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Chris Brown to Fans: Please, Save Me!

3/11/2010 6:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is literally begging his fans to help keep him relevant -- and the convicted woman beater is using a recorded audio message to spread his desperate plea.

Chris Brown

Brown's message is available through -- a website in which celebrities can record messages for their fans. In the message, Brown begs his fans to help "bring me back"-- saying "a lot of radio stations aren't playing my records. They are not being that supportive and I wouldn't expect them to."

Brown goes on to say he's "a better guy now" ... but says "[My music] won't be possible if I'm not relevant on the radio."


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He is not sorry for what he did, he is sorry he got caught, his stripper prostitute girlfriend and his friends (Mijo etc) was on twitter throughing shade at the victim. The girl has moved on, yet they are still trying to abuse her, I can just imagine what she must have endured being around this selfish prick, move over bro, other artist has taken your spot.


1687 days ago


That is a lame attempt for him to do that. You may change, but it is going to take a lot of time to get back. Better be sincere in what you are doing.

Brian @

1687 days ago



Are you stupid. I would marry him but I have a husband you dumb jerk. You are just angry that your bank account does not have as many zero's as his. First of all he would not hit me or beat me, Chris brown has learned from his mistake, but it is hater's like you who would like to see a young brother suffer. Now let me picture your world. Stupid, trailer park, broke azz, hater. Now let me picture Chris world. Young, black, rich, good looking and rub elbows with the rich and famous. So who is rally suffering you dumb azz couch potato beer drinking jerk off. You are worthless not worth my comments for real. At the end of the day He is a hero and your dumb azz is a zero. Get a freaking life hater!!!

1687 days ago


1. Chris you need to properly heal yourself and gain a better perspective on what you have done?
2.Reality TV isn't always a bad idea. i.e. TI's Road to Redemption.
3.Realize that when you elude to your victim being the aggressor without full contrition then it's better left unsaid.
4.Put yourself in your victims shoes and don't run from the idea that you are someone who has beaten a woman. You are no different.
5.Don't build yourself up by watching other people tear your victim down and then join them by asking your fans to support Team Breezy. i.e. Famous Girl
6.Stay away from Ho's and anybody who isn't truthful with you.
7. Stay away from all the people who need you to pay their bills.
8.Read your bible and study the greats. i.e. Martin Luther King Jr.
9.Be patient
10. Stay away from alcohol, drugs, and false people.

1687 days ago


Hey everyone, (sorry, throwing)

You realise what he is sorry for (NOT BEING IN THE SPOT LIGHT)everyday it shows more and more, how much of a selfish prick you are, the best thing that girl has done is leave you. Now to try to be relevent you are hanging out with strippers and prostitute, yet you claim to be a church person. shame on you, the public see through all your little stunts. Chow!

1687 days ago


Chris, say you the baby daddy of Tila's fake baby. Then you can be as relevant as her. You may get a day of relevancy. LMFAO.

You are experiencing justice from the real people right now, not a judge. You are paying for it one way or another. Sweet Justice just kicking in a little, until he violates probation. It won't be too long, he can't last 5 years. That's wen the real Celebrity Justice will kick in for what he did.

1687 days ago


Finally, someone with money who has to beg.

Sorry dude, you messed up.

1687 days ago


Should have thought about this while you were beating the holy hell out of your ex girlfriend. DOUCHE BAG LOSER

1687 days ago


This guy is such a horrible person...
He needs to realize that he is no victim he is a criminal abuse of women

1687 days ago


hahahahahahahahahahahaha GOOD!

1687 days ago


He should have thought of the consequences before he put his hands on Rihanna. Dont feel sorry for Chris one bit. I deleted his songs off my I Touch . Just because he did some community service everyone should forget about the crime ? Dont think so !!

1687 days ago


Welcome to reality. Everybody is hurting. The only difference is we don't beg. We make our choices and we move on.

It is unfortunate Chris lost his mother. The conversation he had with his fans is obviously one he could have had with his Mom.

Tough as it is, Chris, you gotta man up now.

1687 days ago


Just because Chris did some community service we are supposed to forget about the Crime he commited to Rihanna ? Dont Think So !! He is getting what he deserves . I deleted his songs off my I Touch. I will not listen to any of his songs again. He is nothing but a piece of SH*T !!!!

1687 days ago


His last album sold well. In fact, it sold VERY well. So, I wouldn't say he's in danger of not being relevant. He also does NOT sound desperate in this message, AT ALL. This looks to me to be just a routine marketing ploy, saying whatever it takes to get more people to buy records, to lobby on your behalf, etc. TMZ, you just keep allowing your hatred of this man to distort your perception of events. No surprise there.

1687 days ago


boo hoo CB. You're a loser and your a big cry baby. You're nothing special because I can't tell your voice apart from Jay Shawn or any of the other acts out there.

Take your million and take the girls who are desperate enough to attach themselves to you and GO AWAY.

How could it not occur to you that WE the public don't want to hear your music and its not the radio stations that are blocking you.

1687 days ago
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