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Oh Hail No -- Apolo Ohno Jacks Woman's Cab

3/29/2010 1:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Olympic gold medalist Apolo Ohno supposedly skated off in a taxi that a woman called dibs on this weekend forcing her to take the low road as she branded the short track master a "stupid idiot."

Oh Hail No -- Apolo Ohno Jacks Woman's Cab

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Deborah Nurse    

i can't understand why his sexual preferences have anything to do with this taxi foofawraw nor whether he is the greatest athlete or not. some of the comments i've read here are so juvenile, also does liking clothes make someone gay, how about p. diddy remember seanjean, michael jordan, how many actors who pose topless or almost nude in magazine ads by cristiano ronaldo, david beckham, so why this vitriolic tirade against your own U.S. athlete, don't understand it, get to the point, this story is about a taxi, remember? i did cringe though when he made a public comment on national t.v. about the canadian judge, etc., but then the canadian skater charles hamelin who lost in the 1000 m. race blamed the noisy audience for why he lost, haha, they were cheering loudly because they were mostly canadian fans cheering for him LOL! go figure, haha.

1634 days ago

Julianne Marie    

LMAO!! A$$hole wants to be in celebrity and he taking other peoples cab.. what a lame a$$.. all the freaking money he made from DWTs/endorsements and he can't get his personal ride. you know he looked stupid, and gay as hell!

1634 days ago


Apolo, if you're reading this - STAY AWAY from Hollywood. A great guy like you does not belong there! Stories are made up out of absolutely nothing. Even the woman that this happened to commented, but still nasty comments followed. TMZ Shame on You LIARS!

1634 days ago


I bet she was drunk........ Apolo didn't know he wanted a taxi!

1636 days ago


she was on the cell phone so she missed it

1636 days ago


What the hell is that bitch talkin about? she was not even near the cab to get in it in the first place... look like shes the stupid idiot! first come first serve bitch! Now walk your drunk ass home! Apolo Rocks!

1636 days ago


What a dumb bitch. It wasn't even her cab. Love Apolo!

1636 days ago


Ah ha ha ha... he didn't steal her cab. Funny how people view things for what they were NOT!

1636 days ago


HAHA She sounds so smart! I almost get the feeling she did that on purpose knowing that he was a "celebrity" because of the cameras and made a scene for her 15 minutes. Even her friend was embarrassed, pulling her away. Poor Apolo. He is so nice, he had no idea.

1636 days ago


what a dumb drunk bimbo, apolo is awesome and sexy.

1636 days ago


Apolo is such a nice guy, he didn't steal her taxi, I don't think he even noticed her.

1636 days ago


Why does TMZ make something of nothing? There was nothing going on there. She did not even know there was a cab and you guys made it all up. How weird is that? That what you get paid for???? Right???

1636 days ago


well women want to be treated equal as men well welcome to equality.

1636 days ago


The camera man told him to jump in front and take it. They both knew she was waiting for it but he's a jerk and a semi-celebrity so he took it. Bad karma to come!

1636 days ago


Everyone knows Apolo is a good guy. He would never take someones cab. He didn't see her, Apolo was just following the guy in front of him. That chick was so drunk or drugged, that her girlfriend tried to get her the heck away from the cameras.

1636 days ago
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