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Axl Rose Takes Bottle Rocket During Concert

3/17/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose was so pissed this weekend during a concert he almost walked off stage -- after being pelted with a water bottle.

It all went down in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when someone in the audience launched a liquid filled plastic projectile at Rose during the opening number.

Axl was ticked and stopped the show while screaming "You wanna f**k up the show for everybody? You wanna f**k with me and my boys? We will leave."

They didn't -- and the show continued moments later.


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I love all these people who think Axl singlehandedly destroyed the old band. It takes two to tango, jackasses, and Slash is just as full of himself as Axl. Get the f*ck over it.

As for this incident, as someone else said, its a safety issue, morons. He didn't storm off stage, so shut the f*ck up. If you don't like the music, why waste your money on the ticket? The amount of idiots in this world kills me...

1678 days ago

Pablo Alleycorn    

Stinky F***ing sh**hole country Brazil. Keep him there! I would rather be almost anywhere than at that show.

Puff Daddy, Puffy, P Ditty, Sean John, big teef gigger!

Viva Argentina!!!!!!!!!

1678 days ago


the audience says much more bad words than axl ahahahahaha
vai toma no cu

1677 days ago


i don't blame him for being pissed i would be too, that's disrespectful. i love Axl!

1677 days ago

john erotten    

it's a shame that bottle of water did'nt hit axel right in the nuts,but since the target is so little,there was really no chance of it!he is his own worst enemy.he had a chance to be up there with the tylers,mercurys,jaggers,or plants of the rock n roll world,but he just pissed it all away like a two year old!

1617 days ago



he's truly an amazing person
the fans no the rules NO THROWING
everyone knows ax will walk off but
some how there is always one **** in the
audience that throws stuff on stage
the fans no the rules
and its there fault if GNR walks off
this is just my opinion


1617 days ago

john erotten    

it is ignorant to throw things,but if axl gets hit,he's such a huge prick he deserves it!

1616 days ago


Axl is a god. Still the be frontman today. Best albumn in the last 10 years. Axl should have pissed on everyone in the front then walked off the stage. F em all

1616 days ago


it might have just been a joke. i dont condone anyone intentionally trying to hurt the performers, but axl long ago established himself as a candyass. think how much more successful he would be if he just quit whining and being full of himself and sang. i once saw video of an aerosmith concert where steven tyler tossed his water bottle to someone in a crowd and they threw it back to him and he just kept on singing as if it was nothing, and nothing came from it.

1610 days ago

Dan Kemp    

Wow, Axl and his boys will Leave.(-dk

1605 days ago

Pedro R.    

to those of you who that this is not GnR, i totally agree...the real GnR ended when steven got the boot and was totally defunct when izzy left...nothing good came out after izzy left...and, true fans KNOW this is the case...they also know that izzy was the unsung hero of GnR and that Steven Adler was an important part of the group as well...Slash even notes in his autobiography that the reason why Appetite was such a tight album was because of Steven's playing...Axl was a good front-man for the original line-up, but not any longer...he is now only the frontman of the greatest GnR cover band ever.

1598 days ago


I think Rose did well here. He didn't ignore something that is absolutely uncalled for, and he controlled his own temper and didn't dive into the crowd lie he has in the past. I want to know what the heck some other person meant by "what Axle did to his fans"? did Rose ever throw **** at his fans? Did Rose try deliberately to hurt his fans? G-N-R self destructed, and it wasn't all the fault of Rose. They all contributed to their own demise in the past. It's good to see Axle back, and even better to listen to Velvet Revolver songs!

1536 days ago


he takes alot of **** from the world love em for it <3 for people who leave nasty comments what if that was you? if one truly appreciates talent and an artist you would learn to accept the growth of an artist even if its not in you comfort zone

1521 days ago


What's the security doing?????? Are they paid for nothing???????

1479 days ago
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