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Conrad Murray to Face Trial Judge

4/5/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray got official word that L.A. County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor will control his fate during his manslaughter case in the death of Michael Jackson.

Dr. Conrad Murray Video
Members of Jackson's family, including Joe, Katherine, Janet, Randy and Jermaine sat and watched as Judge Peter Espinoza told Dr. Murray to go downstairs to Judge Pastor's court.

TMZ first reported Judge Pastor -- a smart and tough man in black -- will preside over Murray's trial.

Murray is on his way downstairs right now ... and there's a big decision on the line ... whether Judge Pastor yanks Murray's medical license as a condition to bail.

We're in Judge Pastor's court ... so stay tuned.


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I pray this pos loses his medical license today. The reportage on Fox and CNN is practically non-existent. Really pathetic.

1660 days ago


what are ppl so sue and tellit they are MJ's supporters..who are these haters? go the hell away and dont try to pay the role of some mental health professional...let them do their job...I dont believe for the record what you're saying wonder he wanted to get the hell away with haters like you in the world who probably are so off the mark it aint even funny...I Personally hope he's still alive...he loooked really good in the movie and he did not seem gay to me ok...been having that arguement with ppl for years...and you know what? Alot of ppl agree with me..he is not gay...leave him alone damn dont you have anything else to do?

1660 days ago


he didnt take no damn drugs ppl are needle marks according to his son...ok the kid said so..I believe the kid he didnt take the 50 zanex a night bogus!! have fun ppl imagining all this bs...

BeLIEve....LIE its a LIE ppl..please use your brain that god gave you!!!

1660 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

23. Conrad Murray is innocent, because Michael Jackson IS ALIVE. I don't care if you believe me or not..

Posted at 4:43PM on Apr 5th 2010 by beLIEver

Michael Jackson has paid Conrad Murray a bundle for his trouble. He will walk and be a wealthy doc.

1660 days ago


Jessicakthx, Thanks for the link on the TMZ livestream. I had it but I lost it and couldn't get it back, until I found your comment. Thanks again marson

1660 days ago


23. Conrad Murray is innocent, because Michael Jackson IS ALIVE. I don't care if you believe me or not..

Posted at 4:43PM on Apr 5th 2010 by beLIEver

Michael Jackson has paid Conrad Murray a bundle for his trouble.
He will walk away a wealthy doc.

1660 days ago

You're beyond loser    

10. Where were all these heckling fans when their idol was busy bedding children?

I have no sympathy for MJ and I don't think for a second that this guy tried to murder him. He's no more then a stupid doctor on the payroll who gave Jackson exactly what he wanted and now he's a scapegoat for more money. Sad, sad, sad.

If nothing else MJ can't harm anymore children and that's a good thing.
Posted at 4:40PM on Apr 5th 2010 by LAWRENCE

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39. So you're defending the honor of a pedophile? If that's what gets you to bed at night more power to you but the only thing that got Jackson to bed was the company of a little boy and a bunch of sleeping drugs. I don't feel sorry for MJ for one second. He's was no more then a pedophile and circus freak. You can look up to him all you want especially if you're a little boy looking up from his crotch. Good riddance.
Posted at 4:53PM on Apr 5th 2010 by LAWRENCE

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41. Dear Laura (#25): The "jury" didn't exactly convict OJ either. I guess I don't understand what your point is? Michael admitted to repeatedly bedding children but never admitted to any "touching". He was sued by the parents of children who claimed he touched them and he paid them to keep their mouths shut and go away.

Let me ask YOU something: You have unfathomable riches and YOU are accused of pedophilia. Do you a) Pay them to shut up and go away instantly making yourself look guilty or b) Pay the best attorney you can find to vilify yourself and your name for the whole world?
Posted at 4:56PM on Apr 5th 2010 by Uhh...

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LAWRENCE, and you know all that for sure because you were there as an abused child yourself, or were you helping Mr Jackson at that time? Enlighten us please... we're dying to know the facts direct from such an informed source. I'm sure TMZ would pay you billions for your words of wisdom...

UHHHH, get your facts straight before you accuse. MJ didn't want to pay those "amazing" parents. It was the insurance company who decided to pay them to finish the first trial. You're not telling the truth. And besides, one of the families admitted their now deceased father built the whole thing only to get money from MJ. They admitted their lies. So what are you talking about??? (nice concerned parents by the way, enjoying the luxury that he provided us, leaving their children to a total strange to sleep with them, and then building a circus to milk that cow even more when they were fired from the house... great parents!!! Would you do that with your own children???).

By the way, judge and jury must be happy to read your opinions on how they were all bribed by MJ. And what proof do you have to back up such thing? Why don't you go to court if you're so illustrated on the case, and if you KNOW by fact that justice was bribed?

Just sayin'...

1660 days ago


Mrs. Katherine Jackson looks like she has lost alot of weight. I hope her health is ok. She looks tired. It must be the worst thing in the world for a mother to outlive on of her babies. Dr. Murray is getting better treatment than he gave his patient Michael Jackson. Dr. Murray admitted he gave the profonol and Michael died from profonol intoxication, and Murray is geeting better treatment than poor Michael got when they (suspected) him of molesting a boy. I guess suspected molestation is worse in this country than murder! disappointed fan

1660 days ago

You're beyond loser    

58. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!!! How is the man supposed to defend himself if he's penniless...and don't forget he has children! What is this damn country coming to when the Constitution doesn't hold up anymore?? Joe Jackson is a Damn Joke! His son had problems from childhood that carried into adult hood and made him basically crazy. Sorry to call him that but it's true, he was not a normal human being.
Posted at 5:09PM on Apr 5th 2010 by Drea

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Excuse me, and what about MJ children??? They don't have their daddy anymore thanks to that excuse of a greedy DOCTOR Feel Good (ha!). How do you exactly feel about that? Or you think those children don't have the same rights you ask for the good doctor's offspring?

1660 days ago


49. Murray is being treated like some big shot V.I.P. Black Mercedes, black suit, sunglasses. Ten security personnel around him coming in. The garage door pulled down so no one can speak or photo him. I'll bet he's lapping it up.

Posted at 5:00PM on Apr 5th 2010 by Romy

Michael is taking good care of his doc. He played an important role and will be well paid for his services. The doc will walk. Michael has further uses for him.

1660 days ago


All you morons writing to Sue from Tampa and saying she is sick - SHE IS NOT TYPING THESE POSTS! SHE HAS BEEN CLONED YOU IDIOTS!

1660 days ago


83. There are CLONES all over every MJ board today.

Everyone on this board should know that neither sue from tampa or Tellit believe MJ was a pedophile.

Posted at 5:58PM on Apr 5th 2010 by Cloners Abound

This is so true. If they don't they should believe it.

1660 days ago


83. There are CLONES all over every MJ board today. It's sickening to see sue from tampa and Tellit's names posted with the label of pedophilia attached to them.

Aha! I always suspected that tellit is a pedophile
thanks for confirming it.

1660 days ago



1660 days ago

Urall Khuntz    

Jemain looks like a gay bitch!

1660 days ago
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