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Sandra & Jesse -- Affair Allegations on Aisle 4

3/18/2010 6:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James still looked like a happy couple last weekend when they made an appearance at Walmart's corporate office in Arkansas to push the DVD release of "The Blind Side."

Sandra Bullock

We're told Sandra -- on stage Saturday with Jesse and Walmart president Mike Duke -- was in a great mood as she talked about the movie and her Oscar win.


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Amazing! Such thoughtful comments coming from the peanut gallery..especially when none of you have ever even met Sandra or Jessie.

1648 days ago


NEVER SAY ANYTHING TO, OR DO ANYTHING WITH A WOMAN THAT YOU DON'T WANT A JUDGE, JURY, YOUR WIFE OR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO HEAR ABOUT. IF IT'S BAD, WHATEVER YOU SAY OR DO WITH THEM UNDER THE COVER OF DARKNESS WILL REAR ITS' UGLY HEAD IN THE LIGHT OF DAY. Women don't forget anything......especially something that they KNOW they can hold over your head. PILLOW TALK IS YOUR ENEMY. When a woman says "penny for your thoughts" she's actually talking dollars for your thoughts. Just ask Tiger and Kobi.

1648 days ago


Now Sandra has to go get tested for STD's cause that girl that Jesse screwed is a skank!Poor Sandy, you're too good for Jesse

1648 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

Walmart? Talk about whores.

1648 days ago



1648 days ago


Walmart has been in the news also...For asking Black people to leave the store. My heart goes out to Sandra... Read more

1648 days ago


She is a great, talented woman!!!!

1648 days ago


Sandy..DROP THIS LOSER! We all knew it couldn't last. HERE'S WHY. A guy, Jesse, who was married to a drug addict slut whore, PORNO freak, who has tattoos ALL OVER HER BODY..and I mean down her neck, EVERYWHERE is obviously attracted to that type of LOW CLASS, white trash nastiness. Sandra is PURE, sweet, nice, warm and wonderful! So naturally he woudl fall back into his disgusting desire to sleep with skank-h0. This is not a case of simple cheating..Sandy cannot satisfy his need for GROSSNESS so for that reason alone 9along with about 100 others) she truly needs to LOSE him..and fast. he had allot of balls to deceive her when she is nice enough to help raise his three from his x-porno wife. KARMA Jesse...Karma honey.

1648 days ago


We all do things we regret later. Women are just as bad as men when it comes to cheating... Guys just don't get their rocks off from busting women and breaking up families...

1648 days ago


What's wrong with the sluts of today, they can manage to keep their vaginas wide open, yet can't seem to keep their filthy little mouths shut. Like in the old days.

They're going to end up ruining business, for the sluts that can keep their traps shut.

Fellas, if you are going to so called cheat, on your so called significant other, word to the wise, get with an Asian. These females know how to keep a secret, and know their purpose.

Furthermore, and this goes out specifically and only to men of means, which excludes most of the men reading this post.

Why is it that when you have been given the keys to the entire candy store, would you even consider picking just one piece of candy?
Until the day you die for god's sake. Why???

Don't do the marriage thing, you will live to regret it, but most of all live to pay, $$$ dearly.

Marriage is for the poor, and for middle class commoners, not for the wealthy, and especially not for the wealthy and famous, unless you have a mutual agreement, that allows you to have plenty of slack on your leash.

Variety is always going to be the sweetest spice, of all spices.

And no one woman can ever compete with this fact, no matter how sweet that one woman's spice.

End of story
Once again......Artofwar

1648 days ago


sandra had a REAL, hnot fake pic of her in an orgy, up till 5 months ago on the web.

mysteriously, it was pulled, leaving only visibly fake sex pics of her on now.
she is NOT an angel, and i'm surprised none of the tabloids, or tmc ever brought attent to this real orgy pic (sandra & 3 well endowed black men)

1648 days ago



this is what happens when you marry/date a 'bad boy'!

Score 1 for us nice guys!!! (ps-she's NOT america's sweetheart!)

Sandra deserves everything she's getting, as she proved 100% as ditzy as her roles by marrying this guy! He was married to a porn star, does nothing but ride motorcycles, (eg-just sex & bikes, reliable/decent did she think he'd be?).

i lost respect when she started dating the creep, (she did the typical womenly thiing, & said she wasn't attracted to him at first, & even said no for months, before giving in/dating, & marrying him.
Bet she'll take him back, but it'll eventually gto divorce.

1648 days ago


when are men going to learn, was he off the planet when Tiger the tit was getting screwed by the media for his indescretions, so basically the whole happy happy at the Oscars was an ACT this is why they call them actors pretty good if you ask me. I feel for Sandra. Men are dirt they can never be trusted, if you have something so great why would you screw it for a tatooted slut. Has anyone seen pics this this skank? Jesse you F*&ked up my boy! back to eating Cisco hamburgers lol..

1648 days ago


HELLO? Dude was previously married to a PORN "STAR", for God's sake! What did Sandra expect...a church deacon?? She wanted a biker bad boy...she got exactly what she bargined for. Her 'husband' goes for a tated up slut (although, she does have a nice set of DDs on her). Now that's low.

1648 days ago


Everyone is so mean about Sandra. Well, first off she has never been able to trust a man until she met Jesse. He has a sweet charming soul but an evil dark side as well. He gained her trust only to destroy her and now she has to pick up the pieces and move on. She is a very wealthy woman and doesnt need his pennies he would have to offer her. Her income succeds his by the millions. She is beautiful, more beautiful than he could ever deserve. If she forgives him and takes him back I will be bummed out. Let him go Sandy and move on.

1648 days ago
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