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Gloria Allred Client - Little Person, Big Problem

4/8/2010 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred is standing up for the rights of little people everywhere, by announcing she's filing a disability discrimination claim against a college that allegedly booted a 3'7" student because of her size.

During the news conference, Lydia Aparicio says she was attending Everest College in Reseda, CA to become a medical assistant, but was dropped from the program after school reps said she would never cut it in the real world because of her disability.


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How dare they tell her she can't be a medical assistant. And yes she CAN be a medical assistant. I'm an RN and have worked with little people. People are people and can adapt. There is a job for her somewhere.

1659 days ago

lil ole me    

lol #73..anyways does gloria have to make an "announcement" everytime she takes a case?? would she have done this if this was a normal sized women suing,I think not..also does anybody else think the little person here talks kinda like tattoo from fantasy island??

1659 days ago


It needs to be determined if they actually kicked her out, or just told her the hard truth that her size and body would prevent her from doing the job adequately, as someone with experience here suggested, and that chances of her getting a job in the real world would be slim to none.

Being a doctor and "other sized" might be a more workable situation than being a medical assistant. Different jobs, different tasks.

There are many fine careers she could study for. Why choose one that makes her less than qualified to do the actual job?

1659 days ago


Yes, TMZ, why do you follow allred's every move? She's not the only attorney in the country who takes interesting or controversial cases. Her cases are actually rather lightweight in the scheme of legal work. She's a publicity hound and so, of course, are you.

1659 days ago


You know, these for profit trade schools are notorious for accepting anyone (and even coaching students on entrance exams) so that they can qualify for government financial aid but never expecting the students to graduate.

Had this young women gone to a not for profit state school or community college, there would likely be facilities to realistically help a disabled student choose a course of study that was right for them. There are some positions in the medical field a person of this size could do, some they could not do.

So, while I think GA is an exploiter. I think the same of for profit trade schools. It's a wash.

1659 days ago


She is trying to give herself a pass on all the crap she creates with those Ho clients by using this woman for publicity...I am sorry but she does not convince me she has good intentions..

1659 days ago



This media whore will sue anybody

1659 days ago

brits ok    

C'mon all you f'ing trolls here making all those vile and essentially slanderous remarks against this young woman. It's so easy to be a big mouthed bitch when you're anonymous. How many of you would stand in front of her and spew your nonsense to her face? Not one of you because you are all cowardly low life slime. People like you are the reason this society is as f'd up as it is. Believe me I'd be happy to say that to any of your faces because I know I have nothing to fear from impotent little swine like yourselves. My recomendation is go buy a bottle of Kaopectate and try and stem that flow of crap coming out of your mouths. If you have nothing constructive to say then I suggest you STFU.

1659 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

HEY KARLEW............let me get this straight.your commenting about everyone who has had an OPINION??which they are entitled too.then turn around and bashed everyone for bashing gloria??you stfu moron.i guarantee you wouldnt run your mouth to my face.and the only crap spewing is from glorias ass down the pie hole of your recommendation to you is.....if you dont like free speech then pack your shit and get the fuck out of my country!! swine!!

1659 days ago


It doesn't matter whether she "would" or "would not" get the job. The school's only role is to teach her the skills she would need for the job, not determine whether she'd be any good or capable of doing it. If every school looked at every student, do you know how many people would be kicked out because they "couldn't do" the job they were going to school for? I would never make it as a medical assistant, and I know I wouldn't, simply due to a fear of needles. With that being said, if I went to a school to learn the field and get a certificate, their duty is to teach me regardless. It's a shame they are treating her this way.

1658 days ago


If Everest accepted her and she paid her tuition, they can't dismiss her from the program. Isn't this against her civil rights ? I don't like Alred but if this is the facts I support her on this one.

1658 days ago

Robin Ross    

omg i was in the same class as lydia that is so sad honey its okay everything is going to be alright

1658 days ago


Again, anyone that hires Allred to represent their sob-story knows not of the humiliation of appearing with Allred, which in my mind speaks of an illness far worse.

Once again, a total and automatic lack of respect to anyone that hires or appears with Allred in one of her "look at me and how I've been wronged" circus press conferences.

1658 days ago


If she is in a wheelchair(which she prefers) that raises her up and down, she can escort patients, take their weight, blood pressure, temperatures, medical histories, take blood, finger prick tests, lab work, paper work, billing, appointments, follow up calls. That is what my nurse does. She is capable of doing all those things.
What is with the hate here? She wants to work. She wants to help people. Would you haters rather she sit back and suck up your tax money? Would you rather pay to keep her up for the rest of her life, when she is capable of working? IF she choses to work, is able to work despite her disablity, then we should all help, and encourage her. Some commenters on here, are just miserable haters. I bet they are the ones, who are sitting around, sucking up tax money, not doing anything because they are too lazy and sorry. They are being so hateful because she is making them look bad/lazy/stupid/lumps of hate/no use to society. Sicko's

1658 days ago


Oh no hookers, strippers, or home wreckers for you to trot out this week to make a buck off of....well there's sure to be some next week.......

1658 days ago
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