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Jackson Kids Emerge Post Stun Gun Incident

3/8/2010 1:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

On a family outing for the first time since the LAPD began investigating that whole stun gun mess, Jackson family children (L-R) Paris, Blanket, Prince, Jaafar and Jermajesty all went to the movies in Los Angeles yesterday, reportedly to see "Alice in Wonderland."


No word if they were celebrating anyone's unbirthday.


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They are looking more like their daddy everyday!

1689 days ago


I was driving into work this morning, a beautiful sunny day, listening to “You Are My Life” from the Invincible album and the sadness about Michael’s loss struck me (again). It is such a beautiful, heartfelt song – I believe I heard it was dedicated to his children – and it truly is gut wrenching to know that Michael is no longer in this world to give those kids that strong unconditional fatherly love. All the amazing things he had to offer those kids, all the hopes and dreams he likely had for them, the years ahead of song, education, worldly travels and hands-on experiences he wanted to share with them. It is apparent in his own way that he loved them hugely; wanted and needed them in his life more than anything else. Absolutely no one can replace him as Michael truly was unique and brilliant in what he knew and his imagination. I do hope Prince, Paris and Blanket keep his spirit alive within them and continue their thirst for knowledge and enjoyment of reading. I hope they also continue their father’s humanitarian efforts in any small way they can.

And I hope they know, in a strange way, that they have the love and support of all of Michael’s friends, acquaintances, admirers, fans as well as their family. Most of us are anonymous, and always will be, but they hold our hearts as we do theirs – it’s like they have a world full of extended family members! Our embrace and faith will keep them safe and strong against all the ignorance directed against their father.

I just felt the need to release these thoughts. I only wish the best for the “MJ3” – I hope their futures are bright, successful and full of love and laughter.

1687 days ago


I have been keeping Michael's Children in my prayers;
so, I am glad to see these recent pictures.

I will continue to pray for the well being of
Michael Jackson's children. I am thankful to the
person or persons who reported the stun gun incident to the
Department of Children's Services.

I guess Jermaine Jackson is NEVER going to take care of any of his many children. I guess he does not have to.

1685 days ago


Either cut blanet's hair or put him in a dress.

1685 days ago


They are looking more like their daddy everyday, J? Would that be pre plastic surgery MJ or post plastic surgery MJ?

1685 days ago


Can someone in that family PLEASE cut blanket's hair, then maybe he won't be a target of a stun gun attack next time around????

1685 days ago


by Splaboo
Another ignorant person!

Of course they look just like their daddy,pre-surgery,and before his vitiligo got so bad!

1684 days ago


376. They are looking more like their daddy everyday!

Posted at 2:11PM on Mar 10th 2010 by J

I agree! From the pictures I've seen they are showing more and more those Jackson features!

1677 days ago


I'm not very computer literate. Can someone put a link on this website that will show us pictures (facing front only please) of MJ as a youth and pictures of his children (again facing front only please.) I want to see the resemblance that J claims to see and judge for myself if in fact any resemblance does exists.

1684 days ago


You are crazy, J, to claim that MJ's three "children" are looking more and more like him.

The March 22 edition of GLOBE has full frontal cover photos of all three of them and Prince and Paris look nothing like MJ. ZERO. ZILCH. NADA. It could be said that Blanket in some small way resembles the cover photo of MJ but this is POST plastic surgery MJ. The what have I done to myself MJ. The I look like a lizard MJ.

Take a photo of young MJ and then place it beside the GLOBE cover. THEY LOOK NOTHING ALIKE. Not surprising considering that they were fathered by unknown sperm donor(s) so that the pedophile would have children he could get away with molesting.

1682 days ago


by Look Again J
You really need to look again! I've seen pictures of these children since they were born they all have the strong Jackson features.

1682 days ago


Some of you really need to take a lesson on genetics! Joe has white and Katherine has native american(indian)blood in them so the J9 are not even fully black. Just because you may not look black doesn't mean you aren't! They are alot of biracial people who look totally white! MJ was not a pedophile and they are his children,they all look just like Jackson's.

1682 days ago
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