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Golf Tourney -- Extra Protection for Tiger Woods

4/18/2010 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The golfers aren't the only people looking to knock Tiger Woods off his game at the upcoming Quail Hollow Championship -- officials are beefing up security to make sure the hecklers stay away from the world's most famous athlete. 

TMZ spoke with the tournament's Executive Director Kym Hougham -- who tells us that in light of the drama surrounding Woods, they are taking the necessary steps to make sure he gets through his rounds undisturbed ... which means more hired muscle than usual.

Woods received similar treatment at the Masters -- but hecklers were still able to penetrate the sky.

Round one of the tourney begins April 29.

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No Avatar


Some "Tiger" he is. A fraidy cat, a little ***** is more like it. His "roar" has turned into a "meow" --- purr. What a sissy boy. haha

1647 days ago


Too bad this all had to happen.The only thing I have to say is stay away for some time. Take care of your personal life and works things out. Just make sure your family is protected and safe from harm.

1647 days ago


Too bad this all had to happen.The only thing I have to say is stay away for some time. Take care of your personal life and works things out. Just make sure your family is protected and safe from harm.

1647 days ago


Screw Tiger Woods, he brought on his problems HIMSELF! They should not have extra security for him. In 1977, Hubert Green was getting serious death threats during the US Open Tournament - but WON it.. with on extra security. In 1978, Jack Nicklaus had several threats of assassination during the final two rounds of the Masters. And TIGER has extra security to avoid HECKLERS? WAHHH! Poor Tiger!

By the way...
This is by far the greatest youtube channel for Tiger Woods videos:
One of my favorites on that channel is:

1646 days ago


I don't think anyone could have said it better than polarbear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1646 days ago


why dose he need protection? he should suffer the same way his wife and kids are. He is lower than a worm and someone should make him feel like dirt.

1646 days ago


100% 0f Men & women cheat ..HEY! this 2010 not 1900...

1646 days ago


Why dont ppl just mind their own damn business and leave Tiger woods personal life out of his career...he is a professional golfer...
what the hell does his personal life have to do with anything?
is the media so hard up? For f**k sakes man...MIND YOU DAMN BUSINESS.

1646 days ago


Funny how people are telling others not to Buy/wear Nike when that's most of what Elins wears.

1646 days ago


What a country we live in when people feel they have a right to get up in someone else's private business. He doesn't have to explain himself to anyone but his wife. wonder how these reporters would feel if we discussed their private lives? he isn't the first nor will he be the last to cheat on his spouse, and from what I read these days women are cheating as much or more than men. His wife knew what she was getting, he got her didn't he? the baby sitter makes it big. If I were him I'd never play golf again and screw em all. The more he makes in money the more the women will get....People talk about someone you actually know.

1646 days ago

Lady Carolyn    

I would love to be Tiger lady. But he only want barbie doll. Not a sister. And people need to leave him alone. What's is done is done. End of this crazy story about his sex life. Hop on to something else.

1645 days ago


To Lady Carolyn at post # 46 above ... in addition to myself, I'm sure that there are "many" who would find much pleasure, were His Highness to take on someone like you as his lover ... God bless you and praise be. Unfortunately that is not likely to happen, as Tiger Woods detests both his African blood and anything connected to black culture ... he is a cruel and racist pig, completely intoxicated on his own self-worth and grandeur. However, I've just read a passage in my Bible, which I believe may assuage some of the disappointment that you might be feeling. It reads: "Invite the adulterer to a grand feast and there offer him a generous fare, laced with poisons ... as he suc***bs to God's will, you must hurl stones and cedar logs upon him ... whence the serpent has expired, you may then burn his fat, which will produce an aroma that is very pleasing to the Lord".

1644 days ago
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