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Ben Affleck vs. Matt Damon

Who'd You Rather?

3/29/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Best friends and Oscar winning screenwriters Ben Affleck, 37, and Matt Damon, 39, showed up to the same event in L.A this weekend.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon
Question is ...


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Ben, because he's so enthuseastic about things. Matt I could see overthinking things, asking every five seconds "are you ok?".

1635 days ago


Awww!!! How cute!!! Two little America hating Commies!!!! I wonder where they are each hiding their copies of Mein Kampf at?

1634 days ago


Maybe the question should be who is the douchiest?

1634 days ago


Hey Matty, show us all again how brilliant you are and talk more about dinosaurs, LOL!!!!!

1634 days ago


Ha. Most of you are extremely silly children. And very sore losers. I would take Matt Damon in a heart-beat (were he not very happily married, as am I. Sigh.). This is an interesting, intellectually challenging, critically-thinking man who is not afraid to voice his opinions about the ludicrous views of the reactionary, dogma-bound, extremist right-wing. I wonder if Mrs. Palin believes in fact, my twelve year old son, who is a straight A honor student and hopes one day to be a paleontologist, would like to know the answer to that question as well.

Of course, my middle-school student is probably better qualified than Mrs. Palin for the position of POTUS, as he already understands that Africa is NOT a country, and we are fighting in IRAQ, not IRAN. Etc.. Matt Damon was absolutely on target regarding allowing someone who doesn't even understand the basics of geological time and Earth's multi-billion year history having her finger on the proverbial button (what, she's going to trust to god to make her choices? Right). Also, Matt Damon has more personal and intellectual integrity than Mrs. Palin could ever hope he clearly enjoys life, has a sense of humor (beyond phony cutesy-folksy remarks very serious matters...but Sarah only does that because her hockey mom education and 6-colleges-to-get-a-degree education limits her ability to really grok critical issues), and doesn't take himself all that seriously. I don't think he ever quite believed that he was once named sexiest man of the year (he thought it was a pretty silly award).

But you all just keep whining and complaining because President Obama is, in fact, POTUS, and Mrs. Palin is about to be dissed on the Discovery Channel for her anti-conservationist and environmentalist views and actions. Aw. And the Healthcare Reform made it too. So sad, too bad. I'm middle class, I'm no bum or beggar, I've worked hard all of my life, and it is about time someone looked out for the real people of America.

1634 days ago


I'd rather bang Kevin Smith.

1634 days ago



1634 days ago



Does your 6th grader know what "corpsman" is? Does he know the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day? Does he know that we don't have 58 states? Does he know the difference between 10,000 people and 12? Does he know the difference between 3,000 dollars and 3,000%? Does he know where Arkansas and Illinois are in relation to Kentucky? Can your son tell you what hospital he was born in? Does he know that "tiny countries" like Iran can pose a threat to the world? Does your son think Afghans speak Arabic? Can your son spell the word "advice?" Does your son know not to make fun of the Special Olympics? Does your son realize it's not a good ideal to promote criminals and those with legal problems to cabinet positions? Does your son know what "inefficiencies" means? Does your son know not to bow like a gutless coward to every dignitary he meets?

If your son is smarter than those examples of Obama's stupidity, then yes, I would elect your son as President over the current douchebag in office.

1633 days ago


Hey numbnuts. The discovery channel is paying over a million bucks per episode for Sarah Palin's Alaska show. It is to promote Alaska, not a "diss" you incompetent dingleberry.

She'll get richer while you're still struggling to make ends meet, living pay check to pay check :)

1633 days ago


Is it shocking to anyone that these two morons were more believable as angry angels sentenced to life on earth, as they are capable, intelligent human beings in real life?

I suppose not

1633 days ago


hey look. it is dumb and dumber!!

1633 days ago


I have loved Matt Damon since "School Ties".

1635 days ago


Neither! Ew!

Wish I could see the results, but I cannot bring myself to choose one even in a fictional poll.

1635 days ago

Princess of the Arabian Gulf    

For the millionth time, where is the NEITHER button???

1635 days ago


You're only bitter because NEITHER of them would want you.

1635 days ago
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