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MJ's Cirque Show -- The Elvis Connection

5/1/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some serious progress is being made on the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil project -- TMZ has learned two Executive Producers have been selected ... and one of 'em has a tie with Elvis.

The powers that be at Cirque have tapped one guy to run the permanent Vegas show and another guy to E.P. the traveling arena show.

One of the guys in charge of the show is Stephane Mongeau -- the same dude who oversaw that awesome Elvis-themed Cirque du Soleil show.

As we first reported, the tour will begin in the Fall of 2011 and travel throughout North America.


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just an observation    

Will be a wonderful show. Can't wait to see the "real thing"

1601 days ago

What is up?    

MJ 4 Evahhhh!

1601 days ago


Why is it when ever you hear MJ's Name they wanna throw Elvis name in the Mix? Dang.... Ice baby Plz ok This is a free country and MJ had the Right to look any way he wanted ok.. what I dont get is why u haters who say they dont care about MJ come on a bord about him... u must really wanted someone to say something to u.. are u happy now.? Elivs was cool back in the 50's and MJ' is the King...

1601 days ago


MICHAEL Was no freak to me I thought he was quite handsome...
All Elvis could do was sing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael's legacy will run rings around Elvis's
sooooooooo fasten your seat belt because all your going
to see, is the smoke

Michael has already out sold him in albums and he
hasn't been dead 30 years

he hee

1601 days ago


Elvis was amazing and hot young guy. Michael was amazing and (IMO) hot through most of his life. I'm a fan of both. I grew up with my mom listening Elvis and me listening Michael.They were both extremely talented. Why do we have to make it a contest between these two artists? Why can't we enjoy both their talents which were different and great? Elvis is the King of Rock! Michael is the King of Pop! BTW Great pic of Michael!!! :)

1601 days ago


I L.O.V.E. the fact that Cirque is doing this show for Michael and can't wait to see it! I know Michael would've loved it, too. His 02 COncerts were going to have that Cirque feel to them in a way.
As for the Elvis connection, WHO CARES?
I give Elvis his props as much as the next guy, but HE'S NO MICHAEL JACKSON!!
Watch out! I feel a Michael vs. Elvis coming on:
1.Michael performed hundreds of intricate dance moves from pop/locking to moves inspired by Astaire and Kelly. Many of which he created or perfected as his own while Elvis was simply known for shaking his pelvis--no pun intended, a move that anyone with or without rhythm can do. The only reason Elvis became known for it is because it was considered taboo back in those days--especially on TV, and he went on Ed Sullivan and did that which caused a cultural uproar. I give him his props for trailblazing dance boundaries, but that's it.
2. Michael has written hundreds of songs, many of them Top 10 hits.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, Elvis had a great voice, but is not on record as having written ANY of his songs. Furthermore, he and The Colonel, his mgr. STOLE many of his hit songs from down on their luck black blues artists.
3. The one thing they had in common? Lisa Marie and the fact they're both considered music icons who looked better in their early years, and died tragic deaths.
Bottom line, I love Elvis from his early era--even once bought a retro T-shirt because although he was before my generation, I've watched his movies and thought his music was good. Too bad he didn't write his own music, maybe that would've brought him up to Michael's level...but then he would've had to have been a genius, too...
I'm sure if Elvis had heard Michael's music, he would've more than likely tried to steal it, too...He knew great music when he heard it. Give the man that....
No Peace till Justice!

1601 days ago




1601 days ago


Okay I'm sure Elvis did hear Michael's music (Well, The Jackson's music anyway) Michael was 16 years old when Elvis died. As for Elvis not writing his music well back then artist did not write their music! They were not allowed to write their own music. That was what song writers were for. It was much later when some Motown artists really fought for the right to write some of their music. So please don't down play Elvis's talent because he wasn't allowed to write music and have a successful career. I am a huge fan of Michael Jackson, but I'm not going to put down another great artist. Elvis was amazing! Can't wait to see Michael's Cirque du Soleil show. Still MissingMJ :)

1601 days ago


correction I'm sorry I got my math wrong Michael was 18 years old when Elvis died

1601 days ago

Floor from the NETHERLANDS!    

I think Elvis was for that time the biggest star.... but then Michael was born! I think they were both great but Michael used his fame to HEAL THE WORLD, HELP PEOPLE IN AFRICA etc.. So I think that is very good!:D But In music they were both great but also both VERY DIFFERENT! The youth of today likes MJ music more, I guess... so that is the difference... MJ's music is more fun for the youth of today the Elvis's ..... MJ's Music is timeless!!!

But still they are both great Entertainers!

1601 days ago


Stephen Colbert: "It's Time to Take Hamilton Off the Ten" (NEW YORK) It's time to take Alexander Hamilton off the ten dollar bill, says pundit Stephen Colbert -- "because nobody knows who he is." Saying that "Americans deserve better from their Mint," Colbert suggested that a "fresher look" might be gained by Madonna

1601 days ago

sick of it    

just let the FREAK go lmao at the american idiots about this clown...

1601 days ago


I am eagerly waiting for this show. It will be a true tribute to MJ.
force factor

1601 days ago

MC D-Lyte    

At first I thought Iron Man 2 would be as sweet as The Dark Knight but I was so shocked because it was even better... like it was more like the best sequel of all time Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. YES!!!

Read a review here

1601 days ago


In before the 400 posts by the "I Love MJ...He Is Still Alive...He Was Murdered" Morons.

Q: What did one worm say to the other worm upon crawling out Michaels nose?

A: Look! We got a sunroof!

1601 days ago
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