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Suri Cruise -- Baby's First Lipstick

4/12/2010 5:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While in her birth mother Katie Holmes' arms this weekend in NYC, adorable little Suri Cruise showed off her hot pink lipstick to her legions of adoring fans.

Suri turns four next Sunday, which begs the question ...


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someone who reads    

Why did you write her birth mother? Was that questionable at some point? if not, it makes you look ridiculous. Perhaps you should hire staff that know what they are doing? I find this site really amusing, not in any good way. Too comical really.

A birth Son

1617 days ago


It's lipstick people, get over it! She is adorable.

1617 days ago


Get over it people. As the mother of a soon to be 4yr old and 3 other older children I can attest that all little girls love to wear mommy's lipstick and play in high heels. As for the comment on her clothes my little one loves to wear what she wants. Sometimes they are wrinkly and sometimes they have stains on them but they are her favorite clothes. Leave them alone. They are doing fine with her. I don't agree with the bottle thing but I haven't seen any recent photos of Suri with a bottle.

1617 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Good Dracula impersonation

1617 days ago


Normally it wouldn't seem odd to see a little girl with lipstick on, but this is so incongruous, because these people still have this FOUR year old on a BOTTLE!!!! I think their priorities are very very screwed up. Which is it, is she a 'normal' little girl, wearing lipstick and playing dress-up, or a child who needs some intervention so that she CAN grow up? A BOTTLE? OMG!

1617 days ago


Excuse me, but what question does her turning four beg?

1617 days ago


Suri....You look GORGEOUS! Mommy chose a good color for you!!! You get more beautiful EVERY DAY!!!!

1617 days ago


Maybe she's in mommy's arms because they are constantly being stalked and mommy would rather keep her little girl protected than let her get run over by media hounds. As for the bottle....every child has their time to grow out of things (my daughter had a pcifier until she was 4 1/2). The lipstick?......she wants to be like mommy...big freaking deal. Get over yourselves! Onlly a perv would look at that as something more than playing dress-up!!! She's around stars all day who have to look good...I wish I had a mom who wore make-up and would let me use it when I was a little girl!

1617 days ago


Does science fiction religion allow that?

1617 days ago


Reminds me of this song..

1617 days ago


Hey "Cookie" one word: HUH?

1617 days ago


Why is Suri always carried? She is treated like a baby (being carried and drinking from a bottle) but dresses like a pre-teen.

1617 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

Perverted parenting at it's best.

1617 days ago

LA Native    

I predict she will be a holy terror in 12 years or so...just wait.
Get her in preschool where she can be a normal kid, instead of hanging out on movie sets and other inappropriate locations for a 3 year old. Do we ever see this little girl with others of her own age? And put her down for gods sake! And by the way, lipstick has been proven to have a lot of harmful chemicals in it including lead, and thats something I would not use on a child of that age. Once or twice at home for a few minutes while mommy is getting ready to go out, ok, but this girl seems to get whatever she wants, whenever she wants and that sets a bad precedent. The time will come for that later, when her immune system and other functions have matured. All in good time. Let children be children.

1617 days ago


Lipstick on a four year old? There's something wrong with that, just as there is with nail polish, hair color, etc. on a child. It reminds me of what Patsy Ramsey did to JonBenet Ramsey, which is turn her into a sexpot at age six, draw attention to her and make her attractive to a sexual predator, who then killed her.

1617 days ago
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