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Biden's F-Bomb

4/2/2010 1:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Biden's recent "big f**king deal" gaffe on live television is raking in dough for the Democratic Party ... all in the form of an awesome, slightly inappropriate $25 t-shirt.

Joe Biden's BFD: Click to View!
The shirt -- sold on -- is real, we promise ... and the Democratic National Committee is behind it.

It even has the date March 23, 2010 on it -- the day Obama signed the health care reform bill and Joe Biden effed up on live television.

That's a change of clothes you can believe in.


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Good Lord...

1664 days ago

KK MD    

Well, even Forrest Gump had a catch phrase

1664 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

it should read Health Reform is BFS..Bull Fucking Shit

1664 days ago

Information Trafficker    

The fact of the matter is that Health Reform IS a BFD, regardless of the perspective one is viewing the topic from.

Such publicly appealing tactics are exactly how Obama got to where he is at present. We should give his handlers credit in that regard.

1664 days ago

Uli Van DerSmut    

His Nobel at work. Just another rapper with a clothing line.

1664 days ago


Considering Bush accomplished ZERO during his 8 years in office, other than making this country the laughing stock of the world, I'd say Obama's healthcare reform is a BFD. By the way, if Rush Lim-bigbelly decides to make good on his vow to leave the country if the healthcare bill passed, I wish he'd take some of these Bush Babies with him, they're really starting to irritate me. I hear Cambodia's nice and warm this time of year.

1664 days ago


What a great example our President is setting for the youth of America. Unbelievable!!! First off... I can't believe that our President and First Lady aren't doing more to challenge a large segment of the black community to rise up from their self-imposed welfare state and reliance on social services. Secondly... The vulgarity and lack of respect that is prevalent in the speech, music and over-all conduct of today's youth is disgusting. Way to send a message Prez.... too bad it's the wrong one!!!

1664 days ago


And Barack and Biden are BFD..Big F'ing Dumba**es. If Sarah Palin had said this, there would have been uproar and we'd hear about it forever, but one of the good ol' democratic boys says it, and it's an instant classic. Disgusting.

1664 days ago


BFD=Big Effin Disaster

1664 days ago


Wow - that is unbelievable. Members of our government making fun of such a remark. They should be ashamed!!!!!!!!! I can't wait until November. I don't think many of them will be so high and mighty then.

1664 days ago

fair and balanced    

real classy president we have--nice! He is an embarrassment--a socialist/marxist that thinks you should give some of your money to the slob next door that lives off the goverment. As jumping Joe Biden says, redistribution of wealth is the "right thing to do"...2012 can't come soon enough with these 2 clowns--

1664 days ago


It will be a BFD in November.

1664 days ago


So K-lassy!
What a laughingstock we've become to the rest of the world. A Pu$$y president, a nasty VP, Plastic Pelosi and Reid....I can't even think of something dirty enough for that man.
The have NO RIGHT to FORCE Americans to buy health coverage. All this is going to be is more benefits for people who refuse to become self-sufficient. It punishes business owners and it DOES exclude certain pre-existing conditions.
I cannot wait until November...that's the beginning of the end of this social experiment gone wrong.

1664 days ago


Passing the Health Care Bill is a BFD not only for the fact that it got passed, but that it creates a massive positive checkmark of an accomplishment for this administration. It has been a major focus and now an enormous amount of resources can be directed to the next accomplishments. The Democrats up to this point have been waiting for some good news, through the deep economic problems, stagnancy of wars, and here and there some minor positive developments occur, like with the signings with Russia. Now that the Obama crew has their first major BFD (George Bush never got one, and in fact created many HFDs - Horrific F-ing Disasters), a sense of pride, confidence and momentum will establish. So screw the Republicans, they don't have any good ideas for solutions, they just want to sell out to the first corporate lobbyist who comes along, regardless of ALL OTHER CONSIDERATIONS. The Republicans need to be totally restarted afresh, to purge themselves of the evils of empire and infiltrators and get back to being FROM AND FOR MIDDLE CLASS USA. That will likely take decades, since they seem very deeply entrenched in Alaskan lesbian illiterates and mindless emasculated radio show hosts. Dig it.

1664 days ago


Joe Biden is a national disgrace. His boss isn't far behind him.

1664 days ago
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