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Freddy Krueger

Good Genes

or Good Docs?

5/2/2010 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Freddy Krueger has got killer looks.

Here's the disfigured razor-sharp character back when he starred in the original 1984 film "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (left) -- and 26 years later, the 2010 version in the new remake (right).

He's dreamy.


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I find it amazing that 25 years later, with how much more advanced special effects, make up, technology, etc. is now, that the new one doesn't look scarier or more realistic. The old Freddy looked much better, and Robert Englund was the best!

1643 days ago


It's sucks!!!! New Freddy looks like Fantomas.....

1643 days ago


I'm 36 and I remember the old one. With that said, I went and saw the new one and it SUCKED! Dont waste your money, wait for DVD / Blu Ray. It had a "few" good effects shots, other wise I was disappointed. Looks like he had to much make up on and his mouth moved weird. No funny sick humor from Freddy. So yeah......

1643 days ago


That's the new make up? Wow. It sucks. I'm not a fan of it at all.

1643 days ago


The only thing cool about the new Freddy is his voice; very effective. Physically the new Freddy is puny looking though. I mean he is anorexic looking to me. The make-up is not very good either. Poorly designed.

1643 days ago


I guess the IQ's at TMZ aren't too high. If they had done their research they would know that it's a different actor therefore the makeup would be different...TMZ YOU FAIL

1643 days ago

Cocoa Bunny    

the original Freddy is way creepier then the new one. it looks like he has clay or silly putty on his face

1643 days ago


Why mess with a good thing? Robert Englund was frightening. This guy looks/acts/sounds like a hillbilly with down syndrome. *yawn* I agree with the previous posters, wait for the rental.

1643 days ago


ATTENTION HOLLYWOOD: STOP MAKING REMAKES!!!! Use your brains and come up with something original!! This includes musicians as well!

1643 days ago

feldmans enemy    

and he does look the Banjo boy from Deliverence

1643 days ago


The whole idea of remaking Nightmare is stupid, the original was awesome why remake it. Freddy Krueger is Robert Englund and no one else. The makeup on the new freddy looks so stupid and not even scary. The makeup that Freddy donned over 25 years ago looks so much scarier and better. I hate all the Hollywood bullcrap of remaking every god damn movie they can and they all suck with maybe the exception in horror of the new Friday the 13th and The Hills Have Eyes. I protest the new Nightmare and my eyes will never see this movie

1643 days ago


Thumbs down on the remake. It was not scary, very slow moving and quite boring. Dont waste the money. Wait until it comes out on DVD or one of the movie chanels on cable.

1643 days ago

Casey Leigh    

I think that the new freddy is horrible. i had no idea they even changed him. i went and saw the movie last night with my cousins since we grew up on the nightmare collection, we went. we all agreed it had its scary moments but it wasnt the same. this movie is probably the only freddy movie i would not buy.

1643 days ago


Freddy does not look like freddy because Robert England is not in it. I do wish that HOLLYWOOD would stop remaking classics like Nightmare on elm street, Halloween, and Friday the 13th leave this movies alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1643 days ago


Good Grief

1643 days ago
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