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Corey on Corey: Don't Jump to Conclusions

3/10/2010 9:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Feldman wants people to "stop jumping the gun" by saying Corey Haim died from an drug overdose -- because until the coroner's report comes out, "nobody knows" what really caused his death.

Corey Feldman
Feldman was on "Larry King Live" tonight, where he called Haim his "best friend."

Feldman went on to say Haim had a "long and detailed drug history and battled addiction for many, many years" -- but said Haim had been "in the best frame of mind that he's ever been in" leading up to his death.


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I've been reading mean comments about how he's trying to get attention. He was very sincere and obviously broken up about Corey Haim's death. Nobody knows how you would react to a family/friend death until you go through it. He is still in shock. I think the mean comments Haim had to deal with when he was alive were probably really hard for him to deal with and that's probably why Feldman brought that up.

1656 days ago


Sorry Kevin but more people die every year from prescription drug abuse than illegal drug abuse and they are quite obviously not all stars they are normal people. Stars just get the attention. And cops and medical examiners are pretty smart most of the time, you can't just stick some heroin in your Viagra bottle and think they will not notice the switch.

1656 days ago


@Kevin....Look Celebrities are "regular people" they just happen to be on your T.V. That is where they work. It is not like on "Entourage" its a full time job. The only reason it seems like celebrities have a "bigger addiction problem" is because its jammed in your face by the flat screen on your wall. Trust me, if you have 5 friends, one of them has an addiction problem, or is a recovering addict.

1656 days ago


Corey Feldman is out to make a buck..Pure and simple. That's why his hair look's like that too. "Dream a little dream" He had it hanging on his forehead then too, lol. I am sure he will miss his friend, but he will still drain that vein as long as he can....

1656 days ago

Jack Sprat    

Corey Feldman is a media whoer. Hasen't he used up all is 15 minutes yet?

1656 days ago


The Corey's were best friends for a very long time & I'm sure he is devastated by the loss of his best friend. So many young people are dying from unknown causes, it is just so sad when they die in there prime. Sounds like Corey was stepping up to the plate to help his Mom battle cancer. My heart just breaks for her, I hope her friends & family rally around her because she sure needs them now. It seems every day another celeb passes away. So so sad. RIP Corey, you were a good actor, & you loved your Mama so that to me says a lot about what kind of man you were.

1656 days ago


The comment about (heroin in your viagra bottle was too funny) if only that worked....everyone would be on viagra

1656 days ago


I can wait for some accurate information. Speculate, speculate, crap all over this man's effort to get clean and assume the worst. You are all toxic types. Don't ever serve on a jury. You can't do so and jump to conclusions with NO EVIDENCE.

1656 days ago


Most news outlets are reporting he probably died of an overdose, which I think is terrible, nobody knows til the toxicology reports come back. By then, if it comes back he was clean, nobody will remember that, and it will be just a short blip on the news. Everyone will still think it was drugs, whether it was or not, and I think that is a shame.
Somebody mentioned "well, he DID have 4 prescriptions in the house"...well, how many prescriptions are in your house right now? I know a have some leftover pain meds from toothaches and surgeries, some cough syrup w/codeine is in my medicine cabinet. So just saying prescribed drugs were found on the premises doesn't mean anything.
Everybody always wants to think the worst. What a shame.

1656 days ago


You want him to cut his hair? HOW SHALLOW! He's just lost his best friend and all you can talk about is is HAIR? OMG!

1656 days ago


I thought this was a great interview. And we don't know what the Rxs were that he had, or if they were even his. The coroner did not say when he was interviewed because he did not know what they were or who they belonged to at that point - and he actually should have kept his mouth shut. Everyone needs to wait for the autopsy & tox reports, speculation was wrong about Brittany Murphy using illegal drugs or misusing Rxs.

1656 days ago


I call on all of the media to stop trashing all of these young celebs before any toxicology reports give us solid evidence. It's getting just too sick-they are like vultures loving it. Poor Brittany Murphy and her family have had to endure this. In the end, she died of pneumonia and prescription drug that were prescribed to HER with over the counter things you and I take when we think we have a cold as she did. They trashed her for NOTHING.

1656 days ago

J C    

That hair thing was so distracting.

1656 days ago


It's time to stop giving FREE PASSES to drug addicts. They are selfish people who only think about the next fix they get and nothing about the people they use along the way: family members and friends. People who kill themselves take the easy way out and deserve no sympathy.

1656 days ago
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