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TMZ Live: Dr. Murray, Dennis Hopper & UFC

3/26/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey and Mike took your questions on everything today -- including Dr. Murray at the gym, Dennis Hopper's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and UFC fighter Thiago Alves' brain check-up.

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Plus: Elin Nordegren's Nike wardrobe ... and who keeps Cinnabun if Sandra Bullock divorces Jesse James?


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Hell I'd be working out twice as hard as Dr. Conrad is If I knew I was going to Prison. The way it is most prisoners loved micheal jackson. Dr. Conrad need to get his strength up to fight off who going get him first.
What do you think Harvey and Mike?

1486 days ago


As for your salad, you assumed the risk. Everyone knows that those salad containers don't hold up.

1486 days ago


MUTE!!! lol

1486 days ago


there was until recently in montana a drinking age of 18

1486 days ago


Is it true that Michael Jackson's former nanny Grace Rwaramba has been leaking stories to the press?

Has she been fired?

1486 days ago


Mike, I love you, you're terrific.....but. I have to agree with Harvey on this one.As a woman, if I was ...ticked at my husband, and he had a Nike contract? (a little wishing going on ;-})I would do everything in my power to distance myself from my husband. That would mean no Nike. Sorry Mkie, better luck next time.

1486 days ago


Harvey, every day, you become more of a name dropper, and a poser! "i am a vegetarian, i work all hrs of the day, i have drinks scheduled with someone high profile," please, oh please harvey tell us more, tell us about your college days, who you know, what your feelings are about the world, cuz it's all about you, not tmz's audience that actually have questions.please tell us more about your family guy episode, your non-leather belt, your fav restaurant, your car,how you do not know if it's nice outside, ( cuz we haven't heard about this in, ohhhhhhh, 1 day) oh, may i ask what your fav tv show is?, we don't know these answers cuz your too busy answering relevant questions from tmz viewers.

1486 days ago


You're daily live segments should be edited down for one weekly segment, because you just don't have the material for the daily live segment. On average it's drifting and boring.

1486 days ago


Harvey's full of crap, Elin is not supporting Tiger Woods now. She's being paid to not file for divorce until Tiger gets back on tour. It's a grace period on that issue alone and it costs money.

Nothing, however, is under agreement with the mistresses except that rumored silence deal with Rachel. Elin is acting out of the best interests of the kids and her own self-respect. That marriage is long gone to Oblivion.

1486 days ago


Actually, Mike is my favorite part of the live show. If it was just Harvey I don't think I could watch, he's too know-it-all and attention seeking for me. The almost-daily-now "oh I have to tell you a secret" giggle giggle stuff is so juvenile, I can't believe someone with his education background doesn't realize how unbelievably lame that comes across. As if you don't have all day to talk and you just happen to have the little ooh I have a secret/story right when it's a live show. Give us more credit than that! Mike keeps it real. I almost forgive him for the Octomom obsession. I enjoy the daily live shows minus the above stuff.

1486 days ago

louis chassis    

How long do you think that your program is going to last Bad mouthing people. Do you not think that your turn is not going to come? Can you believe that for every person that you bad mouth about, it will happen to you 7 times worse per person? I feel sorry for your staff because I am sure that they are starting to have problems in there own houses. I work as a director for short films and I am scared to work in big movies so that I my name does not enter your mouths. Yesterday in Hollywood the actors and celebrities had personal problems and the other actors get close to them to help them. The neighbors and friends. the media not even bother to get near them. Today people like you and your program give insecurities to the people who are dreaming for future, You know that they Unites States gets tired of programs very fast and they always want new programs. When it is your turn, have younot thought what would happen to you and your team? Well who cares like you guys say " You've got it made now". I challenge you to read this on your show. Good Luck. Louis Chassis

1486 days ago
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