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Pregnant Man #2

The Baby Photos

4/11/2010 4:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Scott Moore holds the unofficial title of "the second pregnant man" -- but no matter how you slice it, baby Miles is cute as a button.

TMZ has obtained photos of Miles -- born on March 9, 2010 -- with Scott and his husband Thomas (who, like Scott, was born a woman).

Confusing? Perhaps. Adorable? Absolutely.


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1603 days ago


I'm sorry but ick.

1603 days ago


These are not men. If they are capable of carrying and giving birth to children, they are women, no matter how they screw around with the hormones or cut off their breasts.

It personally freaks me out just how confused you have to be in order to try to become an artificial man yet still yearn to experience motherhood.

1602 days ago


this whatever it want's to be called, has no right raising that baby. just another selfish narcisstic idiot who should not be a parent.

1602 days ago

James Fiddler    

Surgical alteration resulting in removal of a woman's breasts and raising her testosterone count to a man's level does not, in any stretch of the imagination, result in her becoming a man. Period. Both of these individuals still retain her female reproductive organs (although the high testosterone levels have resulted in significant enlargement of the clitoris and the presence of facial hair). Thus, these are not "pregnant men," they are hormonally unbalanced women who underwent the equivalent of a double mastectomy. Fashioning their vaginas into penises will not change this either. Your sex is determined chromosomally. The finest surgeon could turn them into physical equivalents of Mandingo, they will still possess two X chromosomes, meaning they will always be women. The only segment of the population that can get away with claiming a different sex than their chromosomes dictate are what we used to call hermaphrodites. In their case, they may be chromosomally male, but they were born mostly with female parts and the presence of testes where the ovaries should be. Notice the difference: Hermaphrodites were born with female sex organs. These individuals were not born with penises.

1602 days ago


I guess farmer John will be able to marry Bessie his prized cow after this goes on.....

1602 days ago


Someone needs to tell him how much newborns eat, or that kid is going to inherit his physique.

1602 days ago


not a man,and that baby is cute

1602 days ago


First of all, I agree with all of you - these headlines are lying to say " had a baby". It's just not true. It's a damn lie!
Second...Damn these babies are going to be the most confused kids on the face of this f@cking planet!
Third, these parents are just damn STUPID for doing this - BOTH of them! There is nothing "precious", "cute", "adorable", or any such adjective in the English language about any of this. These kids are f@cked for life! The first time, they are asked abuot their birth, you're just going to have to admit them to a mental institute when they realize the history of their stupid ass mother.
And last, if you want attention that bad, just take that money you would spend on the medical garbage, and go see a psychiatrist man! I guarantee you they will charge you a fraction of what your stupid ass just paid, AND he/she will give you all the attention you'll need for 5 lifetimes!

1602 days ago


Unless "he" has testicles, and pushed that kid out thru the end of "his" penis, then "he" isn't a "man". Hey, TMZ...STOP giving this freak the attention it so obviously craves!!

1602 days ago


still a woman

1602 days ago


These two have serious Daddy issues.... They wouldn't have done this to themselves or this child if they'd have gotten what they needed when they were raised. Tragic story.

1602 days ago


I still get confused about this story.........

1602 days ago


I get the difference between transgender and transsexual and all that bullshit. Nobody's going to understand them and people continue to make judgments because they don't get it. But if you're living your life as a man and then do the ultimate female function, then you've just defeated the whole purpose of who you are.

1602 days ago


People are so stupid, these are not the first pregnant men, because hello, they are women, so still pregnant women!!

1602 days ago
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