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Seinfeld on 'SNL' -- Atonement for 'Marriage Ref'

3/14/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Seinfeld dropped by "Saturday Night Live" last night in an attempt to make up for the train wreck that is "The Marriage Ref."

He was awesome -- but it's gonna take more than a three-minute "SNL" cameo to get rid of that "Ref" stench.


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Take your multi-multi-multi millions and go away. lET another generation get a shot at it.

Jerry's horse face made mega-bucks and that's not enough for "YOU" people?

You own Hollywood etc. and that's just not enough?

And A-Listers? Are you kidding me, Kelly Ripa is an A Lister?
She a Jersey kid who worked in a Soap TV show, works an hour a day at Live with Regis and Kelly, seems all but brainless.

I have to throw up at the mere mention of these jerks who always want MORE fame!!!! (and MONEY!)

1687 days ago


Paul Reiser's "Mad About You", the ensemble "Friends", Seinfeld's "Seinfeld" were all funny a decade ago, when the NYC based 30 something comedy hits finished their initial runs. Darren Star's "Sex In The City" remained fresh for a few years longer, but Kim Cattrall's "Samantha Jones" is no longer a 29 year-old-looking late 30's Advertising Executive. Even "Smith Jerrod" is pushing 40. Seinfeld needs to bail from his current BOMB and should join the Loretta Switt or Jamie Farr in performing for the Dinner Theater Crowd in Kansas City. ( )

1687 days ago


loved the Seinfeld show-still watch it sometimes in reruns

Marriage Ref so-so

actually think it would be a better daytime/afternoon show than a prime time show if they tweaked it a bit for that time instead

with daytime talk shows falling by the wayside and soap operas losing steam-maybe it's time for a change-not things like the Dating Game revamped/recycled but something new/fresh like this show may just be a ratings winner

hope they consider that for The Marriage Ref because I don't think it will last long in prime time once the novelty wears off-but it could have success in daytime

1687 days ago


What's wrong with marriage ref? It's better than watching The Bachelor that's for sure. Jerry is good clean fun!

1687 days ago


I think Sloane is on to something!

The marriage ref would be a fun afternoon show-the couples would be there in person and the panel could be a cross between popular personalities and marriage counselors -all with a great sense of humor and quick wits.

It would be quite entertaining and fun and light for those of us who work from home and want a mid afternoon break-or retirees and stay at home parents/caretakers.

THINK ABOUT IT JERRY and NBC! I think you really have something great here to work with.

1687 days ago


It is painfully obvious that Jerry Seinfeld is painfully unfunny. Without Larry David - the brains behind the Seinfeld show - he is nothing. Even George is doing late-night infomercials! Kramer is an unfunny racist, and even Elaine's "Christine" show stays on for sympathy. But Larry David's show is very funny. Even on the Seinfeld show, Jerry was not really funny - he was basically a pretentious jerk that was carried by Larry David's writing. And his wife is a gold-digger.

1687 days ago

Better Than You    

1. Jerry Seinfeld's TV show ended in 1998... 12 years ago. What success has he had since?

Posted at 10:16AM on Mar 14th 2010 by jdohe

#1 A decades worth of sold out stand up comedy dates, in 1000-5000 seat capacity theaters, at $75 a ticket.

#2. Bee Movie (written, produced by and starring Seinfeld as the main character's voice.) As of July 6, 2008, it has grossed $126,631,277 in the USA and $160,449,285 overseas for a worldwide total of $287,080,562.

Is that not good enough for you, jdohe?

1687 days ago


How embarrassing it must now to be Jerry...sure he's rich and has over 40 vehicles--but he has no Midas Comedy touch anymore---never did have it, it was David and Gelbert who were the genius behind that Show about Nothing.

I would bet he no longer will ever, ever be able to strong arm NBC into interrupting the closing Olympics (without any warning whatsoever to the viewers) and suddenly going to his new show...that was the most boneheaded move on TV since the Heidi football episode of the mid 60's.

Naw, he's done...hes rich and secure, but he will soon bear the torch Chevy Chase has held for two decades now---the unfunniest man in America.

I see too he's not real big on Charity and wealth spreading to those in need---he likes big cars and big boobs is what most have learned of him.

His features are getting more obtuse as he ages---as in he looks freaky and and strange---not funny...trim those eyebrows, lose the always seen in a suit and tie look (you're not Jack Benny) and get a voice coach.

1687 days ago


Wait. I like the marraige ref. Is something wrong with me?

No i like the show too..

1687 days ago


Really Jerry, really?
The marriage ref not funny at all, really.

1687 days ago


The Marriage Ref would lose today up against reruns of the Newlywed Game show from the 60's. As a matter a fact if would lose to reruns of My Mother the Car from the 50's or 60's!

The Marriage Ref is LAME. So just stop Jerry. You will never have the success of Seinfeld show again.

1687 days ago


I watched one episode of the marriage ref, actually only 10 minutes, and I hated it. It was the one with Larry David. He was rude, insulting and completely anti-marriage.

1687 days ago


The SNL bit was funny...AND so is the Marriage Ref. I've seen couples argue over similar situations like those on the Marriage Ref. At least the Marriage Ref allows people to laugh at themselves instead of fighting. Also, maybe married people relate more to the show than single people. TMZ, you are always so negative!

1687 days ago


The show was ok the problem (well for me anyway) that I saw was the host. He may be a good comedian, however, he wasn't good in that show. It was sort of dry and he seems to be reciting from a script or to that effect whenever he speaks. There was just something missing from the way he hosted the show.

1687 days ago

No Comment    

Love the Marriage Ref! It's great for a laugh.

1687 days ago
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