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Erin Andrews Blindsided by Threats

4/3/2010 1:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Erin Andrews is outraged at DirecTV for not telling her about the sick, twisted, threatening emails until yesterday -- even though the predator had been sending them since last September.

Erin's lawyer, Marshall Grossman, tells TMZ, "We are outraged that these emails did not come to our attention until now."

TMZ has learned security for DirecTV -- which broadcasts "The Dan Patrick Show" -- notified Grossman Thursday, even though the first sexual email was sent September 16, 2009 and the emails turned violent on March 14.

Grossman says Erin is "having a tough time."

A rep for DirecTV tells TMZ, "DIRECTV executives at the Dan Patrick Show became aware of the threatening emails on March 30 and immediately notified DIRECTV corporate security who then immediately contacted the appropriate authorities and representatives of Erin Andrews."


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Nuts never have liked woman sports reporters.

And since they're home listening to AM all talk radio all day...


1644 days ago


UMMMMMM, i guess by looking at the LACK of comments on all her stories,i'm not alone when asking "who The hell is Erin Andrews and why would anyone care"?????????????????Is TMZ that bored?

1644 days ago


Is there any way he shoot Nancy Grace also?

1644 days ago


Erin who?

1644 days ago


You telling me Dan Patrick has sat on these since September? Wow, in addition to being a boring dude, he a cold one too. Maybe Michael Irvin can give him advice on hows to treats the womens.

Irvin always was Dans favorite sports hero. dude up on rape charge now isnt he? that thing before the super bowl that cost him his job, he facing charges or just being sued?

Nice move Patrick, letting Andrews be a potential sitting duck.

1644 days ago


maybe they could target that dyed blond morning wombat at faux news

1644 days ago


TMZ instead of creating a new topic for each morsel of info you receive why not hit the edit button? Add to your existing story instead of filling the front page with this skank.

1644 days ago


Go away u bi#3h!

Sick of you and your body is lame. No one cares except you and your publicity hounds.

Oh, we saw her naked, ew. A million women have better bodies.

Erin, you are ugly dude. Big deal.

1644 days ago


Directv will apologize for the inconvenience in their best accent from India

1644 days ago


Those people are crazy for not telling her about these threats asap, especially after the emails got violent. She ought to have been notified immediately. I can't imagine what they were thinking. It's possible that they were trying to avoid stressing her out, thinking that it wsa for the best, but now she's probably more stressed out than she ever would have been had she been aware of the situation. It will be difficult for her to trust them now. It's bad, especially after her earlier ordeal with that peeping tom. I'm fairly certain that she would have prefered to be told.

1644 days ago


Holy geez, TMZ! Milking this nearly non-story for all it's not worth, aren't you?

1644 days ago


This is a 'story' because she is a human being just trying to do her job, and does not deserve to be threatened. It's not nice being targeted by people. She must be wondering "why me"? It's really not about her, although it's hard not to take it personally. It happens to countless people every day. There are just many sad, angry people in this world who like to blame other people (usually more 'normal', sane people) for their problems. The stress that is caused is really their own stress that they are projecting onto others because they can't deal with their own pain and madness. People often look for acknowledgment from strangers, because they didn't get it from their own parents or family (or in some cases, got too much, or the wrong kind of attention). These types often have an inferiority complex to people who they perceive to be better than them, or out of reach in some way, and they always seem convinced that other people owe them something. That's why I wonder how celebrities deal with all the attention. People can be so vampirical - they can suck the energy out of you if you let them. I hope she's not taking any of this personally.

1644 days ago


OK, Dawn, you've said it all for the over-emoting, weeping crowd of empathetic, sapient couch potatoes everywhere. Now, can we all just move on to something a little more interesting as we leave it in your capable hands.

1644 days ago


For the love of god, I cannot find anything remotely fascinating about this woman. To have 4-5 articles on her in the space of 6 hours or so is incredible. I could understand updates on someone like MJ...So what, you have some moron threatening you. Happens to all public figures at some point. Price you pay for living in the public eye. Even private citizens get stalked and least YOU have the money and prestige to do something about it! Shut up already and get back to work or retire from the public eye.

1644 days ago


Is this the chick on Dancing With The Stars? I don't watch that show but I saw something on ET and if it's her she is dumb as dirt. Really dingy!

1644 days ago
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