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Bombshell McGee Returns to the Pole

4/3/2010 1:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The most famous stripper in all of San Diego went back to work Friday night -- Michelle "Bombshell" McGee made her triumphant comeback.

Michelle McGee

Jesse James
' side dish didn't say much as she walked into Pure Platinum -- but she's not there to do a lot of talking.


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This piece of white trash is the product of terrible parenting. She clearly has no self-respect and doesn't respect the institution of marriage. Even if she thought Jesse was split, he's STILL a married man and she knew that. She and her father have tried to justify her actions and it's just pitiful. Seeing her father on film explains the train-wreck that his daughter has become. One train-wreck begets another train-wreck. It's just a vicious cycle. Where is McGee's mother in all this mess? Yes, Michelle is an adult, but if the father has come forward, I'd like to hear from her mother. Someone needs to explain how thinks went so off-track for McGee.

1664 days ago


TRASH!!!! TMZ why keep running this boring story..there are more interesting stories...

1664 days ago


seriously? well, of course what else is she gonna do right? how strange though in a funny way, .... hmmm, does 20 dollars cover one song? ticket to ride? it's a novelty act!

1664 days ago


MICHELLE is awesome... totally sexy and hot. There is so many haters on here because they are lazy chicks sitting in front of the computer eating potatoe chips...

Michelle is smoking sexy...

1664 days ago


Now shes to cool to talk to anyone?? What a pig

1664 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

this girl is so dirty and skanky im afraid my eyes will get herpes just by looking at her! what an ugly POS! She clearly was raised by horrible parents since she lacks morals, and who the fuck gets a tattoo on thier face? what a moron/whore. I feel bad for her kids, i know she is a terrible mother. She is crazy for insulting chelsea...she is WAY better looking than her.

1664 days ago


Michelle gives serious great lap dances! Worth going to San Diego to get one. She will slide her juicy meat flaps where it counts! This is how I got in trouble....Please don't tell Sandy!

1664 days ago


The skank obviously needs dough.

She has no career or life. A stripper at 30 who will definitely still be stripping at 40!

1664 days ago


This is how she measures success so mission accomplished.

1664 days ago


I usually adore tattos..but her tattoos just look, weird. Like..bad done. And, by the way, didn't she get enough money from magazines for the story? Or she does the pole just for pleasure? because she must be seriously damaged to like the pole that much..she looks like, souless. And she is a mom?! jeez..poor kid :( this woman makes me sad

1664 days ago



1664 days ago


These women who sleep with married men and then go running to the tabloids are obviously doing it for the 15min...whats sad is that the tabloids..yes, even you TMZ...sorry but it is enable them to do these things..however i see your point your out to make money, they are out to make money so its a marriage made in heaven. There are no values or morals left in this country...its every man for themselves...i wish the world would change but i also wish i would hit the's just not gonna happen people..we are a society OBSESSED with money and will do anything for it..ANYTHING..sleep with married men and get rich and famous for it...ahhhh...the horror..the horror

1664 days ago


She should be at home with her child.

1664 days ago


she is not he most beautifull woman i ve seen
but her tattoo make her realy hot
i would do her like many other men would

1664 days ago


She is so ugly! Sandra is so beautiful! What was he thinking?

1664 days ago
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