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Arnie Klein: I Did Not Betray Michael Jackson

5/3/2010 7:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein -- Michael Jackson's long-time best friend and physician -- tells TMZ he did not betray Michael Jackson by claiming to TMZ that MJ had an affair with Klein's office manager ... and he's freaked out that he's getting "a lot of horrible death threats."

Klein and office manager Jason Pfeiffer were featured on "Extra" a few days ago -- during the interview Pfeiffer claimed to have had a romantic relationship with MJ.

Klein called in during TMZ Live last Friday, and said Michael was gay and Jason was "the love of his life."

On Saturday, Klein told TMZ he does not believe he betrayed Jackson because Jackson never tried to hide his sexuality. We called Klein out on his statement, because it seems to us MJ went to extreme lengths to keep his sexuality a secret.

Klein told us Saturday, "Was he gay? Yes." He then went on to say his declaration is meant to shoot down rumors that Jackson was a pedophile. And, Klein says, as far as he knows, Jason's alleged two-month relationship is the only gay relationship Jackson ever had.

Pfeiffer says, "Michael was not ashamed of his sexuality."

Klein and Pfeiffer say they have received numerous "horrible death threats" since their statements became widely public this week. They have both been in touch with the FBI and now say they have bodyguards.


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#51. I just read this:

"There is something very suspicious about the story and Arnold Kleins call to TMZ ,the day after the broadcast..

Klein is under pressure to account for time, Michael spent in
his office...and I'm sure this is the story that Klein gave the to investigators to dodge a bullet

I believe Michael is being set-up by these two "Fat Bastards"
Believe me I have no problem with MJ being Bi or gay . Michael was a very
discreet and private man ..THIS JUST DOESN'T ADD UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The second segment of "Jason Pfeiffer's BS tell all" never showed
THANKS to MJ'S fans ...You can put that where the sun don't shine

That is the reason! MJ fans are the most savvy people on the planet. Thank you cindee Also, on her last comment: MJ fans are really making a difference regarding the lies about MJ.

1599 days ago


he wasn't gay ,he was a child with great soul and personality ,but yet not enough grown ,mature man .It says everything, children can not have sex or mature relationships ,that is the answer to all questions about it

1599 days ago

blue pen    

No. 51:

Go listen to Charles Thompson for real facts.

1599 days ago


Who is Charles Thompson and where do we find him?

1599 days ago


Here they come again, the haters who despise Michael, yet are so incredibly well informed that they must have spent days and nights with him for years, including in his bed, studying his sex life up close.

All signs, including porn that Michael had and that should have stayed private, point to him not being gay. (If he were, I wouldn't mind.) Boys' fingerprints on the magazines only mean that they found them (which the staff confirmed, adding that some of the kids were terribly obnoxious).

Also, whom do I believe, Arnie Klein or Michael Jackson himself? I think you have to believe a person first and his shady doctor second, if at all. AK to me does not come across as a man of honor, integrity or character. So I think I'll stick with Michael's version.

1599 days ago


What a load of trash! It is quite clear that Michael Jackson was not only an extremely private person, but one that rejected various claims of homosexuality. He is on record saying that he was not gay, for example, in a New of the World interview in 1996, which obviously contradicts what Klein is suggesting about him not wanting to hide his sexuality. Moreover, if Klein was a loyal friend of Michael Jackson's he would not constantly be in the press, especially exposing alleged private details about his sexuality to the world. Real friends do not do such things, especially about something which I think Michael Jackson would have seen as profoundly personal and private. Likewise, if Jason Pfeiffer really did love Michael Jackson he would not be broadcasting deeply personal information to the world, but keeping quiet about it. Even if Michael Jackson was gay, which I doubt he was simply because he seemed genuinely flirtaeous with women, surely would not have become sexually involved or fallen in love with someone who does not match the classical beauty he seemed to strive for in his life. All the women he associated himself with were undeniably attractive in the ideal sense and thus suggests he would have looked for the same characteristics in a male lover which Jason Pfeiffer clearly is not.

The fact that it is alleged that Michael Jackson was with this guy for two months and according to Klein was "the love of his life" casts further doubt on the situation as two months is barely enough time to get to know a person let alone genuinely fall in love. It is in my honest opinion that both Klein and Pfeiffer seem to desire a source of constant attention which not only shows their disloyalty and deceit, but greed, insensitivity and disrespect for Michael Jackson and his family.If Klein does not want any more death threats or negative remarks,than perhaps he should learn how to keep his mouth shut and respect his friend, if that is what he was, Michael Jackson.

1599 days ago


Michael was clearly a person who was into aesthetics. Look at the women he surrounded himself throughout his life (ok, Debbie doesn't count. Lol)
"IF" MJ were gay...does anyone *really* think he would choose THAT as a partner? I don't think ANY gay or bisexual would choose that porker.

1599 days ago


I agree with 98 ,but not about Debbie Rowe ,she is quite beautiful and has charizma ,but just fat

1599 days ago


Well...yeah, I believe she was probably better looking as a young girl. Truthfully, she wasn't *that* bad when she and Michael married.
There is definitely wayyyy worse. I think its name is......???Jason??? Lol

1599 days ago


We are watching and...laughing;))

1599 days ago


ok must i post the many times that mj said he was not gay.....
must i post the many times that you could tell that he liked woman....
this man is a lier and i must say to TMZ that i am glad that you called this man out. even if he was gay (which he is not) it was very claer that he wanted to be seen as a man that loved woman not man.
that doc can not sit there and tell me that he would wanted it this why, hell no. i so not normally comment on stories.... people **** about this man all the time, and i would drive my self crazy trying to go off about every thing that is said about him.... but to say that mj would want it this way hell no.
all that man did was made himself look like an ass hole b/c even if you thought he was gay everyone knows that he did not want to be seen that way

1599 days ago


Who cares. The guy died a year ago, try to find a new story. Thanks for wasting 2 minutes of my life.

1599 days ago


anything for money ...

mj used to flirt with pretty girls,and even if he was gay ... he could do wayyyyy better than that

1599 days ago


you're a traitor klein... you better shut the f**** up!!!
youre not really been a friend to michael... SNAKE!!!!!!!

1599 days ago


Michael Jackson was not gay. someone please tell me were did he hide this 500lbs? First of all Michael did not like Pork, he had nothing to do with Pork,nothing. the only person new about this relation ship was pfeiffy, and klein. Michael didn't know. it's all in his mind wishful thinking. Mjj i love you,miss you and i will defend you until the end of time.

1599 days ago
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