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Corey Feldman -- The Ink Explanation

3/18/2010 1:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Feldman's new Corey Haim/hot air balloon/floating eyes tattoo is definitely out there -- so we'll just let him be the one to try and explain it.

Corey Feldman: Click to watch


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this washed up has been is just trying to grab another 10 min of fame...on the back of his dead friend. what a pathetic excuse for a human being feldman is!!!!
the media didnt cover haims funeral in canada because it wasnt worthy of the news. how funny is it that feldman actually thinks he graced that funeral with his presence that all the media would be there to film the great feldman.
corey feldman cares only about corey feldman! that is the reality as to why he didnt attend haims funeral. there was nothing for feldman to gain in he didnt go. it's that simple.

1679 days ago

Cest Moi    

Did we all just watch the same video footage?!

Feldman said he wanted to cover up an old coverup of his ex wife's name.

Many people put their kids names on themselves - they dont have to be dead! And kids names are always better than partners . . .

It sounded to me like the tattoo was going to happen anyway, since he didn't like what was on his arm, and it was only a matter of time before he got what was there covered up.

Since Corey Haim was his son's godfather, and since the guy just DIED, it stands to reason that he would want to make a tribute to his friend. He didnt plaster "COREY HAIM" all over his body, for goodness sake! He put a code, a number that has special meaning to him. Who cares what the 222 meant? The significance is between the Corey's, and them alone.

And C'mon, the whole "Corey is in heaven now and watching over my son from there" is kinda obvious, no? I dont think the tattoo was meant to suggest his kid was on his way there, too!

Just sayin'!

1679 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Ok this is the way I see it.. Michael Jackson dies.. this classless fool goes to the Staples memorial.. DRESSED AS MICHAEL... VERY TASTELESS!! Then After the second private funeral.. HE DANCES IN THE STREET LIKE MICHAEL just to get the paps attention.... SICK!!! Now supposedly his BFF dies and he has to get a special tatoo and walks out side just as the paps walk up... Accidental... I think not... He is nothing more then a fame whore and looking to use ANYONES name to get it... He may be planning a suposed big public deal for Haim.. but lets face it... Hailm wasnt Jackson.. never could be... wasnt Faucet... not even Swayze... WHO is really going to go... who will really pay attention..? I realize there are people who loved Haim as a child actor.. I know I did, but the reality is this... NO ONE WILL PAY ANY ATTENTION!!! His career washed up, he loved his drugs more then his own life, and dont give me the He Was Abused or whatever.. that one doesnt work as I know of many people who had crappy childhoods... and THEY are well adjusted Adults, they surely do not use or even need drugs... If these and countless other adults can move on with their lives and be healthy and happy... so could Haim he just chose NOT to... It was a sad progression to see.. but it was HIS choice, No one forced drugs into his system... he did it to him self and the only one to feel sorry for is his Mother ( Mrs. Haim ) as she now has to live with the memory of her sons birth and death... Think about that... Feldman is just a creaton.. I used to like him but now I cant stand him.. He makes me sick!! So when does he start dressing like Lucas?? Just wondering.... Im so Sick of all the fame whores... He and Jermaine Jackson should live together!! IGTH!!! I'm DONE!!

1679 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Another day where Corey Feldman makes the news. Didn't make the funeral because he wanted to "avoid the press" yet he does a photo shoot and interview about getting a tattoo? Ummm, ok.

1679 days ago


COREY, Go home and raise your son Zen to not be like you!! and get a grip!! your time in the sun has ended! you are a loser 45 year old MESS!

1679 days ago


Too bad Feldman is not the one 6 feet under, what a freaking waste of flesh. Do us a favor Feldman and eat a bullet. Even on one of Haim's bad days, you would never be even as close to a good person as he was, you piece of crap. Just end it all and kill yourself, please......

1679 days ago


He is on something.

1679 days ago


Is he high or just drunk??? Did anybody understand a word? Is his son dead? If not, why does he need to go up towards the clouds? BTW, that is an ugly-looking tattoo, I mean, the hot air balloon, the clouds, the eyes (OMG the eyes) and of course the numbers! And to top all these, it's finally going to be blue??? OMG OMG OMG

1679 days ago


How exactly did the reporter know where to find him???? He is not really doing a good job trying to avoid the press... He should go home and sober up!!! And maybe forget about the blue color he wants to add to the clouds, not a good idea dude

1679 days ago


I agree with this person's quote.. I'm disgusted and ashamed.
He said he didn't go because of too much press? PULEEEZW
"This guy is a pathetic attention whore. He's obviously using the death of Haim as a way to get publicity; he didn't even have enough love for his "best friend" to attend his funeral. That says it all. Corey Feldman is a douche bag."

1679 days ago
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