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Axl Rose Takes Bottle Rocket During Concert

3/17/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose was so pissed this weekend during a concert he almost walked off stage -- after being pelted with a water bottle.

It all went down in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when someone in the audience launched a liquid filled plastic projectile at Rose during the opening number.

Axl was ticked and stopped the show while screaming "You wanna f**k up the show for everybody? You wanna f**k with me and my boys? We will leave."

They didn't -- and the show continued moments later.


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Axl was right.

1617 days ago


See, that's maturity for you - 20 years ago, Axl would have just walk out the stage and be done with it. But now he stick around and finish his set.

Good for you, Axl.

1617 days ago


ROFLMAO!!!!! ;oP

1617 days ago


@Whamo: Chinese Democracy has been out for almost A FULL YEAR now. Get with the times, or give up commenting. It's bad enough when your comment is stupid, and it's even worse when YOU ARE COMPLETELY WRONG.

If there's any such thing as "too dumb to post," you fit the bill.

1617 days ago


Quit crying Axl.

Karma is a bitch, why else would a tornado nearly wipe out your stage?

1617 days ago

Frag The Paps    

I was at a Van Halen concert in 1983 and some beatoff threw an M80 on stage right next to Dave. Dave stopped the show just like Axl, and the crowd grabbed the guy and beat the piss out of him. they carried that dude out on a stretcher. It was scary when it happened, but now I look back and think the guy totally deserved all of the elbows I saw flying.

1617 days ago


Jesus! Why can't it be a hot steamy turd or knife.

1617 days ago


First Axl is an a8&^hole. I have seen behind the music for Metallica. James Hetfield was injured during pyro at a concert where Metallica and GnR were at. It is understandable for Metallica had to cancel their part of the concert. But Axl acted like a*#%hole and refused get on staged. People who paid money to see a concert. Note* Metallica did return for a rain-checked concert when James was hurt, he had his guitar tech to play his part while he sung all band's songs - class act. I like GnR music. He ruin his band though causing all original members leave the band. I have heard the latest cd... it has one good song. GnR will never be like it was in early '90's.

1617 days ago


He's such an arrogant ass, he breeds this type of reaction.

1617 days ago

Dumb Surfer Guy on TMZ    

Now that's what you call washed up!!!

1617 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

" and my boys..." Ha ha ha! Baby. He needs a whole posse to defend himself against a water bottle.

1617 days ago


karma is a bitch - that's what he gets for spitting on girls in his heyday - what goes around comes around; couldn't have happened to a nicer dude!

1617 days ago

James Woods    


1617 days ago


I'm gonnna go with the majority and say Axyl is a big baby. DUH! You think maybe you might get hit with a bottle someday? I'm gonna go to a concert of his just to throw a bottle of p!ss in his face to give his a@@ something to whine about!! lol

1617 days ago


Axl did the right one has a right to throw garbage at anyone. I hope they threw out the prick in the audience.

1617 days ago
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