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Joslyn James: This Is the Real Tiger Woods

3/18/2010 4:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joslyn James -- former porn star and alleged Tiger Woods mistress -- says she published the infamous texts because there's a lot of BS floating around ... and she wants to show the world who Tiger really is.

Joslyn James: This Is the Real Tiger Woods

Joslyn went on the "Keeler in the Morning" radio show in upstate New York today -- and said she created her website so the truth could come out and Tiger could take responsibility for his actions.

According to Joslyn -- there's more to come.


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1644 days ago


This is getting too out of hand. Enough is enough already from Joslyn James or Veronika who ever...You've made your point, you've come out and announced your affair with Tiger Woods, you've stated how many times you've had sexual encounters with him, but do you really need to go out now and quote exotic and personal text messages you've received from him? You've got what you so desperately wanted, the fame and the attention. I'm guessing this is what you've been after, considering you've made the choice of becoming a porn star(something to be very proud of at that). What kind of person are you? It's selfish people like this who toxic our everyday life. Do you have no conscience? Do you truly enjoy kicking a person when he's down and helpless? Again, what kind of person are you? Oh yeah I forgot, your that no-name, sad, lonely, porn-star. Now I'm not saying that what Tiger Woods did was right, and I'm sure he did hurt you, along with his wife and family. And in a way he was selfish and wrong for what he did, but you don't see him lashing out at you to the public. All and all, people make mistakes, and this whole Tiger Woods Affair Saga is getting old. I admit, at first, I was a bit engaged, but it was hard not too be with amount of media coverage it brought, understandably. But let's face it, I'm sure I'm not the only one when I say this but, here's what I feel. He made a mistake(like everyone has), admitted he made a mistake, and is now making a true effort to make an attempt to better himself and fix things, lets move on. What more can you ask out of the guy? This whole saga is getting old, and frankly its beginning to be a bit frustrating hearing more and more about it. He had an affair, he screwed up, I wish it would end at that. But no, we now have to hear about explicit text messages he sent. What's next? It doesn't matter...I DON'T CARE. And for the people who do care about this garbage---your what I call pathetic. All and all, please just stop, and save yourself, if any, judging by your career choice, some bit of dignity. I hope Tiger can get through this and move on, and I wish the best for him and his family.

1644 days ago


Romy, you are under the false impression and revisionist thinking that 'marriage and family image' is the reason why Tiger's a world wide phenom.

Tiger's been married for about 5 years. He's been a phenom since he was 2 years old. He was a multi-millionaire before he even played as a pro.

He won 3 consecutive Junior US Amateur titles at the ages of 15,16, and 17. He then won 3 consecutive US Amateur titles at 18, 19, and 20. He won the NCAA (college) individual championship at 20 and THE Masters at 21. He won 8 major titles before you even knew who Elin was.

What we've just witnessed is the type of flame out you see from someone who has been micro-managed for much of his life (what color shirt to wear, what tournaments to play, what to say, what not to say, etc).

He was a miserable man looking for an out. That's why his behavior became increasingly risky and reckless.

Knowing people like Tiger (pushed extremely hard as a youngster), his greatest discontent is in the people he let down that manage him because he's been raised to please. So how does a guy who was wired in this manner get back on track, by winning.

He won't admit it now because he's still in his prime golfing career years, but maybe 30 years from now he will. But just read Agassi's book for some insight. Same career arc.

1644 days ago


this girl is a flithy Pig.. who really cares what tiger is into in his private time.. that doesn't make his golf any better or worse. you can tell this porno star is just looking for her 15 minutes of fame( oh you can check it out on my site) I can't believe TMZ is giving it to her...... BAD TASTE...She is freakin Gross what a.... I just can;t even....

1644 days ago

Trooper Tom    

This slut is a joke she wants an appology LMFAO this whore knew he was a married man but she was still spreadin her over used star fish, and looking at ths skank Tiger has no taste at all I guess any port will do. This whore thinks if she keeps embarrasing him her payday will arrive, lets hope Tiger and his handlers hang tough and tell the ho to go back to being a fluffer

1644 days ago


STOP giving these ho/skanks media attention. She is used up trash. She chose the life of a porn star...sorry he's not leaving his wife for you and never loved you dumb dumb.

I'm sick of these side pieces expecting sympathy. They are the WORST KIND OF WOMEN and Tiger is the WORST kind of human to do that to his family.

1644 days ago


If you want a definition of the word misogyny, all you have to do is read this pig sty of a thread. Here you find years of people's private pent-up sexual frustrations finding an outlet in lusty attacks on someone TW was piggish to in the first place. What would those people do without the word "whore"? They'd choke on their own anger.

I take it the haters consist of both women-hating men who didn't get their way with some girl in the past, and self-hating women with unsolved personal problems. It's safe to hate a porn star, instead of dealing with dealing with your own private traumas.

1644 days ago


well, well,well, Gloria AllGhetto is at work again. pimping women for money. she should go try a case like any lawyer would do to get paid than looking for easy pay. and for the scank, Tiger is done and we all have heard the story. the pay day is over. blackmail aint going to work. publish some more and keep fooling yourself it would hurt him. you cant do anymore damage. take your uglyself and go do some porn.

1644 days ago

you just don't get it    

to AB

Thank you Dr. Seuss.

1644 days ago


The tv Host Jane Velez-Mitchell had this woman on her show tonight--"Issues." Jane pointed out that this woman never really included her own texts to Tiger--only HIS!. "Issues" could not even repeat the texts because they were so graphic.

1644 days ago


I guess she didn't get the payout that she thought she would get with Gloria standing by her side. Joslyn the world is over the whole Tiger thing, move on. You ain't getting any coin from this story now. You knew who you were getting involved with, you knew the score. Now your a sore loser ! Get over it !

1644 days ago


AC: Glad you found it useful.

1644 days ago


Full text including her comments here:

1644 days ago


I'm at the point that if I even hear the word Tiger I fast foward or switch channels. The media is under the impression that we are still interested in this story and we are not ! We have short attention spans we need a new face to a new story and now we have it. Thanks Jesse James for ruining the best year Sandra has ever had in her by sleeping with a tattoo pig......I think Sandra is a walk away and don't look back kind of girl !

1644 days ago


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. This isn't rocket science. This woman fell in love with a man who only wanted her for sex. Oh and I'm definitely not a Woods fan. He behaved like a whore and she did too.. duhhh

1644 days ago
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