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Tiger Woods Won't Gamble With His Image

3/5/2010 2:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods Won't Gamble With His ImageTiger Woods just blew off a $75 million dollar endorsement offer from an Irish gambling company -- and that is how you know you're rich.

The company,, claims the deal would have spanned five years -- but Tiger just wouldn't take the bait.

Woods -- who was dumped by several major sponsors since the sex scandal broke -- will get another chance to change his mind ... Paddy claims it's planning to come back with an even sweeter offer in the near future.


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Eff that Tiger..take it..Set up more money for your kids!

1692 days ago

Jerry Martin    

He already did when he started boinking bimbos.

1692 days ago


Tiger did a lot of gambling with his marriage, i'm surprised this wasn't of interest to him.

1692 days ago

Tiger Tale    

Maybe Tiger should start endorsing steroids. Just a thought...

I'm just sayin...

1692 days ago


Just get back on th course and play some Golf. These white peope are going to say and write bad things about you, no matter what you do. You should had hung with hispanic women. Then they wouldn't be as angry with you.

1692 days ago


I'm glad he has shown some integrity from this whole ordeal! There will be other endorsements that aren't shady like this one, no need to endorse gambling, it's not like there isn't enough exposure already! Good for him for not embarrassing himself and his family any further. I'm sure once he's back on the golf course, endorsements will pour back in, the decent ones, ask Kobe. Go Tiger and Elin!!!

1692 days ago

Jason Chambers    

I glad he and Elin are working things out. Good luck to him. He is an American Icon!

1692 days ago


...maybe he should consider endorsing Extenze.

1692 days ago


Tiger... don't care what people think. You have already messed up things with Elin. Now.... continue on and bang tons of hot chicks. SEX, FOOD, SLEEP, MONEY...and then more SEX.

You are in a position to try out as many chicks as you want. Take advantage of it.

1692 days ago

oh yeah    

at least he is not a member of the illuminati like jayz. he worked hard for his riches. unlike some others who sold their soul to the devil for money fame and power.

1692 days ago


Excuse me, but John Wayne is/was an American Icon. Tiger, is NOT an icon. Just because he play's golf really well, doesn't make him an icon in my book. Anybody can play really good golf if they practice!! But John Wayne, he was a REAL American!!!

1692 days ago


Anybody can play good golf if they practice? Are you retarded seriously.. While golf is not the most physical intensive/straining sport obviously it is in fact one of if not the hardest sport to master. Golf is extremely hard, Tiger is beyond any golfers level play ever. We will never ever see a golfer this good again.

1692 days ago


SMART! wait to do the paddy deal until after the divorce - that golddigger won't have any claims on it.

1692 days ago

Low Down In Windermere    

•Regions Bank filed two lawsuits on 12/23/2008 naming Menaker Investments I as the defendant.
o 2008-CA-0033992-O for default of $3,880,000.00
o 2008-CA-0033999-O for default of $2,510,000.00

•Regions Bank filed the lawsuit on 1/27/2009 naming Giles-Menaker as the defendant.
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•Mitch Menaker files for Bankruptcy on 7/29/2009

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Here is what I am finding hard to accept:
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•How does Regions Bank allow for the overdraft of a "purchase card" to reach over $140,000 before turning it off (as laid out in lawsuit)?

1692 days ago


Gamble with his image?...kinda late now

1692 days ago
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