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Justin Bieber -- Childlike

4/24/2010 5:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber remembered he was a 16-year-old kid and allowed himself some fun, playing a little football on the beach in Sydney yesterday.

Sometimes even a teenager is allowed to take a break.


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You guys are all wrong.
I love Justin Bieber and I am a 20 year old guy.
I live in New York city so I am cool, ok?
Keep it up Justin, keep it on.

1607 days ago


awww he is a cutie, just wanna pinch him! give him time to grow up sheesh, you people are just mean!

1607 days ago


he looks about 13 at the most. I have a 16 year old and a 17 year old who look like all of their friends - Bieber is downright puny!

1607 days ago


He needs to see a doctor and find out why he hasn't hit puberty by now. His appearance is obviously a sign of some kind of hormonal disorder and should not be mocked.

1607 days ago


This tot is 16? Oy vey.

1607 days ago


15. WTH is Justin Bieber? Looks at most 12 - by the time I was 16, I had been working full time since I was 12, going to high school, and stil working part time on computer repairs. I had a full chest of hair and a goatee. That kid needs a haircut and swift kick in the ass.

Posted at 11:22 AM on Apr 24, 2010 by Cliff

Please, do enlighten us how kicking someone in the ass causes the hormonal changes necessary to facilitate puberty.

1607 days ago


His feet are so beautiful. He is very talented and very buff and I would love to see him on the beach.

1607 days ago

Throwback kid    

I never thought I wold say it but Justin Bieber is more annoying than Corey Feldmen. And get in the gym, my 9 year old has more muscle tone.

1607 days ago


Where's a great white shark when you need it?

1607 days ago

I'm a crazy person...    

I would give ANYTHING to see Ray Lewis (Linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens) hit this dorky little kid mid sprint with every ounce of strength he has.

I am sorry...this kid is a friggin' KOOK! Just do not get it.

1607 days ago


He looks like he's having a good time. Why is the discussion topic about puberty? I know a 20 year old that looks like that. Everyone is different, if you only like 'em caveman-like than just look away and go away.

1607 days ago


Cute kid. People need to stop hating. He has done extremely well for himself and has taken advantage of a great situation. Can't blame him for doing it.

1607 days ago

Throwback kid    

If I was Justin Bieber I would go to a doctor and have my testosterone level checked. It looks like he doesn't have any

1607 days ago


the kid is overrated. looks like a dweeb and sings like a girl

1607 days ago


balls bigger then he is whered he get that football toys r'us wat mickey mouse club did this little geek fall out of .. makes me sick that 10 year olds are becoming multi millionaires off of other little 9-12 year olds who dont even work for a living its all there stupid parents fault. And if anyone beleives this kid is actually 16 needs to get there head examined

1607 days ago
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