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Chaz Bono

Gender Reassignment Complete

3/29/2010 6:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of court documents in which a doctor states he performed "an irreversible surgical procedure for the purpose of altering Chaz Bono's sex characteristics from female to male."

Chaz Bono

According to the docs, on September 23, 2009, Dr. Michael Brownstein performed the operation.

The specifics of the procedure are not outlined, but the Dr. says, "Chaz Bono has completed his gender reassignment surgery."

In the "Petition for Change of Name and Gender" filed with the court, Chaz asks for a legal change from female to male.


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I really hope that he will now lose some weight and get in shape. It was dangerous to be so heavy and have surgery. Good luck, be happy, Chaz.

1632 days ago


Did any of you notice that his man does not live in the public arena and he does not care what you think. Good for you Chazz! Live YOUR life the way YOU want to. Don't let a bunch of WACK JOB CHRISTIANS condemn you!! Look at all the judgment and criticism in the name of God!! NOT SO CHRISTIAN I must say! One of the many reasons I stay away from church. How dare you judge anything? Mind your own damn business!

1632 days ago


No doubt we should all be clapping pc-ishly and going "Yay!" but I think it's gross, personally. Yuck!

1632 days ago


The more fat tissue, the more estrogen the body produces. No point in getting surgery to pretend to be a male and then remain grossly fat, which only ends up suppressing testosterone and greatly elevating estrogen. Those are the facts of hormonal balancing. (fat guys - a lot of them are effeminate or homosexual).

Better change its name from Chaz to Bertha Beluga. White trash.

1632 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

this is making me sick to my stomach and i hope your artificial dick falls off chaz, you fat ugly cow.

1631 days ago

Clapton Is God    

You mean that Chaz hasn't ALWAYS been a man? OMG that would make 'her' about the ugliest chick walking! If I were her/him/it I would just take an overdose of mothers diet pills and end all of the confusion plus it would put mom back in the spotlight for a day or two.

1631 days ago


Just curious...If 'he' is so happy and comfortable with who 'he' is now..why has 'he' blown up like a balloon since 'the change'? Seems like 'he' is using food to deal with some unresolved issues.Confusion, perhaps?

1631 days ago

danger baby    

Oh for God's sake. This person can put a peen on their forehead for all I care. There are a lot of subjects in the world worth talking about, but this isn't one of them!

1633 days ago


I would bet that somewhere along the way,Chastity was damaged by someone. How many boyfriends did Cher have?

1633 days ago


I'm sorry you just can't order a gender change and poof it's done. You were born a female and your soul will stay a female until you die. Even if you have no religious background. It's like saying "God, you were wrong in creating me this and I'm going to change it because I don't feel like a girl" God is never wrong and if you go against his creation then satan has won you over. And you know where you'll end up.

1633 days ago


Show us the pictures of Lindsay Lohan having white powder coming out of her shoes!!!!!!

1633 days ago

oh yeah    

u were born a man u will die a mam

1633 days ago


well dont know what to say except that many people I know that have done this, usually are more unhappy after the surgery than before... Most commit suicide within a year.... Hmmm Hope you aint 1 of em

1633 days ago

oh yeah    

u were born a woman u will die a woman

1633 days ago


Now they can take her to a Japanese whaling ship and have the blubber stripped off! This deviant went from pretty woman to hideous fat manfreak.

1633 days ago
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