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Suri Cruise -- Baby's First Lipstick

4/12/2010 5:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While in her birth mother Katie Holmes' arms this weekend in NYC, adorable little Suri Cruise showed off her hot pink lipstick to her legions of adoring fans.

Suri turns four next Sunday, which begs the question ...


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I can understand dressup, you don't go out of the house like that. Add that to the fact that she wears heels, is in the middle of winter wearing a sleeveless dress in New York with no jacket....and on top of that stil uses a bottle.....I think I would question their parenting skills. Sounds like the parents are lazy. Whatever the kid wants - the kid gets. Wait till she's a teen....

1614 days ago


Oh gosh. I remember playing dress up and wearing my mom's lipstick and getting into her perfume. oh man. And the reason she probably doesn't walk around in pictures are because of the paparazzi!

1614 days ago


ok people first off maybe this child never walks because no matter where they go theres hundreds of people swarming them and its safer to keep her in the mothers arms and maybe just maybe suri wanted to play dress up and be like her mommy and wear lipstick and omg just maybe u people need to worry more about your own children and stop worrying about her.

1614 days ago


Suri can wear make-ups, lipsticks, high heels if she wants to, or if Tom and Katie wants her to do so. So, leave her alone? If she's going to be going out she'll definitely be photographed and her attire will be commented on. If some people may admire and gush over her attire, why can't other people say that she is dressed inappropriately? Some of the comments may be wrong but a lot of them may turn out to be right. So, here's mine: in most of her attires she appears to be much, much older than her actual age. In her photo with lipstick, she looks like a 10-year old girl being carried by her mother.

1614 days ago


we do not openly condemn or actively stop parents for feeding junk food to kids, thus instilling bad eating habits and letting them face a future of obesity, or letting them watch too much tv and play video games......i think this discussion is more about what is culturally acceptable and make up and heels is not so acceptable even though it may cause less harm than bad eating habits and other things that make up the cultural experience of being a child in America. Being a mother myself, I feel the most important thing for a child is security and a sense of unconditional love from parents, if Suri has that, she will figure out life and its challenges ( pressures and expectations of parents which we all face ) in a positive and optimistic manner. Personally i let my 2 year old daughter be free and express herself which ever way she likes from playing ball to dressing up in frocks and let her decide how she defines herself. Just give a lot of options to children

1613 days ago


why doesn't Katie Smile anymore? why isn't she staring in Movies or on TV shows any longer. i think she was a great actress. I'd like to see her on TV or the Big Screen again.

1611 days ago

Susan H.    

Makes you wonder if Tom and Katie are trying to get Suri to join kiddie pageants like Jan Benet Ramsey's parents did. She is way TOO young to be wearing heels and lipstick! It's sickening retarded.
Katie is never happy either....

1584 days ago


Katie doesn't smile anymore because she's not happy with her life. She spends so much time without Tom because of it. Check the link.

1541 days ago
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