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Cuba Libre!

4/6/2010 1:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The handsome 16-year-old resurfaced at some communist event in Havana on Easter Sunday, looking indoctrinated.

Elian Gonzalez
On April 22, 2000, Elian was taken from the home of his Miami relatives by U.S. federal agents and eventually returned to Cuba.

In 2008, Elian became a member of the Young Communist Union of Cuba.


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Kayan Phoenix    

#9 Icebaby, how on earth is pointing out that we have Thousands of Illegals here in Cali KKK?? if he came here he'd probably still be here, and how is it Racist to say that i hope he try's to make a break for the US when he turns 18, and FYI, I'm Native American

1571 days ago


Elian’s mother and her new boyfriend weren’t “fleeing” anything. The boyfriend had gone back and forth between Cuba and Florida repeatedly, having made something of a business out of smuggling immigrants. Most of those immigrants take enormous risks to get to the United States for the same motive as people from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and the rest of Latin America: economic. Many of these more recent immigrants from Cuba actually like the Cuban revolution (unlike the ones in the late 1950s and early 1960s). I know two who have gone back to Cuba recently because the unemployment situation in Miami is so bad; a third made it to Toronto in the belief that the economy was better in Canada.

1571 days ago


What the Miami gang did to Elian and his father is the worst form of totalitarianism: imposing totalitarianism in order, supposedly, to fight against totalitarianism. If Elian’s father had fallen to his knees on arriving in the United States and kissed the ground in front of the TV cameras, he could have had the kid right away. We’d still be watching the film footage of it, right up there with “One giant step for mankind.” But his father had the WRONG POLITICAL VIEWS, so he was a BAD FATHER, according to these fine defenders of democracy, families and whatever.

1571 days ago

j. w    

As a Canadian I am free to travel to Cuba, and have many times. I can tell you that there are not boats lined up along the shore to get to Miami. The people are proud, friendly, welcoming people. One of the most beautiful islands in the Carribean. Sure some flee what they see as oppression, but most of the hundreds of Cubans I have come across wouldn't leave if they could. Sure communism is not ideal, but from what I have seen most of the people of Cuba are doing just fine.

1571 days ago

that's all    

He was an ILLEGAL ALIEN people! Why are you cutting our own government down for following for enforcing the laws we have in place? Are you serious?


Totally ignorant statement. John F. Kennedy put the policy in that anyone from Cuba arriving was to be granted poltical asylum enforced to this day. But the commie Clinton administration broke the law and sent him back after an appeals court ruled that Elian should stay. You hypocrites on the left applaud the trampling of Elian's constitutional rights and the frying of the people at Waco, and then have the gall to critisize Bush for locking up terrorists. you all just plain make me sick.

1571 days ago

that's all    

Elian's father abandoned Elian's mother and started another family with another woman, so don't listen to the left wing loons. Elian's father came over here surrounded by Casto's left wing goons knowing that a poor peon like himself could raise himself up going along with the Castro Regime. One day Elian will be back when he gets tired and has a mind of his own to not be Casto's puppet. The old goat can't live forever.

1571 days ago

that's all    

63. Lots of indoctrinated commenters... and not by Cuba! If communism bothers you so much, tell your gov't to stop coddling China.


And if you love communism so much go live in Cuba and drive around in 55 old Chevy and play dominoes all day. They serve buckets of ice cream to the public at 2pm.

1571 days ago

that's all    

Andres Bustamante, if people never go hungry in Cuba why do 9 year old girls prostitute themselves to tourists in the street? I see why some of you love Cuba so much.

1571 days ago


This is so SAD. No matter how it happened......This poor man is scarred for life. If the democrates had kept him here the republicans would be whining about it. They sent him back and they use it against them. lose/lose. No matter what your politics are, seriously, how can u feel anything but sorrow for this child.

1571 days ago

Derrick G.    

Well, I hate to see the young man in this situation. But, they did the right thing at the time. His father was alive and well and wanted his son home with him. Just like the boy who's mother took him To RIO De Janeiro, divorce the his american dad and then died giving birth to another child in Brazil. The american dad fought to get his son back for five years. Just recently he suceeded! Right is right.

1571 days ago

Derrick G.    

You can only become a US citizen if you are born here. Even if your parents are illegally, you are automatically a citizen.....if you are born on US soil.

1571 days ago


His name is not Elian, its Julian actually!!!

1571 days ago


Fidel Castro loves this young man as if he were his own blood and is earnestly prepping him to succeed him as the next communist leader of Cuba.

1571 days ago

Linda Love Jones    

TO: RR who wrote:
"So sad. He had a chance for freedom, but Bill Clinton and Janet Reno blew it for him..."

It wasn't up to Bill Clinton or Janet Reno to rescue Alien, it was up to his father and his father wanted to go back to Cuba. Alien's father was offered a million dollars to stay in the U.S., but he said no to everything.

A child has a right to be with his natural father, and a father has a right to his own son!

1571 days ago


This is what is in store for all of our children in the future. If this President doesn't change his agenda!

1571 days ago
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