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Levi Johnston -- 3,500 More Reasons to Wrap Up

3/4/2010 4:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston's gonna have to whip out another body party -- or find some other way to make a quick $3,500 -- because a judge just ordered him to pay even more cash to his baby mama Bristol Palin.

It's kinda complicated -- but the long story short is the judge in Alaska re-crunched a few numbers and determined the $18,000 in back child support payments that Bristol had requested from Levi was way too low.

So now, according to legal papers filed this week in Alaska, Levi is on the hook for $21,561.12.

We're told that if Levi doesn't fork over the cash in a timely manner -- he could face some serious consequences ... including serious fines and possible jail time.


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who has the facts? ME    

Fleece - you lie.
It is not MANDATORY - it is available.

Quit making stuff up

1630 days ago


Another liberal lie. This is about as authentic as Obama's birth certificate!!

Quzai -

Amen brotha!!

1630 days ago



You are absolutely correct. Great observation.

1630 days ago


Bristol is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!!!!!!

1630 days ago


Pay back is a b*tch! Good for you, Bristol!!! The MSM was cheering this idiot on, spreading rumors and lies about the Palins but look who's having the the last laugh now -- LOVE IT ! :)

1630 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Why do the Palins claim the bastard child is an Indian?? Sarah is not a native Alaskan, Todd is 1/8 Indian and Levi is of Mexican and Canadian descent. By my reckoning that makes the little bastard only 1/32nd Indian. Who are they trying to rip off now?? Or maybe Levi is not the father...I did hear that Bristol opened her legs for anyone who would get her drunk.

1630 days ago


Levi definitely needs to write that book. No more holding back, Levi. I guess Bristol (the high school dropout) is not making oodles of bucks in her high powered Public Relations Firm. Team Levi all the way!!

1630 days ago


I thought by law you can only only recieve child support from the day the petition was filed? Someone needs to step in and help Levi fight this corrupt system.

1630 days ago


#110 Let me set your precious mind at rest, the moment Bristol Palin gave birth to Levi's kid he was obligated to support it!! If he has never made any cash payment monthly to support his child when child support is granted they can go back that far LEGALLY, they are obliged to and no Judge would refuse to make a deadbeat dad pay unless of course he was one himself!! It was the Judge not Bristol who recognised that the original amount requested was too LOW!! Levi has made alot of money out of bad mouthing Sarah Palin, her family and the mother of his kid - now the little sob knows paybacks a bitch and since he can't live off of the Palin name forever perhaps he should get a real job!!
#108 I don't care who you support politically,I don't care if you hate Sarah Palin, but the remarks you made about Bristol were vile and uncalled for!! Levi, is guilty of statutory rape and a whole lot of other stuff that because Sarah Palin wanted to let Levi be a father to his child he got away with - so yeah, do the DNA test then stick Levi's ugly, ammoral, immoral, ungrateful ass in jail
and take all of is money for child support lol!!
You men seem to think it's just the woman who is resposible for contraception, so if you can't trust a woman use a condom (they are freely available y'know!)and quit griping!! If you could keep it in your pants in the first place you wouldn't have to worry hm?!

1630 days ago


its easy for all of these women to comment saying he needs to stop being a deadbeat and pay up. If the child support system was skewed towards dads instead of mums then these petty girls would never stop complaining about it. Bottom line is that no kid his age should have to pay that much in child support and really shouldnt have to pay at all considering how well of miss sl## is(bristol).

until u girls know how difficult it can be to pay child support to you rich gf then u really have no place to tell him to "man up" and pay child support that he cant afford. So girls(feminists?) stop thinking like the typical american girl(me me me) and maybe youll have some sympathy for him. and as for all of these people telling him to "keep it in his pants" just would like to say that it takes two to have sex. Think what i said over ladies. :)

1629 days ago


The issue of a reasonable amount of child support should have been resolved fairly and amicably between Levi and Bristol, without the fighting and bickering instigated by Bristol's mommy dearest - the vicious Barracuda.

1629 days ago


For all you FOOLS that are saying that dude should NOT have to support HIS D@MN child?? Are you SERIOUS??? IT IS HIS BABY - not Sarah Palin's!!!

1629 days ago


#114 D'you see Levi claiming custody of his baby,saying I'll bring it up hm?! If he did Bristol Palin would be forced to pay him child support - it works both ways you nutter!! Levi's off enjoying himself, partying, slagging Bristol and Sarah Palin off and getting paid mega mega bucks to do it!! Well this is how it works, the Judge looks at his income and then decides how much little 'ol Levi must pay to support his kid! Something he hasn't done so far, it's not Sarah Palin's job to pay for his child to live, to go to college, to feed and clothe it for 18 years, it's Levi's!! The only way Levi legally gets to not pay custody is if he gives up all rights to his child,because even if he's on benefit otherwise money would be taken from it to pay towards child support, no matter how small!! Bristol Palin is not going to be living at home forever, but even for the time she is child benefit is to pay for the baby not Bristol and not Sarah Palin!! Why the hell should anyone else have to pay for diapers, food and medical insurance for a baby he had more than enough involvement in creating!!
The baby's grandparents income doesn't come into it, Levi could file for custody of his kid and in this day and age Judges don't just automatically give mummy custody, but Nooo, that would be too much like hard work wouldn't it hm?! He prefers to think women will pay $10 a time to see his ugly face and naked ass lol!!

1629 days ago


living w/ her mommy. this guy is getting shafted. check the judges bank account for Sarah Palins' finger prints. forget pampers. put the kid in cloth diapers. that way bristol can deal w/ the same s*it he has had to by having to be gutted by her family. his kid or not, he was just a pawn being moved around by those hipocrits(spelling?). if she wants respect as a new mother and a woman(right to vote, burning bras, equal pay etc.) then get a F-ING job and get off your mothers tit. NO baby cost $1300-$1800 a month.

1628 days ago


#118 You do realise part of the reason he's paying so much now is to pay back child support etc hm?! Maybe if Levi hadn't made so much money off of the Palin name he wouldn't have made so much money that 17% or whatever of his earnings, worked out by the Family court etc comes to over $1,000 a month!! By the way a mother is entitled to be a stay at home mother until the kid starts school, or pre-school, especially since someone needs to be looking after the baby!! Ever tried looking after a screaming, teething baby 24/7 - no? - well it isn't a job for a layabout!! There are plenty of normal women who stay at home to look after their kids while daddy gets to do whatever the f he likes - problem is because it's Bristol Palin you want her shot, branded, whipped and forced to live in medieval conditions with her baby for daring to give birth! Just cut off Levi's pecker, that seems more appropriate lol!!

1627 days ago
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