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Marie Osmond -- The Show Must Go On

3/10/2010 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Marie Osmond returned to the stage the day after the funeral of her son, Michael Bryan, and dedicated her Vegas show to him.

Marie Osmond: Click to watch
At the beginning of last night's emotional show, Marie addressed the crowd by saying "The way Osmonds survive is we keep singing and that's what we want to do tonight ... I know my son would want that. He was full of love and laughter and this show is for him."

Marie held it together -- but struggled with her last line of the show after Donny sang "May God keep you in his tender care."


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Some of you people are incredibly stupid.
She accepted her lesbian daughter, why wouldn't she accept her gay son? And here's a thought, do any of you even KNOW FOR SURE he was gay? You are just parroting crap you have read elsewhere on the internet.

She does not need to grieve on YOUR timetable and in YOUR manner.

1597 days ago

shaunna whitaker    

Marie, You seem like a part of the family as we have watched you throughout the years. We also share a special bond as we join in our faith in the restored Gospel. My the Lord bless you each day as you courageously face the days ahead and continue to brighten our lives. We saw you at the Flamingo in February for our valentines gift to eachother as a couple and it was wonderful. My God bless you. Our Love, The Whitakers

1597 days ago

And thats the truth    

8. Marie, I hope you, your conscience, and your religion can live with
apparently the cause of why your son jumped to his death. You would think that as a mother you would rather have a living gay son than a dead one. What kind of mother are you? Hope you and your conscience and your religion can deal with it now.

Posted at 10:44AM on Mar 10th 2010 by poppy


Her daughter is gay and Marie does not judge her.....maybe you should take a lesson from Marie. You know nothing about the reason her son commited suicide. My guess is it has something to do with him being adopted. Maybe there was abuse and neglect before Marie adopted him, or maybe he had mental issues that were hereditary.

Maybe you should think about what you write before you write it because you sound like a complete fool.

1597 days ago


To each their own. There is no rule that says you must sit around and cry and suffer for x amount of time after a loved one passes on. I would think that it would be best to go do the things you enjoy doing and the things that will help you keep your mind off of it, if you can. It doesn't mean they are not grieving, it means they are doing something to help cope with it. No one really knows what is going on inside another person's head.

1597 days ago


Jacksons, Osmonds; it's all robotic meaningless twaddle. OK, it's time to turn on the disco mirror ball, an Osmond wants to sing! Geeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

1597 days ago


Good move Marie, why would you stop making money just because your kid was dead? Maybe if were as focused on your kid as you were on making money he would still be here.

1597 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

I don't understand it but everyone deals with grief differently. She does come from a large family and has a lot of support. I'm sure she was reaching deep within herself to tell everyone--and herself--that she's going to be strong example that you have to keep on. Im sure her son would want that.

Keep on keeping on.

1597 days ago


never ceases to amaze me about people...are there really nasty such nasty people out there. I cry for this planet and the soul less humans that inhabit it.

Well done Marie for getting back on the stage, for having the courage to do so and if I could give you a big hug right now I would.

One day you will be with Michael again and his grandparents are now looking after him, I'm sure, and if I were his parents, that would give me great comfort and the strength to continue on.

To all of you so judgemental, judge that ye be not judged!!
You really don't know anything, so you have no right to comment in such a nasty, inhuman way....

What on earth is the world like that people act this way towards each other without love or compassion, shame on you all

1597 days ago


Osmonds, pass the microphone to a person 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years YOUNGER, already.

OSMONDS have had way too many decades repeating the same old crap over and over and over again. You must think your audience is mentally deficient. Same old bits, they just keep stashing the cash.

Certainly the VEGAS stage can be filled with a talented group that could use the limelight! We all could use a break from the OSMONDS.

Time for HEALING, Marie and extended family. Use the time wisely. The decades are speeding past and soon Father Time says, "EXIT".

1597 days ago


#39 what a riduculous comparsion, John Travolta was not bound by a contract to keep a show going (and lots of crew working).Very few people can take a year off to grieve, most employers expect you back to work asap, so John Travolta is right and the rest of the world is wrong? Not. I think getting back to work, getting back to a "normal " routine is the best way to deal. Life will never be the same but Marie is on the right track. I hope all you judgemental haters never have to experience what she is going through.

1597 days ago


To those of you leaving such vile and nasty comments, remember Judge Not, lest ye be judged. Everyone shows and handles grief and hurt and different ways and if Marie's way is to dedicate her show to her son then who are you to judge her? For everyone of you who calls her vile and nasty names, look in the mirror and see if the person looking back at you is a reflection of who or what you really want to be.

1597 days ago


to completefool...................maybe he jumped to his death because he WAS adopted and neglected by another "star" want to be's easy to adopt and it is to squirt out a child.........that does not make you a mother.Sacrifice and always putting your child first IS what makes you a mother. Her ego and greed are what she is about. Who the hell care about her has been talent besides her..........really who? Too bad Michael could not have been adopted by a real mom.

1597 days ago


If I were raised mormon, I would probably commit suicide too. I can't imagine the nightmare of growing up in such a hateful religious cult surrounded by such a group of hateful people everywhere you go.

1597 days ago

mrs. jones    

I doubt the Osmonds could take more time off work--celebrities have perks but time off isn't one of them and I'm sure she feels she needs to uphold her contract. If she didn't go back to performing now, she never would. Her son was adopted and may have been pre-disposed to these problems--her other children are doing fine, sometimes it's genetic. And while I'm opposed to anti-gay religions, many gay people have survived despite disapproval from their church. A young man's life was cut short because sometimes depression is a terminal illness--no different than cancer. Have a heart. Assume the best of intentions by her return to work, not the worst.

1597 days ago
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