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Joan Jett vs. Cherie Currie

Who'd You Rather?

3/18/2010 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Runaways members Joan Jett, 51, and Cherie Currie, 50, reunited in NYC on Wednesday.

Joan Jett and Cherie Currie
Question is ...


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The Admiral    

The question is, where's Lita Ford? WHY WON'T ANYONE MENTION LITA FORD?

1681 days ago


Both are very good.

1561 days ago


I think both women are great and down to Earth and have both been through a lot and are living proof you can survive anything. Thank you so much Cherie for sharing your story. Having and living with chronic clinical depression your story inspires me, knowing I am a strong woman and can survive anything and continue with my life no matter what. WOMEN RULE! They really do. As a singer/musician myself music gets me through everything. It's what keeps me going. So also A HUGE TY to Joan for prooving girls can do w/e they want and are the most awesome singers/songwriters/musicians. Joan I love you for not giving up and keeping your dreams alive. You will always be my fav HOT N SEXY ROCK CHICK AND GODMOTHER OF ROCK N ROLL YOU SEXY BITCH! lol. I LOVE YOU! I really do. You sing/play/rock just as hard if not harder as you did back then with the Runaways and then when you started J.J. and the Blackhearts. You still got it and more. I would be so honored to meet you Joan. I would be honored to meet Cherie too. Thats for sure. Even though I am not famous myself I can still really relate to most topics in her updated version of her book and reading that makes me be proud to be a woman. Runaways movie was incredible too. Bought the DVD and absolutely love it! Oh and for a woman who can do chainsaw art like she does that is unbelieveable! You ROCK 2 CHERIE! FOR SURE! I would love to see you and Joan get together and make an album, maybe a duet of Runaways songs redone and maybe even more written and performed material or songs on the album and then tour across North America for a bit. THAT WOULD BE THE BEST THING EVER! As for chosing 1 over the other, thats just not a choice for me. I am bisexual but believe in staying faithful to the one gender who is also faithful to me and have a long term relationship, but HELL I'LL BE HONEST! I AM ONLY 25 AND IT WOULD BE AN HONOR TO DATE OR EVEN SLEEP WITH EITHER ONE (no I'm not a slut , hey, ya know what I mean, look how gorgeous these 2 ladies are.) THEY ARE HOTTER THAN HELL! and will always remain that way to me. HEY CHERIE AND JOAN IF YOU ARE READING THIS: you have both inspired me and helped me cope with my chronic clinical depression and have inspired me to have better self esteem, to love myself, to feel sexy and be attractive and love myself on the inside and out for all my qualities, and not be afraid of what turns me on and my sexuality and have inspired me to not stop song writing, playing, or singing. You both also make me feel so damn proud to be born a woman. I don't complain anymore about periods ... or not as much. lol. You both make me feel proud to have my period all year around and make me feel proud to have curves and big lovely silky breasts and I feel like a soldier when I put on that damn bra everyday! I am woman and am sexy and feel proud to be. Ty to the both of you. Really. Ty Cherie for sharing your stories and being the down to Earth loveable person you are because it inspires me to not give up and that I can survive anything. You are also an awesome chainsaw artist and an awesome singer. Don't give your talents up. MAN YA SURE KNOW HOW TO WORK WITH YOUR AMZING HANDS AND I LOVE THAT POWERFUL VOICE OF YOURS! You are so beautiful on the inside and out :D Joan, keep on rocking. I NEED TO MEET YOU SOMEDAY! You inspire me to keep playing and singing and rocking and make me feel so proud to be born a woman. You have worked so hard and deffinitely deserve to be where you are today and deserve so much more. You will always stay hot, sexy, gorgeous, and beautiful on the inside and out. FOR SURE! :) :D

I love both of you and have so much respect for both of you and will hopefully one day get to meet both of you, especially my idol since I was three years old! lol. haha. Joan Jett, you were always a great inspiration to me. I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU BOTH CHERIE CURRIE AND JOAN JETT!

Lots of love,

1452 days ago


i love both! but if i had to choose it would deffinately be joan (im 20).

1448 days ago


Cherie Currie is the most arrogant stuck up woman I have ever met. When she played with Sandy Wesy and stuff before Sandy passed away I asked for her autograph and a hug and wanted a picture taken and began telling her how much her book and music has helped me. She ignored me and went over to her sister and they both talked to a bunch of guys. Marie was very stuck up 2. So I left with nothing. Never wven got to met Cherie Currie Oh and btw she has lost weight for the whole "The Runaways" come back and must have had a lot of plastic surgery. Close up that bitch looked 70 and she must have lost weight now that shes in the spotlight again. She must have gained over 50 lbs or more and now she got fake tits, a face lift, liposuction everywhere with a fake smile to match. She doesn't give a **** about her fans. Phoniest and most uncompassionate celeb I ever met. She'll use and spread her legs for anybody to get famous AGAIN.

Joan got no compassion or sympathy or feelings or emotions and is just raw and money hungry like her manager. She doesn't care about her fans neither. She'll just be phoney like Cherie and jump in a random photo or sign random autographs on occasion to make it look good and make it look like she cares about her fans. Her and Cherie used each other sexually and financially. The two of them are washed up has beens like Lita Ford. Dykes! At leat Sandy had a heart. R.I.P. luv, and at least Jackie went on to be a successful lawyer, not pretend to be something she's not, a celeb who doesn't care about their fans. The other 3 would spread their legs for anybody as long as it made them look like good celebs! SLUTTY, SLUTTY, SLUTTY! DYKES!

1439 days ago


joanieee Duh

1366 days ago


I would definitely be the ham in that sandwich...

986 days ago
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