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Tiger's Alleged Mistress -- Graphic Texts

3/18/2010 3:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The text messages one of Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses allegedly received from the golfer are extremely graphic, TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Joslyn James will release more than 100 text messages she claims Tiger sent her while they allegedly carried on ... the texts are pretty shocking.

And James will post other things, such as room keys from Las Vegas hotels with a Tiger image on them.

The stuff will be posted on at 11:00 AM ET.


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I can't say it the way I want I'm going to keep it at clean as possible. DOESN'T SHE HAVE SOME ORAL SEX (ON A MAN) TO PERFORM SOMEWHERE?

1645 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

Why oh why do you keep reporting about this whore ????
Elin's been through enough humiliation and pain for the rest of her life don't you think ? Have you ever thought that one day her kids will be able to read this crap ??
For God's sake ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep your mouth shut and GO TO HELL !!!
TMZ you are not worth than this slut... Pathetic and beyond disgusting.

1645 days ago


Good! Perfect time for more embarrassment! Nothing like a ho scorned. He deseves it!!

1645 days ago

Rene Defourneaux    

I wonder if she waxes it.

1645 days ago


I’m sorry, but this trick is ONLY trying to become famous for being a skanky mistress. She isn’t even a proper gold-digging skank! You’re not supposed to release details, just get the sexual “high” of banging some famous dude, maybe get some cash or gifts and move on. Yes, once it all blows up in the guys face and he’s a public figure, you may as well admit to the affair, but you’re not supposed to add to the hurt of his wife and kids with texts and sordid details when the man is trying to right his life and get therapy to fix his moral issues. WE KNOW ALREADY! TIGER IS A MANWHORE! WHAT’S NEW?

This fake-crying, 15-minutes-long-overdue trollop is who Gloria Allred is really trying to make into some victim? Give me a break. If you met Tiger at a bar and wasn’t sure he was single, you very well Googled him the next day. You know very well someone like him is not leaving his wife for a porn star! Come on! He is not the only famous person this hooker has banged, just the richest. Don’t even try to act all high and mighty. He’s a slut and so are you. End of story. This release is to keep your name and Gloria Allred in the news when no one sides with you for being the other woman. She is just as dirty as Tiger, Tiger moreso because he was the married one. But she is still dirty. I bet a year from now she’ll release a little more just to be seen again on TMZ and the other sites. We know her plans.

What’s with this “the true Tiger business“? Unless she has a text where he admits to chopping up a station wagon full of innocent people on a lonely road like in some horror film, her texts mean squat! We aren’t uneducated dodo heads who can’t figure out how raunchy texts between a porn heifer and a cheating man will be. Duh! Why not just say why you really are releasing them since we already know very well that Tiger was skanking it up behind Elin’s back with a truckload of dirty. Show YOUR true colors and say you are releasing them to stay relevant, get a book deal, and maybe some movie roles because we all know the texts won’t say anything shocking. We all know they’ll be sexually charged because……hello!…..he was cheating!!!!!! Yes he’s going to tell you where he’d like to stick it. This isn’t the “true” Tiger, this is the cheating side of Tiger. Get a clue, lady. Give us some truth we don’t know.

I have lost all respect for Gloria Allred. Who cares if she quit porn, no one knew her to begin with and I’m sure she’d be welcomed back with open thighs……..I mean open arms.

1645 days ago


its more woods fault, now this woman needs to let it go, she knew he was married, even if he says he was leaving his wife, he was still married at the time, its clear this woman is hurt, and if all this is true, maybe he should call her and apologize with his rehab counselor and wife listening in on another line, if he told this woman he loved her and was going to leave his wife and marry her than he should apologize to her, regardless if she was/is a porn star or not it doesnt matter, women and men alike know how it is to be lied to, it doesnt feel good

1645 days ago


This is sounding like the Anna Nicole baby testing already...I got a T-Shirt shirt with a Tiger on it,

1645 days ago


She's not only a wh-re, she's a fame wh-re

1645 days ago


Get the hell over it WHORE! You DO NOT DESERVE an apology!!!! You knew he was married and still screwed around with him...haven't you figured out that a man will say anything to get you in bed??? Idiot! The only person on this entire planet that deserves an apology, from Tiger and all the stupid women he screwed, is Elin!!!!! Go get a life!!

1645 days ago


....but yet, Elin is STILL with him???!!!! He would be living in the garage at my house.

How many more issues will come up before she gets her head from her a$$? WHAT is worth saving? He had a gizzillion different juices, if you will, all over his penis, and yet, Elin is STILL with him?

The man wants sex constanly, the one you claim you are going to be faithful to....probaly won't give you any more sex for some time to, now what? I'm sure she is worried she will suffer by comparison!

He'll just go out and get it from anything that is willing to spread their legs.

And thus the cycle will start all over again. Get smart Elin, he is doing this becasue his PR people are telling him to, not because he has any idea WHAT love and committment are.

This isn't rocket science here. Beisdes, gee, that is the role model I want my kids to have, your son wants to be just like Daddy, and your daughter is going to find a big a$$ at the bar at this rate! How will they know any different?

1645 days ago


I want an apology for the video i just watched of Joslyn dancing, oh barf.

1645 days ago


Hey TMZ, is Jesse James paying you to keep your mouths shut about the manwhore he was for cheating on Sandra?? All the other tabloids have picked up that story, except you!

1645 days ago


Hmm, just tried the web site and it does not exist.

1645 days ago


Gloria Alred is a no class havin low life. She has been losing her credibility steadily with the clients she chooses and the crap she says "in defense of her defendant." This ho that Tiger was with is just a ho who got used. Just like all the rest of them ho's. Let Tiger mend his family.. Leave Elin and the kids to their Dad, and just go back to your life and be used or learn from this episode and get a REAL life.
Gloria Alreds make up is scary too!

1645 days ago


Here's an idea...all Tiger's WHORES, wear NIKE.


1645 days ago
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