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Sandra & Jesse -- Affair Allegations on Aisle 4

3/18/2010 6:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James still looked like a happy couple last weekend when they made an appearance at Walmart's corporate office in Arkansas to push the DVD release of "The Blind Side."

Sandra Bullock

We're told Sandra -- on stage Saturday with Jesse and Walmart president Mike Duke -- was in a great mood as she talked about the movie and her Oscar win.


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Nice girl marries man who's ex-wife was a porn star and now said man is screwing around. Who would've guessed?

It all comes back to the bad boy attraction. All these ditzy chicks want the bad boy and once they get him they expect him to behave like a choir boy. Newsflash Sandra!! It doesn't matter who YOU are, HE is still the guy who married the pornstar!!

1644 days ago


What is with these white side-whores not knowing their place. At least the black jumpoff's know how to keep their mouths shut and collect their checks when they're screwing someone else's husband. First John Edward's skank posing in a magazine and now here come's Jesse's little tramp. What's this world coming to?

1644 days ago


He had an 11 month affair with that ugly tattooed skank and didn't think his wife would find out about it. Not only does he have 3 kids who are experiencing a wholesome homelife for the first time, he had a beautiful wife he's embarrassed on a global scale right after she wins her firs Oscar.

There are millions of men who dream of sleeping next to Sandra Bullock every night and have her be the stepmother of their kids. He gets the opportunity of a lifetime and this is how he repays her? I hope that tatoo chick was worth it.

1644 days ago


I am just amazed at this man's stupidity, selfishness, and immaturity. I don't understand how he (or anyone) could not think through the consequences of his actions. Cheating always makes a situation much, much worse.

A woman WILL find out if her husband is cheating on her and when she does she will be FURIOUS! I don't know how any woman could stay with a man after that. My aunt's first husband was unable to keep his pants zipped and she kicked him to the curb right away.

In Jesse and Sandra's case, she had grown really close to his daughter. I feel really bad for her now, with no real mother figure in her life because of this fool.

1644 days ago

J Byrd    

Team Sandra!!! She rocks as an actress, did y'all see "Murder By Numbers?" This movie was 10 times better than "Blind Side." In fact I think it's her best movie ever. As far as Jesse is concerned, she deserves a really decent man in her life. She's turned into a classy, nice woman and superb actress.
We're on your side Sandra!!
Team SANDRA!!!!

1644 days ago


Wonder how Jesse is going to explain to his 3 kids how he messed up a wonderful marriage to an international beautiful movie star by breaking her heart & running around with a tattoo tranny looking ho. Wonder if his ho will be able to fill Sandra Bullock's shoes and take over as a responsible role model and loving stepmom who happens to be a multi-millionaire in her own right. Probably not because tattoo ho is only known for tramping herself around Hollywood and posing for low budget photos in tatoo magazines.

1644 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

ANOTHER reason to hate Sandra - real Americans wouldn't set foot into a Walmart much less visit their corporate heart of darkness. She has no character, just wants to shill her crappy movie.
No wonder Jesse looked elsewhere.

1644 days ago


Sorry but finding it hard to feel sorry for Sandra. The warning signs were all there but she chose to ignore them. Never ceases to amaze me how as women we allow ourselves to be sucked
into a man's agenda to destroy his ex wife by taking away her child. So what if his ex wife was a porn star, he knew what sort of woman she was when he was having children with her. Any man who can be that ruthless and heartless cannot and should not be trusted. He used Sandra and she went along with playing Mummy to his kids, now look at how he repays her - by cheating on her. Lasting lesson - Ladies please have your own kids and don't get involved in his war with his ex. It is only a matter of time before he turns on you once he has defeated his ex.

1644 days ago


jesse james is low life, i hope sandra bullock did not chase any diseases from him, what a sleaze; poor sandra bullock, she did not have a clue; so while she is filming for 11 months, this jerk is cheating on her; i hope she never takes this sleaze back; and she found for him to have custody of his children; sandra should keep them and he can go back to the pigs where he belongs.

1644 days ago


Sandra, when you say Jesse is your rock, has my back you have placed him on a pedistal where no person should ever be, that doe snot excuse his behavior just a warning to you, don't ever do that again. Sandra, you are who God made you, you are not defined by your handlers, the awards, the accolades and all the hype, you are a person, a humna being first and foremost, you do not need a person to define you or help you condone that person who is make believe. The actors, rich and famous that really have it together, know who they are first and foremost, they have identity and that identity is all tied up in God their real Father and His Son Jesus Christ. We can try as we might to look all over for who we are, let people, movies, money and things define us, boil it all down to its essence, we are who God made, not man made.

1644 days ago


Duh..Shes an actress

1643 days ago

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