a shot at Jay. Leno has a huge writing staff and ALL HE DOES IS STEAL BAD JOKES BLATANTLY! He's even stealing jokes from Romney at CPAC, how pathetic is that? Funny how the lamestream media at NBC never mentions this obvious fact when covering the chin.

The fact that it goes over the heads of all the Tonight Show interns, er I mean Jay Leno fans unaffiliated with the show, shows how stupid you have to be to find Jay Leno funny and not Conan. So stick to your revisionist history BS and leave the comedy to those that understand it.

1666 days ago

Politico Pablo    

The Conan family has it's leader.

1666 days ago


Leno is def funnier but I like how Coco sticks up for his staff.

1666 days ago


Used to love Conan- but he's turned into the bitter Al Gore of late night- it was all a bad idea. I knew my 80 year old grandma was not going to get Conan's humor. Take a break- enjoy your $$$ and family- and come back bigger- better than ever...

1666 days ago


Good grief you people are pathetic. You don't even get it. It's not the joke itself that's funny it's the number of people it took to "write" the joke. No wonder Leno has fans, America is to dumb to understand a real joke and only likes straight forward basic humor. Conan is clever, Leno is boring.

1666 days ago
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