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Chris Brown's Census Confusion

4/13/2010 7:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown had no problem headlining a Census rally today in Richmond, VA. Actually filling out his census is a whole other Oprah.

Brown, in an interview with WBBT in Richmond, admitted he hadn't done his own census yet, saying, "I was unaware of it in the beginning too, I was like, 'I'm not too sure what the census is.'"

Chris has nothing to worry about -- there are no questions like, "Have you been convicted of a crime?" on a census form.


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South Beach    

Could this POS be any more brain dead? Amazing.

1617 days ago


What an as****. Not only a woman beater, but a stupid mofo as well. Imagine that.

1617 days ago


For all of you that are saying that your kids and are the same age but do not know what a census is.... Your kids are dumb asses just like him. They probrably have a 4th grade reading level... and did not pay attention in church.... Send your kids back to JR high.

1617 days ago


Census is serious business. We don't ask for your ssn. Its how many people live at your house/apartment etc...their names ages and b days and relationship to head of household. Thats all. And your phone number in case of a verification issue.

I'm a crew leader in my census district.

1617 days ago


I've watched this kid practically grow throughout the years, and let me say, he's grown into a troubled family, where his family was not present, he went out and did what he wanted to a la Cory Haim status. Therefore, became this ****ty little brat that was too proud of himself. Thinks he's king **** because nobody will say anything to him about it.

This kid definitely needs to get his ass kicked bad, just once.

Just saying!

1617 days ago


Is he a certified moron or just a borderline moron?

1617 days ago


I am honestly amazed by all of these comments as well TMZ. I would imagine the comments were not created by children so it is suprising that intelligent adults actually think like this. This guy/kid made a major life changing mistake and appears to be learning from it. Media outlets like TMZ focus on the negative and influence the masses with what they print. Did any of you think that he is raising awareness about something that no one pays attention to? In his hometown? This is not for are about the only outlet showing this and you place it in such a negative light. You must mention something about his charges? Let him live. Then put up another article about Charlie Sheen wearing his pajamas to Radio Shack. Where is the insults there? The man has consistently shown he has abused women and threatened their lives. No bad press there though....lets ridicule the 20 year old that made one mistake and has accepted the consequences. He is attempting to better himself and that should be looked at positively. The media in our country is a joke........

1617 days ago


I'm sure there are many people besides Chris Brown that do not know what the Census is. Some even get violent about the questions asked by Census workers, now that is pathetic.
Hang in there, Chris Brown.

1617 days ago


Brian @ 43...well said. It is amazing, TMZ continues to spiral downward.

1617 days ago


Thank you Adams! I was thinking the exact same thing. If you don't know what a ****ing census is by the time you're in high school, you are either VERY uneducated for your age or just plain stupid. This is something one should probably know by sixth grade or so.

1617 days ago



1617 days ago


There is no question regarding crimes on a census form maybe you all at TMZ should have went to this rally because you are dumber than you claim Chris Brown to be. You here at TMZ and the people making rude comments on your stupid ass web page intelligence levels are about the same, zero.

1617 days ago

Chris brown= old news.    

Oh man did i hate Chris Brown after he hit Rihanna. But oh boy i don't even give a **** anymore. It was like ages ago, and he seems to be moving on. Not a Chris Brown fan...never will be. Started liking him when he released ''with you'' but whats about it.

I also found it funny how he said him and Tiger woods were the same...hardly. He still has support...chris' support is dwindling man. I reckon he'll be back though as long as he brings out a killer record...just been average lately man that's the truth.

All his songs have just been average.

1617 days ago

Chris brown= old news.    

Its funny. My friend was like "Justin biebers famous now until he hits someone" and im like "only black people do that".

Now i know what ya'll are thinking and im black and thats what everyone thought when Chris hit rihanna "Typical black people". Even though Charlie Sheen has done the same sort of ****. It's just the way people like to see it.

Then that stuff with Kanye and Tiger... but luckily people had Tiger's back. Even though what he did was dirtyy.

1617 days ago


Thomas Xavier, you're just one of the many tards in the cesspool of hired PR goons here to make your clients look good, I love to watch you idiots copy and paste the same crap on TMZ, Twitter and some of the other social networks, most normal don't have time to come on here and defend these losers all day and night, try not to be so obvious.

1617 days ago
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