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Cuba Libre!

4/6/2010 1:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The handsome 16-year-old resurfaced at some communist event in Havana on Easter Sunday, looking indoctrinated.

Elian Gonzalez
On April 22, 2000, Elian was taken from the home of his Miami relatives by U.S. federal agents and eventually returned to Cuba.

In 2008, Elian became a member of the Young Communist Union of Cuba.


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Brother Jack    


You are quite opionionated. I would love to see you try to express unpopular opinions let alone live in a commie regime. It is easy to let your delusional viewpoints be known when you are doing it from the comforts of a democracy with the protection of the 1st amendment. Is all of what you are saying what your left-wing professor told you when took that remedial college course?

1631 days ago


how are we to know what kind of life he would have had, as so many that been to the US end up in prison or on the streets i have been to your country and so many of my friends when they write back home make you feel that they are living the dream untill you see for
yourself how they live and realize that i live way better than some of them. as it is said it is better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond

1631 days ago


RR - It's in 'vain' - a vein is what your blood flows through - geez, use a dictionary!! The kid was living with relatives in Miami, a dumpy part of Miami, he belonged with his FATHER! The mother took him away, risking his life traveling the open sea on a not so sea-worthy boat - that's why the mother died. The relatives had no legal right to have custody because he has a father. Legally, they did what was the right thing - do I agree, maybe not, but legally, it's what they had to do it's not a judgement call. They had to do what the law required - he was here illegally and being kept from his father.

1631 days ago


All you folks out there screaming how our government failed this kid - you're the same ones yelling about illegal aliens and the benefits they supposedly get. Guess what - this kid was an ILLEGAL ALIEN! Because he's cute it makes a difference? The kid was taken from his father, that's not right. You can't bend the laws because it's a little kid and not an adult, he was here illegally and against the will of his father - case closed, he belongs with a parent, not hysterical relatives in a Miami slum.

1631 days ago


This is not Bill Clinton's fault that he is in Cuba. His father fought for his return to Cuba since he was taken without his permission. The unity of family outweights political affilations. Who can say that his life would have been better in America? No one knows whether he would have turn out a modeled citizen or a criminal. Because a country is communist, does not give another country's leader the right to keep a child from his parent. Yes, he is wearing a communist uniform, but no one knows if he were in America if he would be wearing a school uniform or an orange jumpsuit.

1631 days ago

Cristina H.    

His father has rights as well. His mother's death meant his father would now be his legal custodian. How is this any different from the kid who was taken to Brazil by his mother and then his mother dying? The rights belong to the father. Keep politics out of it. The kid was not an orphan being sent back to Cuba. His father wanted him back. The end.

1631 days ago

Nancy Moreno    

You can see in his FACE he is still SAD and knows
what POLITICS have done to him
I LOVE YOU ELIAN - will never forget you - my
heart BLEEDS for you

1631 days ago


Do you see how good looking he is now? Do you all realize how fat he would be right now if he had become an American?? Good for him for getting out.

1631 days ago


He did not fall under wet foot/ dry foot,He was plucked from the ocean near Pompano Beach, FL. Please remember the boy who swam with dolphins. He was a little boy taken from his father. He is in the place where he has family. I applauded Janet Reno and Bill Clinton for doing the right thing; it should of been sooner.
Now lets see the Cubans of Florida protest this posting!!! Oh yes, their Cuban flags will wave and they will cry for their country; all on USA soil.

1631 days ago


Get a grip, Nancy. The kid looks attentive. There is no way to determine is emotional state. And what about his and/or his family's religion. Are you so arrogant to think your's is superior? Perhaps he and his family feel that your belief system is inferior to their's. Once you have an appreciation of culture differences, you want be so narrow-minded.

1631 days ago


For the ones blasting former President Clinton. How exactly would any of you feel if your ex took your child to another country without your permission? I am no fan of the former President's but in this situation he did the right thing.

1631 days ago


What is freedom? Being able to visit Disney World or being able to live in your country. He is back home and doing what he thinks is right. I'm not saying if is right or wrong. But if you believe in "freedom" you should start by letting people live their life their way and not your's. Best of hopes to Elian.

1631 days ago


I'm just glad to see he made it to 16, which is probably 2-3 years longer than he would have made it here. Let's all stop pretending that the streets he would have grown up on in Miami are soooo much better than where he's at now. Really, is there such a stark contrast between the uniform he's wearing now and the gang colors or correctional orange he would have been sporting in America???

1631 days ago


Wow! You all are so naive! Its not like you have many choices living in Cuba. You either support the government and its movements or you'll be poor and end up no where. There is no freedom in Cuba. You can't speak out against the government or else no one will ever see you again. Joining the party was probably the only chance he had to become something of himself.

1631 days ago


I hear he is really happy and was one decision away from being an American with "illegal alien" tag on his head, bullied by spoiled American teenagers who only talk about their vacation house at the beach and stealing their mom's vicodin and Oxy-Contin. Congrats Elian, you are with family in your home country!

1631 days ago
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