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NFL Commish -- I'll Be Meeting with Big Ben

3/22/2010 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger will have to clear his schedule -- the commissioner of the NFL wants to talk things out with the embattled QB in the wake of the sexual assault investigation in Georgia.

In a statement to reporters, NFL Commish Roger Goodell spoke on behalf of the league and said, "We are concerned Ben continues to put himself in this position."

Goodell added, "At the appropriate time, I'll be meeting with Ben."

As for the ongoing criminal investigation, authorities are still looking to interview Roethlisberger in the near future.

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mitch myers    

rape boy!

1676 days ago


I'm sure they will support him. I bet they will tell him to get a girlfriend and be seen out with her. He is gross.

1676 days ago


wehats he gonna say?

1676 days ago


This guy looks like he could be Jesse James's brother. I appears they have the same amount of class. Like # 1 said this guy is a rapist and probably a double rapist maybe more. Hang him high no trial needed. GUILTY!

1676 days ago


I love the statement " authorities are still looking to interview Roethlisberger in the near future. " Must be nice, us common folk would be sitting in jail with some public defender bringing in some butt butter. Cause as we know, justice is blind and cell mate bubba don't take no for an answer...

1676 days ago

Maniacal Zebra    

Whether he's guilty or not, they SHOULD be concerned that he keeps ending up in a position to be accused so often. Maybe he needs an "escort" service specifically for super horny athletes, so that he can do his thing, yet get guarantees that there will be no accusations later.

1676 days ago


I have come up with a few new advertising slogans for Big Ben Beef Jerky: Big Ben's - now with more Rapey goodness; Big Ben's - You can taste the rape!; Big Ben's - Rape into a bag during your next football party; Big Ben's - now with 20% more rape!; 4 out of 5 co-eds agree - Big Ben's Beef Jerky is more rapey than the leading brand; Big Ben's Beef Jerky - Bet you can't keep your hands off - Big Ben couldn't - he ripped the packaging clean off and raped it!

1676 days ago


Homie needs to lay off the rape.

1676 days ago


Oh, your name is Ben or Kobe...I'm sure the courts will find you never even raped those women. In fact we don't even need to go to trail. Why risk the chance we don't get the same IDIOT jurors as what was on the O.J. trial. Now Ben, remember next time you ride your motorcycle go faster and also remember the helmet is NOT your friend.

1676 days ago


How many times has this "happened" to Ben....4...5 different times?? Makes you wonder if the reports aren't exactly as the events actually happened. Some people handle fame with dignity and grace, and others, who are prone to such things anyway, let it go to their heads and think they can get away with anything. I hope the commish tells this douche to knock it the freak off

1676 days ago


You can say what you want to about Tiger. But at least he had the common sense to pay for it...No means no Big Ben...

1676 days ago


come on now with the rape bs. He didn't do it. Its just another broke a$$ college girl trying to get paid. Why would her sorority buddies take down their facebook and myspace pages? Maybe some pictures showing just how much of a hoebag this girl really is? Your all just mad because your quarterbacks are horrible and cant win a superbowl.

Don't hate when you know nothing.

1676 days ago


So Joe 3:44....so what you are saying is that hoebags can't be raped?
Don't you think it is possible that many of them took down their fb's and ms accounts because there will so many people trying to get at those pictures for all the wrong reasons?

My guess is any party pictures on there will probably show just about the same thing as any other girls of the college age...girls sticking out their tongues, licking each other, giving the fish-face, trying to look sexy. So I guess then we could say that if you have those pictures on your fb, you are fair game to rape, huh?

They probably took down any pictures to avoid people like you who basically say that certain women deserve to be raped.

Oh..by the way...immediate reporting...head injury...visit to the hospital...rape kit taken...and even the Ben fan/cop that posed for the pictures took the young woman seriously enough to report the incident and for the police to follow up on the investigation.

Ben should keep his grubby disgusting hands where they belong and he wouldn't be in the situation he's in.

1676 days ago


Oh...and by the way...Joe...you are right about one thing. Ben is not being accused of rape...he is being accused of sexual assault. The legal definitions are a bit different down in Georgia. I do not believe he is being accused of forced intercourse, but rather unwanted sexual touching in a private area of the body, and I'm not talking about grabbing her butt. It never continued, however, because obviously the girl fell and hit her head in the altercation.

1676 days ago

Bollywood Queen    

Ugh! Absolutely disgusting, filthy, miserable excuse for a man!

1676 days ago
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