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Halle Berry -- Mystery Date?

5/1/2010 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Single lady Halle Berry was spotted in NYC last night with a new guy ... on the day news came out of her split with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry.

That Halle sure rebounds fast.


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Jerome was in Halle's life for about 3 yrs (age 3) and was let back in for 1 yr (age 10). U all think Judy Berry didn't have another abusive partner betwx 1969 and 1976. Puhleeze. What kind of mother would allow an abusive man that beat her eldest daughter come back into the home? Halle make her mother out to be a martyr. She told Dave Letterman back in 1995 (see video on YouTube) that her mother was chain smokin (some nurse) type of chick. She raised her bi-racial girls in a all white suburb. Now why is this Jerome's fault? Judy let her emotional weakness and sexual needs precede the needs of her girls. JUDY is the rsn for Halle's problems. I had an absent father but who I am and the type of relationships I had r due to the type of relationships my mother exposed me to after her break up w/ my father. Same thing w/ Berry. Judy was a bad role model when it came to her interactions w/ men. Jerome was not her first or last lover. Do u really think Judy has had no man for 40 yrs?

1605 days ago


She left beautiful gorgeous Gabriel for this??? She's insane!

1605 days ago


The only thing that dude is missing is a tooth pick hanging out of his mouth.
Anyway, never been a huge fan, she is always the victim but the men in her past seem to move on and not be evil monsters.
She is a drama queen.

1605 days ago


She also played the poor brave woman after she crashed a woman's car, which fractured the arm of the driver.
Halle loves to look like she's a brilliant role model for "Blacks" She's not fun & just average; not a natural beauty.

1605 days ago


Damn playa, stay up!

1605 days ago


#10 Meghan has an excellent point. He looks like the pansy ass backup dancer sort.

1605 days ago


WOW! and she blamed her ex for being a sex addict.

ALL her beauty is only from the outside,so superficial!!

cuz girl z a SL*T!!!

1605 days ago


Boy , look at all the white people going crazy..WOW , i had no idea halle's relationship with Gabe mearnt so much to

Well , i guess black men and black babes are

ooh well..

1605 days ago


Don't regress, Halle. You've had nothing but bad experiences with black men all your life, starting with your father. Don't you want your daughter to have a good image of what men should be -- you'd better run to try and get Gabriel back.

A Black Female

1605 days ago


Other sources have reported that it was He that wanted out due to her age (Being older) and his attraction to other women. Nothing to do with Race......

1605 days ago


Sometimes white people can be so pathetic , look at all the excuses--and margaret, it's okay--stop lying --you are not a black woman--you are some white dude somewhere feeling inferior , but you really don't have to feel this way..

Look i can't explain either--but there's just something about black men--when you taste it--Your body just naturally aches for more , maybe scientist can try and find out why that is..

IN the meantime, Look don't try to understand it--its a natural phenomenom.

1605 days ago


Leave Halle alone, and mind your own business! Why does this generation of society even care?? Get real, get with it, get a life, and move on, people!!!

1605 days ago


Notwithstanding the fact that Halle Berry is a beautiful woman, this is an irrelevant story. Now getting back to what's important here, again I have to say that I'm surprised that the "Buddhist" played as well as he did at the Masters ? However, when you stop to think about it, perhaps it wasn't so surprising, if you consider that he probably played at least 25-30 practice rounds at Augusta during the weeks prior. There's no doubt that he and his team likely put "everything" they had into hitting a "home run" there, thus hoping to restore his credibility and image, etc. It was a "one time" opportunity at redemption, that they knew they had to seize. Unfortunately for them, they came up short ... and after the months of hard work and preparation, that must have been extremely deflating and very damaging for them. What we saw yesterday (ie: a defeated and dejected Tiger) is merely the reality of where we are today ... and it's likely to only get worse, from here on in. I hate to say this, but I've got an uncomfortable feeling that this may all eventually end like OJ ...

1605 days ago


Sorry # 107, i'm not white and i still believe she is SL*T.
She has issues but of course it'll be all HIS fault.
She should hurry up cuz Oprah is going off the air-
you know she wants to go and tell her 'pity me' story, like she
ALWAYS does.

1605 days ago


It's clear as day, the guy has a BIG **** and she needs sex. You haters need to get laid.

1605 days ago
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