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Levi Johnston -- 3,500 More Reasons to Wrap Up

3/4/2010 4:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston's gonna have to whip out another body party -- or find some other way to make a quick $3,500 -- because a judge just ordered him to pay even more cash to his baby mama Bristol Palin.

It's kinda complicated -- but the long story short is the judge in Alaska re-crunched a few numbers and determined the $18,000 in back child support payments that Bristol had requested from Levi was way too low.

So now, according to legal papers filed this week in Alaska, Levi is on the hook for $21,561.12.

We're told that if Levi doesn't fork over the cash in a timely manner -- he could face some serious consequences ... including serious fines and possible jail time.


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Allen Ridak    

Well done Sarah, you've just shown 200 million potential voters that you are so vindictive, you will even have your grandchild's father thrown in prison for daring to cross your morally corrupt family.

1692 days ago


Can almost bet money that a tell all book is coming out now because he has to pay this money every month!What were they thinking bringing him to court, other than letting the world to know more of the dysfunction.

1692 days ago


Let some guy drop his load in you and sit on your ass for the next 18 years, what a great deal women get in the American legal system.

1692 days ago


What a vindictive family the Palins are.... they claim to represent Christian morals, but they seem to be as far from that as possible.

Good to see Momma can still use her cronies in Alaska in government to still put the screws to people. Whatever happened with the story of her using the state police to intimidate her former brother-in-law? Another example of their sleaziness.....

Glad this family is as far away from the White House as possible. Just think if McCain was president - she'd be one chair removed from the presidency.. THE HORROR!

1692 days ago


I think maybe the article needs to be reread. That's not Levi Jerksons monthly CHILD SUPPORT payment. That is his BACK child support, you know that he HASN'T been paying. He has spent his 15 mins. flashing himself all over tv and playgirl on somebodys dime. This is his child and it is about time for him to man up and get a real job. Maybe he should have been more careful with bodily fluids! I'm not a big fan of Palin but being vindictive has nothing to do with child support it is a legal AND a moral responsibility. Quit whinning fellas and pay up!!!

1692 days ago

Dirt Burger    

They are going to force Levi to do porn films! he is a moron with a high school diploma, he has no way to make that kind of money. He will be hanging out with Ron Jeremy by the end of the month.

1692 days ago


Good! Pay up dead beat daddy. What a tool.

1692 days ago


I bet Sarah has venom dripping from her fangs right now!

1692 days ago


The sad thing is she doesn't need the money because she is living off her momma.
I bet he wishes he could time travel back to the when they did it and undo it. Just say NO!!!

1692 days ago

Democrats are evil    

This comment goes to Deadbeat dad Levi as well as every other useless deadbeat dad. If you don't want to pay for the costs of raising children as well as being a functional "Good" parent, then keep your pecker in your pants and stay away from teenage girls who are still children themselves. Otherwise, go get a good job because having children these days doesn't come cheap. Children are not toys and if they grow up hating you, they potentially will suck you dry for the rest of your life. But then, if you disagree with me you probably deserve all the misery coming your way suckers.

1692 days ago


I'm a fool, I'll let you know by the username I give myself on

Use a name that doesn't expose you as an idiot if you want people to even read your non sense.

Don't you love dummies who feel they need to defend dummies?

1692 days ago


I don't have to go to work to support myself, I am a woman and I used the same scam all lazy women who don't want to support themself use. I let some guy ejaculate inside me, I told him I was on birth control but I lied and now I don't have to work for the next 18 years at least.

1692 days ago


Leave my daughter alone, go Alaska, I quit my important job to become a TV talk show host. I am a quitter and the real people of this country are quitters, they can associate themselves with me because we have the same values.

1692 days ago


She doesn't need all that money since she lives with her rich mother Sarah. Poor Levi doesn't have an education, no high school diploma, and no trade. He was just a kid when the baby was born, 18 years old. Sarah Palin acts like he raped her daughter. Didn't they conceive the baby right under her nose in her home? Didn't Sarah Palin allow Levi to stay overnight in her home? Why doesn't Sarah support the baby since she allowed all that to go on under her roof, if it's true, which I've read. Girls in Alaska have babies right and left like hillbillies, very young.

1692 days ago

Politico Pablo    

This guy should serve as an example of why you should always use a condom if you choose to have sex outside of marriage, and the consequence of not doing so. One of life's regrets.

1692 days ago
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