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Tiger Woods -- Back on Course

4/24/2010 2:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods played a round of golf yesterday at the Isleworth Country Club as he gets in shape to play the Quail Hollow Championship in Charlotte, NC next week.

Much like he was at the Masters, Tiger is the betting favorite next week as well.

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South Beach    

And like the Masters, I hope someone, anyone, hands this whining POS his head. It was awesome.

1552 days ago

Mary Ann    

# 14 - Debbie
Boy, you sure are one bitter woman. Maybe your husband had reasons to cheat on you.
Not all men are bad

1552 days ago


It is just golf people! No ones lives are saved, no cures for cancer are solved, it is just golf. A game. He had a sweet life and it wasn't good enough for him and he had to go outside his marriage to feel full filled, maybe he needs to find another game to play since golf doesn't get his nuts off.

1552 days ago


I hope Tiger does win and I think he will continue to win. And no, I am not one of his ho's, I have never ever met Tiger Woods, and besides that, I am happily married to a wondeful man who I wouldnt trade for anyone. I am just sick of everyone acting like were all sinless and perfect. I was hoping he would win the Masters,and he did good and its great that Mickelson won too, that was nice as well, I am just so sick of the stupidness in all of this.

1552 days ago


My wish is Tiger loses every match, goes broke, gets arrested for soliciting a prostitute & goes to jail..

1552 days ago


He put his beautiful family way down on his list of importance. He doesn't give a damn about them. If Tiger really wanted to show his wife he cared he would have skipped the Masters....it was show real sacrifice. But...it is all about him. He wants money and endorsements back.
To all Cheetah lovers : Golf was here BEFORE Tiger Woods and Golf will be here AFTER Tiger Woods.

1552 days ago


let me get this straight.........Tiger was playing golf? WOW! i had no clue. thanks for this earth ****tering "news."

1552 days ago


enough already with Tiger Woods!

1552 days ago


kooky - u need to stop

1552 days ago


Sorry Tiger, you have made me sorry for you and your family. I hope that you feel good about what you have done. What were you thinking, what about your wife, your kids. What do you think your Dad is thinking right now? Is he proud? Thank God he didn't see this. You are talented but because you are soooooo wonderful you have let so many down, but your family has been let done the most. Was it really worth it? Tiger u may win at golf, but you are a looser when it comes to what is really imortant, and that is FAMILY. Please wake up. All loser women will sleep with guys with $$$. You need to see that. Wake you before it is too late.

1552 days ago


Way to go Tiger!!!

1551 days ago



1551 days ago


That's funny. It's almost like Tiger has fans. But not really because all of the people at his golf games were threatened that if they made any remarks or did anything, they would be thrown out.

Truth is 95% of people are disgusted by him. 2.5% are his die-hard fans and will worship him even if he came and personally took a sh** at all of them. The other 2.5% are men who like to think they can get all the booty they want, when they want. Keep dreamin' kids!

Tiger, you're still pathetic! But you haven't weathered the storm yet. Wait til Elin and your kids are calling another man daddy. Karma is a b****.

1551 days ago


Some of you people really need to calm down. The man made a mistake in his life and is paying a price for that mistake. Some of you need to get off your high horse and stop pretending that you are holier than thou. He cheated and hurt his family but has also taken steps to repair his relantionship as best as he can. This is supposed to be the land of second chances so let Tiger have his.

In addition Tiger Woods was never marketed as this great family man. A faithful husband and a loving father isn't why endorsers were lined up around the block to sign him. They wanted to sign him because he was a winner and the best at what he does. He always cursed, told racist jokes and was stand offish with most media members so why do some of you people act like he destroyed your faith in humanity. They are many so called "good guys" out there but they aren't giving endorsement deals why, they don't win. So stop acting like the reason Tiger was in the limelight was because of his outstanding moral fiber. Maybe it is time we stop placing such high trust in people we see on t.v.

1551 days ago



*******!!! there is no karma here. Only simple mided fools believe in karma. If karma were real, then Western( read white) society would be an ashpile right now, given its litany of sins. So please STFU!!!

Tiger is a winner and will rise to the top again. Take a look at the ratings, dip****!!!

BTW Tiger is bigger than Golf. Without him, there is no game. Only moralising idiots stuck with their own pathetic lives have the time to post bs garbage like your post. Turn on the light in that cave of yours, *******!!!

1551 days ago
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