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Biden's F-Bomb

4/2/2010 1:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Biden's recent "big f**king deal" gaffe on live television is raking in dough for the Democratic Party ... all in the form of an awesome, slightly inappropriate $25 t-shirt.

Joe Biden's BFD: Click to View!
The shirt -- sold on -- is real, we promise ... and the Democratic National Committee is behind it.

It even has the date March 23, 2010 on it -- the day Obama signed the health care reform bill and Joe Biden effed up on live television.

That's a change of clothes you can believe in.


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fair and balanced    

steve woods=obama zombie
he won't be laughing when obama comes for his wallet or biden says give me your money so I can give it to the slob over here--because it's the right thing to do. When are these people going to wake up?? Geeezzzz!

1632 days ago


this is some bull if someone else did that with a slightly darker color i would be a huge problem for ever one

1632 days ago

Thunder Thighs    


1632 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

America is turning into a melting pot of scum and slime. biden merely proved by theory. What a leadership of fools and tax cheats we have.

1632 days ago


BFD======= BIG F#ckin DUMBA&&ES

1632 days ago

Bob Jones    

It is amazing to me that so many Americans fight against their best interest. However it's no wonder since the country has gone through several decades of a poor education. We are just not as well rounded especially in politics as we use to be, thus the rise of the radicals.

1632 days ago


ALL of you saying negative things about him using to f-bomb really are sda individuals! so he dropped the f-bomb, get over it at least he it didn't make up a word... more than Bush can say! Seriously..... get over it!

1632 days ago


Come November when all those village idiots, (Obama's team: Pelosi, Reid etc.) are voted will most definitely be a BFD!!!!!!

How embarrassing can one administration be? It's mind boggling.

1632 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

and # 16 Mistress,

living in NY, I already AM considered middle class (in NY). sure if I lived in bumfart USA where the cost of living in cheaper then ok, I wouldn't have to bust my arse working two jobs to still be considered "middle class" but according the this administration I'm "wealthy" and my taxes are going to be raised so I can pay for some lazy douche bag who doesn't want to work. This president of ours should figure out a sliding scale tax reform so I don't have to take it in the rear so MY hard earned money doesn't go to some lowlife to "empower" them.

& no I'm not a total scumbag, I know that some people do use welfare and such for a short period of time until they can get on their feet and get a job and be a productive part of society however statistically more times than not lazy "I don't want to work losers" rape the system because it's easier to take than it is to work. and now "we" just made it even easier. Yes, healthcare reform is/was needed but this is a clusterfunk. Tort reform would have been nice. People take advantage of insurance companies and sue everyone these days. It's a joke. But no, we don't want to fix that we just want to give a free hand out. Now I'm going to have to start sucking cockadoo on the side of the road to keep my house. Lovely.

1632 days ago


The President and Vice President have shown their true colors (trashy and low life). how disgusting is it that they use this kind of T-Shirt to support their lame policies that they are forcing upon us. It is so sad to think of all the soldiers that sacrificed their lives for this kind of conduct!! Everyone in this country needs to think hard about the direction this president is taking us. Taking over the banks, insurance and auto industries and now health care. The health care bill was not only about health care but was the next step in Obama gaining more power. Just remember this when the government tells you what job you will have and where you will live

1632 days ago


That's great! I just bought one.

1632 days ago


I would love to know how President Obama and Vice President Biden have singlehandedly ruined our country. I'm choosing to view this shirt as a tongue in cheek humor.

And I'm excited for this health care reform even if I don't agree with ALL of it. My insurance will soon cover my seizure medication since it won't be viewed as a pre-existing condition. My mother may even be able to change jobs now without worrying that cancer treatment won't be denied.

Can't wait to get my shirt. ;)

1632 days ago

Goat of Truth    

Check out >> The Biden Scale of Relative Importance

1632 days ago



Please educate yourself. Premiums are going to sky rocket. Good doctors are going to leave the field. Medicare (what your mother probably depends on) is gutted by 500 million, 16,000 new IRS employees are needed to make this work (which in itself doesn't make sense), taxes are going to quadruple on everyone, thousands of jobs are going to be killed and none of the "goodies" even take effect until 4 freakin' years from now. Nothing is "free" that you are FORCED to pay into.

They've single handedly ruined our country by ramming a Socialist bill down the American peoples' throats against their will and are trying to turn us into Cuba or Venezuela.

Wake up and stop being ignorant.

1632 days ago



1632 days ago
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